Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to really enjoy sex?

Many people are wondering why sex can’t be less complicated. The truth is that sex can be less complicated if our mind doesn’t interfere with our body and wants to control our body. Most of the people (especially in modern times) are used to believe in their thoughts and judgments and completely ignore the messages that come from their bodies. All the major institutions used for socialization like schools, companies, religious institutions and even families are preaching how we should control our drives because that’s the only way to stay out of trouble, to be respected and valued.

As we grow older, the mind starts to perform another type of control. We are starting to figure out that we should not do things that might offend or disturb anyone else. We start to behave in a way that we always try to get other people’s approval. By the time someone gets ready for his or her first sexual experience the things might get very complicated in the area of sexual relationships. You have managed to master few strategies in order to control your thoughts and manipulate the opinions and feelings of the other people. This is certainly a situation that doesn’t promise having good sex.

Being worried is one of the reasons of having bad sex. People tend to worry about everything. But the truth is that most of those worries are useless and they prevent us to reach our intimacy. Don’t let these worries control your life and block the ability to share intimate experiences with your partner.
A good sex is not just regular sex. In many cases couples consider sex as some kind of routine that must be finished a couple of times a week. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that but this is not a definition of good sex. Bringing intense emotions in the sexual relationship from time to time can mean a lot because it will deepen the relationship in general.

Good sex is a pleasant and fun experience for both partners. In those cases partners just feel the bond between them. Good sex usually doesn’t happen automatically and it’s rather a process of learning. Good sex requires few things like knowledge, skills, patience, time and practice.

A lot of people pay attention to certain techniques but good sex is linked with presence. A man or a woman that knows all the sexual techniques won’t satisfy your needs if it isn’t honest and open about his or her feelings. The techniques can be considered to be forms of intimate communication.

When we talk about sex, we usually like to compare our sex life with the sex lives of the people we know. We often get the feeling that everyone else have better sex life than we do and that they have sex more frequently. Remember that frequency doesn’t mean good sex. Would you rather have unexciting sex each night or great sex once or twice a week?

Sex is one of the greatest gifts of live, believe in yourself, believe in your partner and always talk and practice new things in your sex life.