Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, May 6, 2017

How to Make a Woman Orgasm Fast

There are two different main types of a female orgasm. One is achieved via direct sexual stimulation of her clitoris while the other is by stimulating the G-spot which is embedded inside her vagina. However, an even greater orgasm can be achieved with these.

Stimulate Her G-Spot with Your Penis
First of all, you need to set the pace, when you are inside of her. Do not just thrust her rapidly in any direction. It can be a painful experience for her. Instead, Start of slowly when you just begin entering her. Elevate her bottom with a pillow so that when you thrust, your penis can stimulate her G-spot. Your thrusting should not be too forceful but gentle as you rock back and forth, using your knees as support.

It is all about how long you can have sex. Having the stamina to last a while will allow the girl to orgasm extremely fast. If you can have intercourse fast and hard, you will get your girl to climax quickly if you don't stop. That is what men always do because they cannot handle the pleasure. If you control your mind, then you will be able to last and be able to have sex fast and hard with no problem. You will be amazed that after a few seconds, the girl will have had one or more orgasms. It is all about stamina.

Another area that you need to focus on is the position. The way your body is positioned and the way you can penetrate her will play a significant role in the whole process. It is essential to have the right position to give her sexual pleasure. Otherwise, you will not be able to give her a quick orgasm.
To get a girl to climax fast, you need to be able to have the right methods to get success. With the right position, stamina, and tools, you will be able to give a girl an orgasm fast and without any issues.

Rub Your Pubic Area on Her Clitoris
Gradually increase the intensity and the depth of penetration. Most women prefer escalation one step at a time. As most of her nerve endings are located on the clitoris, keep your pubic area close, rubbing against hers. As you rock in motion, her clitoris can also be stimulated at the same time to increase her sexual desire. Sexual satisfaction is achieved when both partners' needs are simultaneously fulfilled during sex, it gives you a harder erection as well.

Fondle Her Breasts
You can also heighten her orgasm by stimulating other parts of her erogenous zones. If she is on top of you, you can massage her breasts with your hands as you allow her to take control of your penetration. Women find this as a huge turn on.

Massage Her Bottom
Vary your caress with massaging her bottom with one hand while the other is on her breast. The more stimulation she has on her erogenous areas, the more likely she is to reach orgasm quickly.