Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sex ideas for girls again 2!

Some more sex ideas for you girls again. Hope these ideas can help no matter girls or boys to spice up their sex life. I think most of you couple out there have tried bath together, there are some ideas about it, like jump into him in the middle of his bath. Light up some candles in your room or in the bath room. Imagine that you can enjoy some time together in the bath tub, without the interrupt of anything. No phone, no tv, no pc...He is all yours. You will feel the love is in the air. And ended up making love to each other.
Girls have you listen to the song 'naughty girl' from Beyonce? Guys don't mind to have a naughty girl friend, actually they like it a lot. It's better than a boring girl friend, right? A sexy email or text like we have mention in the previous topic, caress your guy in a restaurant? Sure it's exciting, while he is driving? But make sure his eyes is on the road or else you guys may ended up in a hospital. Same thing applies while he is watching tv or doing some reading, and the best thing while he is on the couch. You may jump into him, sit on his lap and start some to do kissing. This is a very good sex position, and girls sure you like to take control, and you are on the top, you can control the speed and tempo. Guys like it alot too as they can watch their girls' move.

Sex ideas for girls again!

These are some sex ideas for the girls to spice up the sex life. Though we know that girls like others to give them compliment, guys is the same as well. Tell him how much you want him for sex and he will be turn on right away, and better service you will get. Before the sex, give him a peep or a strip show, oh, see but not touch. Once you touch them, they will erect immediately. Wear your heels while you offer them the strip show, the heels will make your leg super sexy.
Put some pillow on your back when you have sex in missionary position, this will help him to enter deeper into you and touch your g spot within and make your orgasm come quickly. Another sex position people seldom try is the stand and bang on the wall, try this!
Girls know that your man like your lingerie, but have you ever buy your lingerie with him? Bring him together when you shop for your lingerie, he'll be thrill. Other than the lingerie, those sport jersey will be a very big surprise when you up with one and nothing else. This is super sexy, girls! Ok, you may try it with your heels. Feel the fun? There are also something that you can do to make him feel so horny even when you're not beside him, text him or mail him! Send him something like 'Don't work so late tonight, I wait for you in my bed'. He's on the time he read this! Enjoy the sex, boys and girls.