Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Kiss

We have talked about how kiss can increase the fun and intimacy in your sex life. As you guys already know that your mouth is very sensitive, and kissing can turn on no matter for men or women. Some of the women feels like kissing a lot better than having sex. They enjoy kissing more than sex. As kissing is so normal to the couple but still there are lots of women complain that their men kiss like a kid, that they don't know how women want to be kissed. And the girls out there, you need to let him know how you want to be kissed. There are some small little kissing tips to share here.
When you kissing each other, you can kiss other place than the mouth. Why not go to neck and ear then make a turn back to the mouth after that? Neck and ear are also very sensitive places, kiss this part of the body may make them feel so high and when you go back to the mouth, they are longing for the kiss, it will feel like a bomb. This is suitable for men or women. Most of the couple don't kiss as much as they are being together, this will make the relationship bad. Take the initiative to kiss, not those kiss and go type. You need the kiss and hugs to feel each other, these kisses will make your sex even much better. The kisses will raise your libido fast, so take this with you on the Christmas day and you will have a very good sex on Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sexy Christmas & New Year Gift

It's new year and Christmas. So what is your gift idea? It's a great time for sexy gifts! As you know that people tend to make love more in the holidays. So you will have your chance to have sex with your partner or a friend of yours if give them the right gift. Lingerie is always a good choice for guys, you will enjoy the lingerie more than the girls do. A girl friend of mine told me that they enjoy the lingerie a lot as well. The lingerie makes them look so sexy and give them the confidence when they see the guys are crazy about them when they wear it. Sex toys are hot selling item in the Christmas, get them and you will turn your 'silent night' to 'crazy night'. You may try a vibrator, this sexy little thing will drive your woman crazy and asking you for sex.
For girls out there, try these 2 products for your man's christmas gift. Satibo and Maxman. These products are selling like hot cakes, it's for penis enhancement, for better sexual performance, longer lasting. Lots of girls order this for their boy friend so that their boy friend can enjoy the sex with them as well. These sexual enhancement product can make the guys' penis longer lasting and give the girls a chance to enjoy their orgasm. These are very great gifts that you and your boy will love it so much.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I want my Orgasm!

Some of the women out there haven't have their chance to experience an orgasm before. We have discussed about this orgasm thing before and some of the tips for men to help the women to orgasm. There are about 10% of them out there don't have any experience of orgasm before, and they try kinda hard to have one, this also affect their sexual relationship and love life. One of the important thing that you need to be aware of climax is you shouldn't try so hard for it. Relax yourself, stimulate your g spot, get into the mood and you will have one. Then the question may be where is my g-spot?
Girl, you have to find it. No one knows yourself better, start to explore the sensitive area in your body. For most women, that would be the clitoris. For others, it is inside the vagina — near the G-spot (along the front wall) or deeper in, near the cervix. Or it may be the labia, nipples, or your belly button. Don't rush for the orgasm feeling, it will take some time to stimulate your sensitive area. It's better to focus and enjoy your feeling while having sex rather than trying hard on the orgasm. When you start to enjoy your sex and know where to stimulate, the orgasm will come naturally.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Sex

It's Christmas again! People will be crazy for it, it's time to celebrate! So plan your Christmas ahead or you will end up alone. Christmas and silent night are a very good reason to party and celebrate, many people will look for sex and have sex. A very good day for having babies as well. Well, Christmas is an important date, and you should prepare to give your love one something to make them happy. Small surprise is also something that can make them happy and remember about it, what you did make the Christmas special. For those couples, prepare for it and don't screw up the Christmas sex. For those single guy or girls out there, time for you to hunt the other party. When Christmas and new year is near, people will have the holiday mood in them, and they will relax themselves. And most of the time, they will tend to be more friendly. It's a very good time to know a friend or two. So imagine that all the people around is celebrating and partying, have some beer and the atmosphere is so exciting. It's pretty easy for you to get to know them and yes, go out with them that particular night. And you will have sex on Christmas or Silent Night, you don't need to wake up alone where no one is next to you. So be prepared and plan for your Christmas and New Year. Good luck.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sex ideas for girls again 2!

Some more sex ideas for you girls again. Hope these ideas can help no matter girls or boys to spice up their sex life. I think most of you couple out there have tried bath together, there are some ideas about it, like jump into him in the middle of his bath. Light up some candles in your room or in the bath room. Imagine that you can enjoy some time together in the bath tub, without the interrupt of anything. No phone, no tv, no pc...He is all yours. You will feel the love is in the air. And ended up making love to each other.
Girls have you listen to the song 'naughty girl' from Beyonce? Guys don't mind to have a naughty girl friend, actually they like it a lot. It's better than a boring girl friend, right? A sexy email or text like we have mention in the previous topic, caress your guy in a restaurant? Sure it's exciting, while he is driving? But make sure his eyes is on the road or else you guys may ended up in a hospital. Same thing applies while he is watching tv or doing some reading, and the best thing while he is on the couch. You may jump into him, sit on his lap and start some to do kissing. This is a very good sex position, and girls sure you like to take control, and you are on the top, you can control the speed and tempo. Guys like it alot too as they can watch their girls' move.

Sex ideas for girls again!

These are some sex ideas for the girls to spice up the sex life. Though we know that girls like others to give them compliment, guys is the same as well. Tell him how much you want him for sex and he will be turn on right away, and better service you will get. Before the sex, give him a peep or a strip show, oh, see but not touch. Once you touch them, they will erect immediately. Wear your heels while you offer them the strip show, the heels will make your leg super sexy.
Put some pillow on your back when you have sex in missionary position, this will help him to enter deeper into you and touch your g spot within and make your orgasm come quickly. Another sex position people seldom try is the stand and bang on the wall, try this!
Girls know that your man like your lingerie, but have you ever buy your lingerie with him? Bring him together when you shop for your lingerie, he'll be thrill. Other than the lingerie, those sport jersey will be a very big surprise when you up with one and nothing else. This is super sexy, girls! Ok, you may try it with your heels. Feel the fun? There are also something that you can do to make him feel so horny even when you're not beside him, text him or mail him! Send him something like 'Don't work so late tonight, I wait for you in my bed'. He's on the time he read this! Enjoy the sex, boys and girls.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To have orgasm together with your partner

One of the main problem in a relationship is the sexual satisfaction of the partners, some of the relationship goes into drain just because the sexual relationship is not good. This is one of the small technique that can help you to avoid that. Men can have orgasm in a very short time, it's fast, and for women it normally takes about half an hour, minimum 10 minutes? So guys for you to have the orgasm together with the girls, there are something that you can do to delay the orgasm. When you started to kiss each other, focus more on her and foreplay is important for women, so stay cool and make her high. At first, start to fingering or using your tongue on her clitoris, turn her on for sex. While she's good for sex, let her stay on top, so she can get into the mode for sex and control her feeling. While you at the same time can make her put her massage her clitoris in little circle, and you can stimulate her nipple. When she's high enough, how high is enough, you have to learn and most important communicate with her, then you can start to make love to her. Go slow and yes, make her fingering her clitoris as well. Penetrate slowly into her warm vagina, if you feel like you are going to orgasm soon, and she's not there yet, pull your penis out and go for shallow penetration. Well the rest is control by your own.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Distance relationship sex

How can you keep your the heat with your girl / boy friend if you are having a distance relationship? Distance relationship is always not easy to maintain, you can't be there when he/she needs you. You have no idea about the current situation if there is some problem showing up in life. Well all these we have already known and we are not going to discuss about it, but focus in keeping the relationship warm. Thanks to the technology, there are a lot of gadget to help you in keeping things warm. The most convenient tool, your hand phone. Yes you can text your partner anytime to let them know how much you miss them, you are thinking of him. You may tease and flirt in the phone to make things hot. If you are good, you can even have phone sex. This can be very excited and full of imagination. The other party can't see you and only thinking about it, this makes everything perfect as it's working in the way they like it. And what make it better is the internet, you can cyber sex. We do not have picture or live camera in the old days, but now, you can even see her having her orgasm online at few hundred miles away, not to forget the sexy and heavy breathing while he or she is having an orgasm. Well guys, it's not applicable to those far distance relationship, you can do it even though you are near to each other. The feeling is so different and sure make a big boost while you see each other the very next time.

Girl, Enjoy your sex more

For the girls out there, hey, you can enjoy your sex as much as a guy. Most of you out there, you tend to focus on the guy and after the guy ejaculate, both of you just stop. We have talked about girls you may ask for sex even after your sex partner orgasm, right? And now, why not you and your sex partner put the focus on you once in a while. Guys don't mind about that, they like to satisfy their girls, they like to know that they gave you the orgasm. It will make them happy that they can satisfy you, guys may arouse when they see the girls have orgasm, and the other way they will feel frustrated if they can't satisfy you in sex. Don't stop him from service you, don't be shy to ask as well. Lie down and relax yourself, let him kiss you all over your body, move his hand all over and show him how he can make you feel better and give you the orgasm you want.
Sometimes you can have orgasm without sex, you don't need to have the sex intercourse. As long as you can have orgasm, don't stop it.

Creative sex into reality

We have talked about creative sex in our previous posting, and some of our reader told us that it's easy to think about it and sometimes it may be weird or awkward to put in action. Some of their fantasies may be hard for others to accept, what if their sex partner feel that it's stupid or lunatic to do something in their dream and fantasy? Well there are some way to help you and your sex partner to put your fantasy into action.
The most easy part that you can do is get some porn videos, those kind of porn videos that are similar to what you fantasized. Watch these porns with your love one, then you may share your comment, feelings with them, this can lead to a discussion. Then you can share your thoughts about the way that you prefer the sex, and what kind of sex positions you like. Along the discussion you can know what he or she can accept, then you may share your sex fantasy in the discussion. That will be more easy for them to understand and accept what is in your brain. You may even share some of your sensual fantasy by telling him that one of the video that you have watched before, and those scene make you feel so good about it, and you would like to have the sex scene happen in front of you. Share it and you may be surprise to find out how much he like it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make the Move...Ladies

We have been talking in the blog here many times, but I have not start a subject base on this. So this time, I'm going to make this announcement to the girl again. Make your move, baby girls, and the guys will like it a lot. This is also the confidence that you can give him, you let them know you have nice sex with them and you like to make love to them again and again. It's no more a one side story, the guys will love that you ask for sex, this doesn't make you a whore, but make you sexy, hotter than anyone he knows, and the girl who knows how to enjoy sex. Don't worry that you are too aggressive, Guys is dying for you to make the move. Guys won't say NO to sex, at least most of the time. They don't know whether you are interested, he may not want to interrupt you while you are reading, cooking, watching tv or other stuff, so if you make the move first, your guy will appreciate it and enjoy it! When girls make the move, there are lots of advantages, you can surprise him all the time with your sexy lingeries, role play uniform, you will turn him on right away. On the other hand, girls is not that easy to turn on, see girls, you have the upper hand on this. Ladies... Make your move now, and you and your man will enjoy the sex so much.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can have sex for hours!

Guys like to brag this to his guy or girl friends. How he can manage to give the girls good sex, orgasm and how charming he is. And the fact of long hour sex is not so practical all the time now, as you know, all of us have to work hard for a living and social life, family, exercise, routines, all these things have keep us busy. How often do you have such long hour to have sex? So it is wise to have sex quickies, and the challenge here is how to make the girls orgasm in such a short time? This short time sex that I mean is when you and your sex partner feel so horny and you may only have 15 minutes in between. And the main thing here, yes she feel horny, this is important, if she don't then your foreplay time may take 15 minutes already. So, unless she feel horny out of a sudden, or you will have to plan for it. Give her some nice kiss, caress in the morning before you go out, the foreplay in the morning and make her keep the horny feel there. So by the time you come back, it maybe 8 hours after that. You can make a fast sex if she still can feel the horny inside her and thirsty for sex. You have know exactly what she wants and how she can have orgasm in such a short time, if you don't know? ASK, that is always a good way to find out how to satisfy her in sex.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look her in the eye while having sex

That explains what I wanna tell you here, look at her in the eye when you are making love with her. It's good to have eye contact, I think most of the guys like it, don't think that guys is looking at your breast or pussy only. Guys do like eye contact too when having sex. Sometimes when your sex partner is not so confident in sex, they need you to look at him/her to give the feedback to let them know that you are feeling good, enjoying the sex. Girls out there, do you know that the guys will feel more likely to orgasm when they know you are satisfy with the sex? Another thing that you can make sex better is using your mouth, no I don't mean to give him a blowjob, I mean your voice. By giving some deep breath, moaning, this will give effect like the eye contact, and moaning is better than anything that is telling your sex partner that you are enjoying the sex, and you are coming, going to have an orgasm soon. If you communicate this with your sex partner, you may be surprise to find out that spanking or dirty talking will arouse them as well. Communicate this first before you scream for 'fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me deep inside.', your sex partner maybe the type that don't enjoy this dirty talking but rather some smooth talk like 'I'm coming baby, faster.'

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sex Fantasy help you in Orgasm

All of us have our own sex fantasy, and this helps in actual sex. Sex fantasy can help you in masturbate but in real sex, how is it going to help. You see, most of us are trying hard to please our sex partner hoping to give him or her an orgasm. You may even trying to look conservative than usual. So when you try to hard in that, you are less focus. The things that you should do is treat yourself as in those porn movie, and think yourself as the whore in the porn video. Enjoy the sex like you are the whore in the porn and this will make yourself arouse and increase the desire in you and your partner. When you get to do this, you will turn the beast in your sex partner and release the sex devil inside him or her.
Another common situation in sex, no matter girls or boys do the same thing. They will try to suck in their tummy in so that they look slim and fit. What you don't know is the air is helpful for orgasm, deeper breath may be more easy to have orgasm. When you suck in your tummy, your breath is not as deep as usual. So relax, be yourself, your partner know that and he or she can see it, don't worry to much and try to focus in the sex and enjoy it. Throw yourself inside the sex and let it all out, your sex partner is going to amaze by you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have Sex in the Morning!!!

As you can see in the title here, I'm telling you that take your chance to have sex in the Morning. Ya guys, we have sex at night most of the time. And of course we have to work during weekdays, so I'm suggesting you to make in on weekend and holiday. It's a great way to start your day right? Why?Don't ask me, ask your little penis down there, they will tell you why. Actually they tried to tell you this all the time, doesn't your penis wake up earlier than you every morning? They are trying to tell you that, boy, feed me with some pussy. Ok, they may sound rude, they try to tell you I need to have sex here, please find me a girl. I'm sure that your energy is much better in the morning than at night, you have all the power that a girl need to be satisfy. So if you are waking up next to a girl in the morning, give her the orgasm she needs.
Do you know that not only guys have higher testosterone levels in the morning, girls have the same thing as well. The same drive in the morning can make her crazy, some more in the morning you don't have to worry about work during weekend and holiday. This will help you more and get to focus in sex. Guys, satisfy your girl now and give them the orgasm in the morning. Oh ya, brush your teeth first or have some mints beside your bed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For the girls to tackle a guy

For the girls out there. Saw the hot guy that you want to tackle? It's damn easy! You have to understand how guys think. Actually when come to guys and girls thing, guy's brain is actually not functioning. The first thing that can attracted guys is the outlook of yourself. Yes, you think of sexy outfit now. But sexy is not only thing that is important or else you can just get yourself naked or half naked to attract the guys out there. The thing that you attract him is the way you present yourself. What we are talking about is not just wearing sexy outfit, short skirt, hot pants, bikini or any other thing that shows only sexy. Yes, sexy is the main thing that can attract guys attention, but the way that you present yourself is important, it's useless to make yourself look like a whore, they may attracted by you at the first sight, but they will attracted by other sexy girl in a short time. And Teasing is one of the good strategy that can make the guy stick with you all the time. The art of teasing is depend on situation and you have to do research online regarding it. But I think most of the girls can handle this very well by making the guys crazy about them. Advertisement time. For the girls who wants a bigger penis boy friend, husband or sex partner, look for the Maxman here in this website.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sex tips for kissing women

We have talk about foreplay and kiss for many times here, we have not discuss about the sex tips for kissing a women. There are some favourite place that women like you to kiss, and these places are very sensitive, it will turn the women on and ask you for sex. So you may check all these sensitive places that they like it.

Ears - This is a sensitive place that is always forget by most of the men. Your mouth is the best way stimulate their sex drives. Gentle nibbling on the earlobe will make them ask for more.

Back of the neck - This is the best place for you to give her a surprise attack. You may give her a big hug on the back while she is doing her work, in the kitchen. You can see this in the movie all the time, it's not only movie, it's true that this place is very sensitive that make will make them want you kiss their other part of the body.

Collarbone - Collarbone is one sexy place that a lot of people like, but do you know that this is one of the women sensitive area that will make the women horny? This collarbone is the place where you can kiss while you haven't strip them off.

Breast - Breast is sure the best place that you know that can give her sexual stimulation, but don't just focus on the nipple. You should kiss the whole breast to make the women feel good. Women normally likes to be kissed gently and not hard unless she like it the hard way.

Hips & thigh - These 2 places is near to her sensitive area, it makes them feel like want to have sex when you kiss and licking these places. These 2 places is best to stimulate her before you go to the main entrance.

Kiss and sex just can't be separate, so when you want to have sex, kiss is always a good way to start it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sexy girl in pub, club and bar

Have you been to a club or bar lately? When is the last time you go to one of these places? Sure you can see all these pretty ladies and sexy girls in the club. The ladies are nicely dress up and the deep v is so deep that you can see their boobs right in front of you jumping up and down. It makes you feel like want to ask them to have sex immediately, are you willing to make love with me my dear? I believe that your heart is jumping up and down at the same time. These are very good for your heart's muscle training. Of course I'm not asking you to go to the club just to see the sexy girls with their tube top and mini skirt, nor I'm telling you the story of one night stand in the pub. If you are not in your best shot right now, it's good for you to go to places like these. It may remind you of how wonderful the world is, there are still lots of sexy baby out there for you to tackle. You don't need to be sad and sorry for the last relationship you have, you don't need to feel bad that you are still struggling to get a better finance status. Places like this can motivate you to move faster, work more efficient, putting more effort at what you are doing now. The environment can make you relax at the same time, you will put all your worries behind and enjoy the moment. And the next day, you will come back and put your best effort to work. If you have a big belly right now, this may motivate you to work out and exercise to get a better body shape and healthier body as well. This is for those who don't go to hang out often, if you are one of those who goes too often, 5 times a week, then you may think about re-arrange and balance your life as well. Sexy girls is always the motivation for guys huh.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Art of seduce and strip

We have talk about how should a guy please the girls in sex, today I hope to talk about the sex improvement from the girls point of view. All of you should know that sex is between two person, and we have talk about it all the time that we should understand each other, use our heart to observe, to design, to seduce, to please or whatever else in the sex relationship. The topic today is about how girls should seduce guys, girls believe me, it's much much much easier for girls to do it. For a guy to seduce girl, it can be wrote into encyclopedia. For girls to attract and seduce, it's so easy, we are going to talk about strip like a striptease. You can see all these scene in the video or you may pay to visit them in a local pub or bar. We are not going to tell you how to strip sexily, but we are just giving you an idea that striptease is a good theme for you to seduce your man. You may not move, dance so pretty like them, but the guys really know how to appreciate you. For a guy to seduce girl, they have to do alot of things that involve external and internal of the girl. But for girls, it's easy for them to seduce guys, guys vision is pretty much all of it in sex. So dress sexy and learn some sexy dance in the video then wait for him to come home. You may have a wonderful night, and the guys will appreciate for what you did, they may have make love to you again and again. The art of seduce? We will come back again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sex and Kiss

Kiss. Kiss is the first thing in sex most of the time. As we have discuss in the previous thread, lips is one of the most sensitive organ. Kiss can increase your heart rate by 30%, kiss can turn on a woman right away and make them longing for sex. Kiss is the key to have sex with woman. French kiss is one of the kiss that people like, you may lead the passion, feel of horny that is deep in her heart to explode and asking you to have sex. Kiss is a must for foreplay, don't go into action too fast, just a kiss can take the breathe away, she will ask for more.
You may not like to kiss when you want to have sex, you want to go into action right away. Wait, kiss is very important for the girls, so if you take care of their feelings, then only they are able to orgasm in the sexual intercourse. It's good for you that you can satisfy the girls need for sex, right?
Sex is not rocket science, it's not hard to understand, it's not easy to learn as well. There are so much details that you need to take care, and all these little details may need the backup of nature as well. There are lots of things that we can't control, those things just let it be. If you don't have a large penis, let it be. You may focus in your strength, kiss that we are talking here is one of them. The other details in sex you may have to take care of it, this is the thing that can be control.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oral Sex and Mouth

Sex and mouth. Mouth is one of the most important part in sex. Well you know mouth is so sensual, lips is so sensitive, you can feel the strong passion while you kiss your love one. And kiss is normally how sex started. Kiss is the thing that can light up the fire in your stomach, once it's start, you can't stop the fire and lead to sex ultimately. Nothing in your body can do what the mouth do, when your lips walk away from her, and go to her neck, another sensual spot for sex. Your hand can't give the feeling of your lips, not to mention the nipple, she will tremble and ask for more.

Foreplay is an important part of sex as you all know it. And your lips comes in handy now, don't be lazy, work it out, lick all around her body, her g-spot, this will make her come and boost her sexual desire. This will tease her and she will be thirst for sex. Some of the research shows that, women enjoy foreplay more than sex intercourse itself, now you know the importance of foreplay.

Oral sex is also a famous kind of sex, oh ya, it's illegal in some of the states. Mouth is use for sucking the cock or to kiss the her lips down there, the vagina. Do you know that a girl can have intense orgasm by just using your tongue to lick her pussy? Before you start to have sex with her, you can make her orgasm by just using your tongue. So you can give her the second or third orgasm with your penis. You may give her few orgasm in just a session, I'm sure that your partner will long for you so much. Foreplay is not only a good way to help you lasting longer in bed, it will improve the quality of your sex life as well. Don't think that sex is all about your penis, there are more of it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weird Sex Technique

We have show you so much of those sex tips and technique in our blog here, and today what we share here is something that is kinda strange for a sex tips. What would you think of in a sexual intercourse, romantic environment, sexy lingerie, soft bed, nice breast, perfect figure, angel's face, hot girls in bikini, warm vagina, t-back, Brazil's micro bikini... All the image here can seduce your penis erect and hard as rock, it will make you horny and you will wish to have sex with a hottie immediately. But today we are going to ask you to do something which is totally different, think about fat girls, ugly sloppy old bra, underwear with holes, cheap lingerie, anything that is so ugly or horrible that will makes you less interest, distract you from the sexual intercourse, yes we are asking you not to be so focus in the sexual intercourse.

Why is this? In a normal situation, all the other sex technique is good for you, but if you are looking forward to lasting longer in bed, you want to prolong the love making time, think of something that you dislike then you may not be ejaculate so soon, so you can keep on having sex for a longer period. This may help you to sexually satisfy your sex partner as they may need longer time to achieve intense orgasm. It's a technique that help you to distract a bit and not so focus in the love making thus you won't ejaculate so soon, you have adjust it according to your own habit, don't make yourself totally lost interest in the love making process and your penis is totally soft like erectile dysfunction, this will be a very big mood killing.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The signs that you are just interested in having sex with her

Guys. 99% of the you out there like NOT only one girl, there are so many girls out there. Sometimes you just wonder which is the one that you love and some of them may just attracted you in sex. These are the signs that tell you that you are only interested to have sex with the girl but not in love with them.

1. You only text or email her, but not calling her. You are busy with your work or you are trying to avoid directly contact with her? What is it that so annoying you from giving her a call and tell her how much you miss her? You are lazy to call her directly but you still want to keep the sexual relationship so that you can have sex with her whenever you need it.

2. You try to 'warn' her or 'tip' her that you are not good in long term relationship. Guys just try to be avoid the responsibility when the girls blame them for not serious in relationship. So he on the upper hand just tell her first before they blame him, the answer from the guy after a quarrel, 'I told you so'. This is better than telling her 'I'm just so interested to have sex with you'.

3. You go to the same restaurant with her so often in just a week. You are too lazy (again lazy) to surprise her or sexual pleasure her in a nice meal. Guys normally enjoy talking to girls when having meals. It's a good time for you to give them good impression about your taste and life style. And if you are too busy to do that, then you know, you are too busy to have a relationship with her, you merely interested with her vagina.

4. You don't introduce her to you buddies. You have so much activities with your buddies every week, you guys hang out in the bar, enjoying the pool, bowling or sports together. All these activities is so private that you don't feel like want to introduce her to your good mate, why? You know why, you just don't want the embarrassment when they asking you if you shows up with a different girl.

If you find out these signs with you now, it's time for you to evaluate the relationship. It's not appropriate to waste the others' time, they may have better life with other guy. If you need a sex partner, you may use your hand or any tools available online, you may pick up one in the bar if you're smart enough.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sex Power Within You

Have you ever go to those seminar that keeps on telling you that you can do it, YES! Most of the time you can listen to this talk in direct sales and inspire talk that will motivates you from the heart. You will feel the fire in your heart that makes you want to put all these into action and make a success life. Anthony Robins is one of them who tells you to release the power within you, he will shows you that you can even walk on fire path. Yes, we want to tell you that you can release the 'sex power' within you as well.

Most of the time, it's not physically that you can't do it but it's mentally that you feel tired or frustrated by some bad experience. You may have premature ejaculation when you have sex with your girl friend for the first time. The this experience keeps haunting you for few months and you may think you can't have proper sex life anymore. This can be change, you may need a good partner that shows you how to make love in the right way, what you should do when you are erect. And you are lucky that you are living in a world with internet, you can always search for the knowledge and information about sex. Search for it and learn, if you have a weak body, train yourself now, exercise more and take good care of your health and it will take good care of you in your sex life. A healthy body is always good for everything including sex. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction is small problem. You have to tell yourself you can do it, always think that you can and work it out. Don't just sit there to feel sad, stand up now and fix it.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls in mini skirt

Just saw few girls wearing mini skirt on the street, wow...amazing long legs with a face of angel. It's pretty sexy, making the guys wanna take off all her cloths and make love with her immediately. How I know that? I'm one the of the guys at the 'crime scene', where all the guys look at her at the same time. It's traffic stoper. You can see the fire, or passion of sex from their eyes. They are taking off her dress with their eye, one by one. And their penis is like erecting on that spot in the restaurant. Back to the girls, I can see that some of the girls even taller than me. Haha, my friend told me that it's ok if the girls is taller than you, since they are going to lye down on the bed ultimately, height won't affect it at all. Back to our topic of mini skirt, mini skirt is such an amazing innovation.

Mini skirt is super sexy, it makes you learn how to admire those long legs. One thing that is best with the mini skirt is that, it's not too expose like underwear, it's not cover up like the pants, or boring like the long skirt, it give you the space for your imagination. The mini skirt can give you some imagination of the underwear or maybe there isn't one also. Actually down under the skirt, it's either an underwear or her private part if she is not wearing anything under it, there is nothing special, you can see far more expose girls with bikini on the beach. Girls with long leg is super sex, I once met a pair of twins, they are so pretty and tall! Why didn't god let me grow taller and make me like tall girls so much.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Favourite Outfit? Pantyhose, Mini Skirt or Lingerie?

What will turn you on for sex? A sexy lady with mini skirt? A bikini sexy girl? Lap dance by the striptease? An innocent girl with school uniform? Nurse outfit? The smell of the fragrance from a girl that pass you by? Her lips with tongue and a naughty look on the face? Pretty bunny girl? Formal wear like the secretary in your office? White, black, red or other colors lingerie? Hot pants with high heels? Pantyhose on her long and smooth leg? White color or black color bra, or even orange bra?

How will you like to start a sexual intercourse? Kissing softly, passionately, on the lips, nipple, leg toes, fingers, neck or? Pillow talk on the bed, or you prefer dirty talk in the couch? Massage on the back, penis, thigh, head? Watching your favorite porn together? A candle light dinner? Broadcasting music?

Where you will like to have sex? On the couch? In your living room, on the floor? In the bath tub, one of the most favorite spot. What about having sex in office, your boss's table? In the car or on the car? May wanna have sex under the starlight on the field, football field or baseball field? By the beach with natural music of the wave?

Which part of your body you will like him or her to touch? Leg? Touching each other, hugging, caresses?

Why are we asking all these questions? Sex have to be communicate. Your partner won't know what you are thinking, you must tell him/her about your fantasy, favorite spot, where you like to be lick, what kind of costume to wear. Which lingerie that can turn you on and make you horny. It can trigger sexual desire within, boost testosterone level. Communication is an important part in sexual intercourse in order to have a intense orgasm.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The most search online by Australian

There is a report regarding the most search keyword by Australian, it won't be very surprise as this is one of the most interesting topic in the whole wide world, not only in Australia. Yes it's related to sex, it's not porn, it's not about sexy model, not about gay or lesbian as well, any clue? The most search online word by Australian is 'how to make love' or 'how to have sex', and 'foreplay'. So the youngster is searching these online to learn about sex, internet is the all new 'sex guru'. It's useful for searching different kind of information online, and including sex. This is a healthy sign, which I think, as they are not learning the sex technique from porn movie, which is always misleading and kinda rough. Actually porn can be a very good sex education media that no other mean can substitute, words just can't show you the precise action that is as good as the video.

When the technology is more advance, people just contact with the machine much more than people. We are losing some of the basic skill that we should have, we are so close to each other but we prefer to communicate online rather than face to face. It's making us more lonely and like to stay alone. We can sit in front of the pc and we may not speak anything the whole day. And now we have phone sex and cyber sex, it's so 'advance' we are evolving into a new species by having sex online, is that a good thing? This may be some experience once or twice is nice, hope it's not substituting the 'traditional sex'. But of course internet had become a very good platform for those who are shy to ask and learn from others. It's good for shy people to learn and easy to learn the knowledge, at least internet is helping us to improve our sexual skill without the awkward moment. This is nice, don't you think?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rest Well for Better Sex Life

Have you experience moment like this? The girl you saw is so hot, it's on fire. And so lucky that you have the chance to flirt with her and luckier you bring her home with you. The hottie is not only hot, she can kiss very well, she have good figure, the face of an angel and the body of the devil. She strip in front of you and the amazing body is only cover with her sexy lingerie, you can't stop touching her, the skin is as smooth as silk, you take the her bra and underwear away. You give her some sexual stimulation, everything you know about foreplay, it make her so high and she is so wet and can't wait for you to go inside her, she wants you to make love with her so much and at last you are ready to have sex with her.

By the time you want to make love to her, your little brother, your penis is a little bit tired, it is not able to get hard, the penis is so soft that it can't even make love with her... somebody call it sexual dysfunction, someone call it erectile dysfunction, and some call it impotent. Whatever they call it, this happen so often and I'm pretty sure that most of the men have experience this before, because of the stress of life. These stress are from family, job, friends, partners, even neighbour or the traffic in the city. The stress is not only making you tired like hell, but it's making you so desperate that you need some space to breath. You need a break from the worklife, you need a runaway trip. Of course it's not so lucky to have holiday all the time. So you go to a bar in the city and try to escape for a few hours. You thought this is your lucky day as a hottie seems to be attracted by you and you want to make love with her tonight.

A good sex does need good rest, a sex pill can't do all of it, manage your time properly or else the money that you earn will ultimately pay to your doctor as well. A penis enhancement pill or viagra, cialis can treat impotent, you need some sleep before you can enjoy the sex. It will Take some rest or even book an air ticket to go to your dream trip now.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love And Sex for Sexual Pleasure

When we are talking about making love, we always discuss about how to make sex better, how to have orgasm with a bigger penis, using different kind of technique to sexual pleasure your sex partner, what kind of tools or dildo is suitable, what place is good for having sex, which position is the best for different kind of people and place, the lingerie type, the condom that thin likes your skin and etc. Have we forgot that making love is because of love? The word itself already tells you that making LOVE, the whole process is out of love. If you are talking about one night stand, gang bang, casual sex or with prostitute, that is SEX not make love.

You can forget about those technique, sex tips, large penis (maybe hard penis is more important), g-spot at the moment and enjoy the love making as you are doing the most intimate thing with your love one and this is an action only that you do to your love one. This is the moment that 2 become 1, the sensual sex, the sex that is based on love. Out of all the above things, the most important thing here will be your heart, use your heart to feel the love, feel her. Women normally take longer time to get into the mood to make love, foreplay is the sexual stimulation you need to do.

This is the main thing in making love, the technique for sex is an additional advantage for love making. When we use our heart more then we will know and understand more, this will lead to a better and healthier sex relationship.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kamasutra Sex Position

Sure many of you have heard about Kamasutra, it's the sex position that is from India. I know this is a guide for sexual position, and it's old, but no idea how long it had been created. This is a useful guide for lots of people during the old days as they don't have the porn that you can view online every single day. The porn that is online is a sex guide itself although some of them may have misleading information or knowledge. The sex position inside the porn video is a very good sex position guide. I have some girl friends telling me that there are a lot of the positions are not suitable as it's not comfortable for them. I do think it's correct. These sex position may require some muscle for both parties, so I guess you may learn yoga before you go for those intermediate sex position, agree? ;-) different people have different needs, so the sex position is not suitable for anyone as well.

I agree that some of the positions look so sexy and tempting, it will boost testosterone level immediately and give you a stronger erection in no time. I'm not so much about position, I always want to feel the mood, the lust, the 'fire' within, and sometimes the look on her face.

Actually the sex position may come in handy when you are not on the bed. We have actually talk about making sex life a lot fun by using your creativity. So venue of making love is one important thing as well. Making love in different places sure give you a lot of different feelings, and these can maintain your passion in the sex life. Going to hotel every single time may cost a lot, so some of the venue maybe free, this will save you some bucks. Found that some of the position is good in bathroom, in a kitchen or in the office table. These position may not useful while you are in bed, haha it's a different story when you are in the bath room. Check online now and find the Kamasutra sex position that is suitable in different places and discover the fun in it.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Sexy Look and Sex

We have provide a lot of different sex tips in the previous article, and we have mention about the appearance of you and your partner. There are facts like this you know, you may have a big penis, but what if they don't care about it? They are not even have the mood to have sex or make love with you. The big penis is just part of the 'love making' process, big cock is only going to help you to reach her g-spot more easily and giving her intense orgasm. You may give her the feel and mood to make love with you. The hard erection big cock is not going to make her turn on. Or the other way round, girls you may look sexy and pretty, but what if this is your husband or boy friend that have been in a relationship with you for few years? Or maybe two months but they see the 'not so good' looking everyday, they may turn off by your appearance.

The look is important, we have to maintain the look very often especially you hope to make love with him or her. Imagine that the husband/wife hope to have sex today, when they take off the cloth, they see the old loose bra or even the underwear with a hole in the middle of it, doesn't it kinda turn off? Sometimes all these little things around us is not that expensive, you may just take some time to shop around for some 'not too cheap' things and that looks good on you. You will be surprised the power of a sexy lingerie on you, they guys may turn on by you so suddenly, they have forget how tired they are after whole day of work. And for guys, please work out a bit if you have a big belly on you. You don't need to look like a beach boy, but at least presentable. And you can see some of the guys look so good even they are fat, they take care the way they look and they know what makes them look good.

Have you see the lingerie and underwear show before? The photographers take picture non-stop
and they look so 'sex hungry' with the model on the stage, I can bet with you that the guys in the room is willing to have sex with any of the model on stage. The appearance of the model is so sexy and luring them it boost testosterone level to the sky, this immediately turn on the guys sex button deep inside.

Take some extra time to 'renovate' yourself and update your fashion sense a bit. This will automatically make the sex thing better.

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Creative & Better Sex

Most of you sure think of a totally different way to have sex or creatively change the whole sex thing. Well the thing that we are sharing here today is to make sex a bit more fun. The day to day sex is very boring for most of the couple as they have been together for maybe 10 years, they know each other so well and they know what is the next move, and they may already know the brand of the particular bra or underwear that you are wearing. The sex is only a routine job and there are no fun at all, when sex had reached such a situation, couple have to work it out and find a solution for it.

What I suggest here is that couples should put some time to work it out by making more surprises, mystery, fresh, any creative thing that you can ever think to make it the sex better and better. There are a lot of things that can be done, for instance. You may put a candle in your room and some aroma candles in your bedroom to make some wonderful scene that can make both of you relax yourself. There are a lot of costume in the shop that you can buy now, and these costume is like a fantasy for your sex partner. Partners should communicate more and find out more about the other sexual fantasies and need, then you may act according to the their preference. Sure this sexual stimulation may boost your partners sex drives immediately. The last thing that I'm going to share is the hotel in your neibourhood. This hotel may not be 5 star hotel, a 3 star is good enough. Find some romantic places and share it with them, then you can make your sex life more creative, then you may expect more surprise in you sex life.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sensual Sex

When talk about sex, guys will tend to brag about how good they are, what kind of skill they possess, how large is their penis, the girls is begging them for sex, they are so good talking girls into making love with them, how long they can have sex without ejaculate, how many girls they make love with in one day, etc. How many of you know that the thing that make sense here is how the girls feel, it's the most important thing. They will only have orgasm if they have the feel of high, being love. Touching their G spot may make them high, but it's temporary. It's touching their heart that make sense and this will last for quite a long long time. So now you know that foreplay is not the first thing in sex, but touching their heart. Do something that can touch her heart, and this is not a one time thing as well. Find something, do something, be creative and it can be simple as a rose on her bed early in the morning. These are the things that can touch her heart, and it cost you only a nickle, a note on the mirror cost you nothing but these little things that touch her heart and makes them want to be with you, want you to love them (making love with them).

These are the the thing that can make them high even before you touch them, what will they feel when you start to touch them, kiss them, hug them? This is the 'foreplay' before the real foreplay, and you can do it anytime long before you have sex. You can touch her g-spot in the heart that no one else can, this is the orgasm in the heart. You can satisfy not only her body needs but their spirit, their heart and the orgasm they have, the love they have will make them so satisfy that they won't want to leave you. And this is the best sex skill that anyone can do even they have very poor sex practice. No worry if you have small penis, bad sex skill, these disadvantage can solve easily by using some product, massage, you can learn it all the time.

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