Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Male menopause andropause

Whatever or however you name it, it's the terms that describe the drop in testosterone level and male menopause is something that similar to female menopause. It will have condition like menopause, for example   moodiness, fatigue, weight gain, depression, decreased sex drive, decreased muscle mass and bone loss. A menopause for female may affect their ability to conceive a child, but a male menopause won't affect men's ability to fathered a child. Some of the healthy men can even fathered a child in their 80's. Men do not have their period, but will feel blue like women, just that men do not show their weakness so much.

This male menopause will affect men's sexual activity? Yes, it will, it won't make you erectile dysfunction but it may decrease your sex drives. You don't even have the interest in sex anymore so you may not know that you are suffering a erectile dysfunction. If you are having erectile dysfunction, do try Activ Homme to boost testosterone level, sexual desire and stamina for lasting longer in bed. How do you know if you already have menopause, you don't and you will have to consult a doctor to find out. It's hard to find out whether it's andropause or erectile dysfunction, ED happens when particular nerves, arteries and muscles breaks down.

Menopause for male also affect by hormone production, when men getting older, the testosterone level and hormone will slow down, reduce gradually. It won't stop in a relatively short of time like women, when hormone production low, sexual function, energy or mood will go down as well. Learn more about hormone and andropause online, you will find out a lot and know how to take care yourself more. It's important to take care of your health, not only for sexual function.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cure Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive can happen when getting older, this is a threat to everyone if you enjoy sex a lot. Well low sex drive can be cause by age and medical. Low sex drive will be a problem in the long run as sex is important in a relationship, low sex drive may lead to a situation where the partner is not satisfied with the sexual relationship and may ended up separate or cheating with another opposite sex. Know about the cause of low sex drive and it can be cure easily. For example, having low sex drive can be cure by sexual enhancement pill like Activ Homme, A1Satibo, and so on. these herbal enhancement pill can boost your performance in sex. It's a low risk, reliable and cheap solution that works in a very short time, it takes you only an hour to work eefectively.,,20188340,00.html

Read the article above and you will know that it isn't the end of the world, it still can be cure. The other problem you will be encounter is the medicine that you are taking currently. You may consult your doctor and tell them about your problem, they may advise you and provide you with another medicine that won't affect your sexual health. These pills are powerful so that you may consult them regarding the side effect of the product.

The best way to cure your low sex drive is exercise, no matter how old you are, exercise can be very helpful. It increase your blood flow and make your heart stronger. If you are taking any medicine to cure your low sex drive without exercise, the effect will be much lower. Overweight problem can cause heart disease, diabetes and so on, these diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. This is not something you wish for.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

G spot 2.0 Cul-de-Sac

You know there are a lot 2.0, Windows, Android, Car, Plane and anything you can think of, but G spot 2.0? How can you improve a G spot then become 2.0? Instead of telling you about G spot, I will just show you the link here and tons of picture about G spot whereabout.

Or you may directly search for g spot in Google, and click on the images, there will be tons of picture that show you how to reach G spot with your finger. And of all the images, you may find the g point for guys as well, it's the button to ultimate orgasm. The more you search online the more you learn. You may explore about the guys G spot as well, there isn't a thing like too much orgasm right? There are so much to explore in our own body, have you ever wonder why we want to explore other places when we still haven't know about our own body. And regarding the G spot 2.0, they call it Cul-de-Sac. No idea what it is? I attached another link here for you.

So where did I heard about this G spot 2.0 Cul-de-Sac, it's an article from Esquire, you may read about it here.
It's deep inside her vagina, if you want to reach it, you have to be at least an average guy to do so, and it's not easy to touch. You may have the chance to reach the spot while she turns on, and with some particular sex position you may be able to touch her Cul-de-Sac with your penis. This Cul-de-Sac effect is much better than G spot as it's nerve is link to the spinal cord on a different nerve. Well, you may feel like trying it now to give her the orgasm and see how she reacts, right? Go ahead, don't feel frustrated if you can't give her the orgasm on few tries, sex is between 2 person, you can't control everything, a lot of trial and error and communication need to be done before you hit the big O.

If you are below the average guy, may not able to have hard erection or stronger erection, here's some of the sex pill that is for soft erection treatment.