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Sex & you

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Few Ways To Avoid Injuries Caused By Sex Toys

Even though there is no official statistic about the use of sex toys, numerous surveys have confirmed that the number of individuals and couples that use sex toys is increasing. This is not a surprise because sex toys can spice up and improve sex life. However, the increased use of sex toys has also increased the number of injuries related to these special adult toys. So, people who are planning to use sex toys regularly or from time to time should take some measures to make sure that they are taking good care of their anal, vaginal and penile health. Sometimes you may take sex enhancement pill to get a harder erection instead of using a sex toy.

Starting from the 1990s, authorities have decided to keep records of the number of sex toy-related injuries. These records have confirmed a 100% increase of injuries from sex toys from 1995 to 2005. This number is now increasing at an even bigger rate. Another interesting fact is that when it comes to genders, it turns out that men are more prone to these injuries. The statistics show that six out of ten patients with this type of injury are men. The average age of patients is 44 for men and 30 for women.

People today can choose between many different types of sex toys. The truth is that not all of these sex toys are equally “dangerous”. Of course, sex toys designed and produced by top manufacturers are perfectly safe when they are used in a proper way. In any case, about 75% of all injuries caused by sex toys are caused by vibrators. The second most common cause is the use of dildos (12%), rings and other types of toys. It’s also worth mentioning that eight out of ten injuries are anorectal. The remaining 20% are related to the vagina or penis.

At the same time, healthcare facilities have reported that about 80% of injuries included removal of a foreign body from the system. So, the vast majority of injuries happen when people can’t remove these sex toys from the anus, penis or vagina.

This data that we have shared should not make you stop using sex toys. It is supposed to make you use these special toys carefully. By learning more about sex toys and their specific use, you should be able to prevent most of the injuries.

To start with, you must apply suitable lubrication. We have already mentioned that the majority of injuries are anorectal. Regardless of the type of penetration, this area must be lubricated well. The same goes for vaginal penetration too even though vaginas are usually more lubricated naturally.

Another good advice is to avoid extremely large sex toys. Many men and women believe that the size of the toy guarantees more pleasure, but this is not true. You must think about the size of your anus and vagina before you buy a vibrator or dildo. Finally, if you are using bondage equipment, make sure that you have a safe word, and don’t wear extremely tight equipment because it can disrupt proper circulation.