Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to stimulate her?

The g spot, which is grafenberg spot is always a myth for most of the men, and surprisingly women as well. For the women, I will advise you that play with yourself more, it's not bad to masturbate yourself often, you need to get to know your body well. Don't leave the pleasure to guys, this is your self pleasure. Men may not know as much as you do about yourself unless the guy is a sex god, but how many of them are so good in sex? We will share with you the g spot but that may not be your most sensitive area or maybe you like the feel or your nipples being lick more than the stimulation of g spot. The G spot that people always talk about it in your vagina, it's situated on the front wall on the direction of your belly button, but not so further up.
Now you know the spot and how to stimulate it? Men yes, it's good to use your penis to stimulate it but not for the position of missionary unless your penis is curving up. The g spot is best stimulate by using position like doggy style, if you like your missionary, you may put her leg on your shoulder, this position allow your penis to rub her g spot more easily. While doing some foreplay to her, you may use your tongue to lick her clitoris, labia to make her wet. Then you can use your finger to play with it. Other than in and out with your fingers, you may move left right or up and down, check her response then you will know whether she likes it or not. When she is high enough, then you may stimulate her g spot with your finger. It's like asking people to come over with your finger. She may have the orgasm before you penetrate, so imagine how she love to have sex with you before you use your weapon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foods for increasing libido

This must be an interesting topic, I have found this in msn and askmen website. So I just simplified and share it with you. I think you will find it amazing as these foods are very common in our life, and you don't know that such a common food is the non chemical; organic libido booster for your body. These foods are price effective, it won't cut a hole in your pocket. The most common food is Oyster, bet you know about it. Oyster is very famous aphrodisiac that is famous in libido boosting, it's high in zinc, it's good for raises sperm and testosterone production. Honey, it's high in vitamin b which helps testosterone production as well. Honey is also a low GI food that it gives a slow, steady energy release to help your stamina. Honey is also very good to use during sex, you may just put it all over her body and lick it. Banana, it contain bromelain enzyme, which is useful for reverse impotence in men. Banana also full of potassium and Vitamin B, it can increase body's overall energy. I do found that organiser in marathon distribute banana as an energy boosting source for runners, bet this is the reason. Almond or nuts, this are the raw material for production of hormones. Remember to take it raw.
You may not like the smell of garlic, but it contain alicin that help blood flow to your sexual organs. It's a highly effective herb that is able to boost your libido. You know eggs are nutritious, but how good is it and why is it good for libido? Eggs are high in vitamin B5 and B6, it help balance hormone level and fight stress, two things that are crucial for a healthy libido. Fruits like mangoes, peaches and strawberries are good for sex as well. There isn't any further elaboration about nutrition of the fruit in the website, but it can be fun to eat during sex. Tomato skin is rich in lycopene, the high beta-carotene content convert to Vitamin A, both are good for your prostate and sexual health. Never forget about Avocadoes, it is rich in Vitamin B6 that is a powerful source of male hormone production. Figs are high in amino acids that believe to increase libido, that improve sexual stamina .