Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Weak Erection Curse

Unfortunately, there are plenty of factors that come into play if you want to have a satisfying sexual session. For starters, it’s important that you have a sexual partner. You also need to ensure that you can maintain hard erection.
Impotent men are aware of how disastrous erectile dysfunction can affect a person’s sex life and their confidence. Another very frustrating thing for many men is when they try and nearly achieve an erection, only to have it not to harden up correctly for pleasurable intercourse.
Quite an ordinary marvel that ends up manifesting itself in Weak Erection. A condition in which the penis is engorged with blood, however, not to the extent where it hardens enough to engage in coitus.

So What Causes Weak Erections?

An erection that is weak stems from insufficient flow of blood into → blood to the penile sponge-like tissues. In short, if the penis fails to gain enough blood, it is unable to expand to its full length. Again; when sponge tissues find it difficult to hold the blood; this activity makes it hard for the penis to grow to its full length.
There are numerous factors that make it difficult for the veins and arteries to constrict and minimize the flow of blood. Some of the most outstanding issues include;
        A high fat diet
        Venous leak due to penile injury

Unfortunately; there are men who try to mask the real issues by consuming soft erection treatment that will only offer a temporary solution. An erection that is weak is a frustrating one as it is not only disappointing to you, but to your partner as well.
Such dissatisfactions damage one’s self-esteem and their confidence. Weak erections also lead to premature ejaculation. The condition contracts the PC muscles that adds stress and pressure on the prostate gland. The action leads to premature ejaculation.

What to Do?

If you know, you belong to the 66% of men suffering from erectile related illnesses, begin by contacting your physician. He/she will make the necessary tests that will establish why you are suffering.
From the test, your doctor may prescribe soft erection medication and may suggest that you change your diet and engage in physical activity. The ball will now rests' in your court. You will have to change your lifestyle and embrace a healthier one, to start attaining stronger erection.