Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What caused Low Sexual Drive

Low Sexual Drive is very common in female group, though there is an increasing number in male group as well. Low sex drive is a problem of hypoactive sexual desire disorder. In the mild case of low sex drive, it can be not interest to have sex during period, and some of the mild case may be they are not long to have sex or love making but they enjoy sex and orgasm at the same time. The extreme case of low sex drive may feel that sex is ugly and disgusting. You may need to consult a doctor if you have these symptoms.

There are a lot of reasons that may affect your body and mind that cause the low sex drive. The relationship problem between partners can cause low sex drive as well, if there are some conflict and uncertainties in relationship, they may have difficulties to find their interest in sex. The stress from family, working place can cause the problem as well. The working environment is getting more stressful and depress, it is affecting us in all aspect of live, it's very common case that it affect our quality of life and not to mention our sex life. Some of the time, the stressful live we have now is affecting our sleep, insomnia and lack of sleep will affect our quality of live and sexually as well.

If it's the body, it may cause by the medicine that you are taking lately, the Hormonal change in body like pregnancy, after child birth, breast feeding may cause low sex drive. Common medication like antidepressants and birth control pills interfere with sex drive, arousal and orgasm by affecting the balance of sexual hormones and the transmission of chemical messengers. wrote that menopause affects sexual desire by decreasing lubrication, lowering estrogen and testosterone levels, and other changes in the sexual response cycle. Numerous nonsexual diseases can cause HSDD, added Mayo Clinic. These include arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases.

If the medications are the cause of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, then just change it to the pills with fewer site effect. Try to find out the problem that caused low sex drive then you can solve the problem easily.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turn up your sex life

Have you listen to Far East Movement's Turn up the love? I like this song a lot, it's my favourite running song. Today we are going to turn up not only your love but your sex life, yes. Before we go into details, well how do you feel about your body? Do you think you have a sexy body? Are you fit enough? Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of tummy as  well, but a bit only not too much. Not only fit is sexy, but it's good for your health and very important, it can improve your sex life. Not to mention you look more sexy with a six pack, but the muscle group can help you to perform better in sex as well. Online now to search for more information about exercise, start from small, small is better than nothing. Get your ass off the couch and go outside, you will get the power to run. The more you run, the more energy you have to fight the fat in your stomach. The body you train here can help you to be better in sex.

Come back to our turn up the sex life. When you thinking of making love, you will most probably assume it happen at night maybe after dinner and a drink or two. But when you are after dinner and have a drink or two, you are most probably tired or even drunk. Why don't you arrange your date for breakfast? The main thing is to spend some quality time together, research shows that couple who meet at least once a week have higher probability of having mind blowing sex.

When you are having a stressful week, it's less likely that you will enjoy your sex. Go out for a walk and relax your mind and body, it will help you to enjoy your sex. And love making is good for relieve your stress as well. We have share with you regarding sex text, this intimate text will help you and your partner to get into the mood of sex way before you meet up. You can imagine that by the time you see each other, it's going to blow up your sex. Sweet talk is another way to boost the excitement in sex life, you know that the most sensitive part is not their breast or vagina but their mind. After you get into their mind, she is all yours. You will have a better sex.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to turn her on?

You want sex, don't you? Well if you want that then you have to know how to turn her on. The foreplay, you know it, it helps but it's different you know, it's something that you do to make her want to have sex before going to foreplay. Foreplay may be a natural sexual enhancement for you, but turning her on is the trigger, the key to sex. There is a wing girl dating tips online that list it down for you, and I guess you won't actually realised that it's something that can turn her on. One of the girls said that playing with her hair does turn her on, you sure?

And some of the technique they said is common for us, since we have shared so much of the method here. Like kissing her ears, neck once or twice can turn her on, it depends on your partner, it may be a huge turn on. They also suggest us to ask your partner, you may do this some of the time, but sometime you can learn online and give them some surprise. As we always discuss here, girls don't get to turn on immediately, you have to warm them up for it.

No.1 thing, clear her mind, if she feels comfortable to be with you and enjoy the moment, then you are on the right track. That's all? This is just the first step, if your partner have no problem enjoying love making on the beach, it's a romantic place to start with. If you are having a date with her, you may try to tease her in the public. By the time you reach your place or hers, she will push you onto her bed immediately. Well you can learn the methods in the video. Enjoy your day.

Check the video here

Monday, October 1, 2012

Where to pick up a girl

Like usual, I browse through Yahoo for some articles to read. There are some really good news and information we can learn. I came across this article that analyse the place that you can get to know girls and where is the best place to flirt with them. For example, do you know that gym is actually not a really good place to flirt with girls? Well, I think unless you look very good or the girl is waiting for someone to flirt with else it is not a place suitable to flirt with them. Why? I'm really surprise with the experiment result, because I always thought that gym is one of the best place to flirt. The writer looks good, according to his article, so it should be an easy task for him to flirt with girls. But according to his article, gym is not a good place and the chance for you to start a conversation is not much as most of them are focus in their workout and they may listen to their own mp3 during it.

Have you ever try to pick up girls at Starbucks? I do not have any experience in it, so I can't advise you much. Well this is not a place that I will pick up a girl as I have no idea how to approach them at the first place unless I look like Brad Pitt. Well the author does have his own way of doing it but the result is not good as well. So how did he do it? Well there are 2 ways he found that it's good to approach them to start conversation, the sugar counter or at the line. This does give me the idea of how to approach girls on a broad day light. It's not hard to approach them in the club, this is new for me.

You may check the article here. Discover the other place that is good for you to flirt with girls. These suggestions are quite good, not sure they are suitable for you but it's a good place for you to learn the basic idea to flirt with girls. Good luck mate.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The secret of orgasm

These technique here can help you to give your girl a better orgasm, if you can help her to get better orgasm she is more willing to have sex with you without you asking for it. Once you master it and know how to give her orgasm then you will become the sex god.

Make her orgasm last longer. This will enhance her orgasm and prolong her orgasm. Girls' orgasm is different from men, they are able to have multiple orgasm. You can stimulate her and bring her to the edge of orgasm, make her hold it, back down a bit and increase the intensity again, she will have a longer orgasm.

Communicate with her, ask her how she feel when she is having an orgasm. Ask her to imagine the climax while you are having sex with her, instead of holding against it, ask her to follow the feeling and let it all out. She may feel shy about it as she may not look good and worry about how she look like. Let her know that you enjoy the sex and you like to look her having it. Don't be shy, let is all out and think dirty, you want her to become a bad girl tonight. This will help her to have a more powerful orgasm.

Make the orgasm again and again. As we have share so much previously, foreplay is always good for her in sex. If you put some effort for foreplay, give her an orgasm during foreplay then she may have another orgasm during sex more easily. Enjoy your sex.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sex Problems

It's very common for men now to have sexual problems, sexual problems links a lot to our health. Health problem will lower your sex drive, your energy and most important it will ultimately become erectile dysfunction and other kind of disease. Health problem may come in physically or mentally, and the life style nowadays is very bad for both of this. What do you normally do after come back from work? Online? Game? TV? All these may affect your health as you may gain weight by sitting there without having any calories burn. Mentally? Financial stress, stress from family, children, workplace and so on, these stress alone can kill you easily and not to mention your mood for sex.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is very common and it happen to a lot of the young people. If you have these problem, do not worry too much and go for a body check up and ask for help. Sex pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra may help a lot, but consult a doctor before you take any of this. There are a lot of people having problems after taking Viagra, you may not be fit to take these pills. There are even some youngster having problem with Viagra as their penis is not going soft even after they ejaculate, sure you don't want this awkward thing to happen to you. You may have hard erection the whole day, more serious case may need to go to hospital for treatment. As long as you take care of your body, they will take good care of you, maintain your weight and exercise more, everything shall be good for sex.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sex Tips for Better Sex Life

I have read and share so much sex tips online and these are the ideas that I never think of, not because these are very special things that I haven't think before but these are the things that are too normal that I get used to it so much and never pay any attention to do it. Let's see what tips are these.

Stay away from your tv, iphone, ipad, tablet, laptop or whatever gadget that you have now and spend some time with her. I did read an article that tv inside bedroom does affect sex life, the reason because couples spend too much time of watching tv and end up no more energy to have sex. This does help when you apply to your work life and planning. If you spend all your free time online or gaming you won't be able to plan for your future and sure you won't be able to spend your time with her.

While you are in a relationship for a long time, everything seems to be boring. Everything that you do or anywhere you go will be a lot more routine, she knows where you want to go even before you tell her. In a way it is something that is too predictable, so having some fun and surprise in life can't be wrong. Go somewhere new, take it as an adventure. A short trip, a long drive can make refresh your life and it will improve your sex life.

Focus on the good but not the bad. You can see a lot of couple fighting for small things even though they love each other a lot. You can learn to focus about her good and not those little things that you fight for. Do you know that good compliment can lead to good sex as well? When you give her good compliment and make her feel good, it will give her confidence and make the sex much better as she is focus on the good and not worry that she look bad in front of you. She can enjoy sex more and so does you.

Time management. Yes, allocate your time for sex, it's important. Sex is part of your life, it is not a trend for a short period but people have sex since there are human. It's part of your life, don't be shy that sex is important for you. Allocate the time for your sexual life and thus you may spend some quality sex time with your partner.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for a night with no string attached

When you are looking for a one night stand, and you would want to know that the other party have the same feel about it or not, how? Is the girl looking a one night stand, a sex partner or she treats you as a long term relationship partner? There are actually a lot of different way to find out, of course ask her directly is the most straight forward way to find out. Check for these sign and it may help you to find out.

She always looks for you during day time, this indicate that she is most likely to treat you as a long-term relationship partner and hopes to be with you. On the other hand if she is expecting to have sex with you, she is most likely to date you at night as this is the party time and may lead to her bedroom or hotel after party. Alcohol gives you the feel of more relax, and more likely end up with sex as both of you are relax and not so defensive.

Groupon. This can be a sign as well? Yes. When they always plan it in advance and make arrangement, reservation with you that means they are more potential in long term relationship. They are not seeing you as their last resort but reserve their time for you. If she calls you last minute to meet up and sure they just looking for someone to fill up their free time, it may not be something serious. Some of the girls may look for sex last minute and it happen to be with you, sure this is the kind of candidate for sex partner.

Facebook may give you a hint, you may know about it if they wrote something about you. They may not wrote it so straight forward but this, you have to figure it out. A lady who is serious in relationship and still they update their status that they are being with you, they are expecting a long term relationship from you. If the girl you hand out with is a party girl, their status update may just a show off of their life, a hang out with a handsome guy like you.

There are just some of the sign that can help you to find out, you still need to look at the whole picture to find out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Get laid tonight by looking at their body language

It's not a news that ladies are open minded and they are hungry for sex like guy as well, they have their need for sex like you. They may want to have some guy on their bed instead of masturbate themselves, well I think a real man is better than her own fingers or vibrator. Well so many of those lonely and sex thirsty women out there and you can manage to get one? When you see a woman in the club, how do you know she is interested with you? How do you know she is giving you a 'take me now' sign? Women are attracted to men who are sensitive and attentive.

Eye contact, it's the most important thing in body language, sure you heard 'look into her eyes'. This is what they mean, an eye contact can show your self confidence and attract her. Her response may give you an answer whether you can take a step further. Practice more and you will know whether that is a red light or a green light asking to take her tonight.

Another body language of her that you should take note is her hand, when her hand is unconsciously fix her hair that doesn't need to fix or adjust her outfit that she doesn't need to adjust. Well you have a very good chance of  taking her out tonight, be patient, polite and you may get laid tonight. There are some signals like touching her lips with her finger, her hand on her neck, these are the signals that you shouldn't miss.

Girls don't like the touch of a stranger or even friend. So when she touch you, you know what it means. You have plenty of chances to touch a girl on the back, shoulder or waist in the club, it may not be a nice move if you are going to make her your target. Unless you have make her feel good about you, it's advise not to do so. On the other hand, if she touch you, then you know that is a green light asking you to go ahead.

And there is another no brainer move that you don't need an expert to tell you that she is interest with you, she lean forward to you and touch you. If you are not confident to make a move, you may tell her that her touch makes your heartbeat jump like hell, you won't guarantee what will happen if she do that again. Then you can confirm she is interest to get laid tonight.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One night stand

One night stand, have you ever have a chance to try it at least once? One night stand is much different with other sexual activity, it is so much better than the regular sex that you have at home. It's special one time thing, it's so much exciting. Just by imagine that you are able to go to bed with a pretty girl that you never meet can be a good movie itself. How can you have one yourself?

First you have to locate where all these babies are, it can be club or house party. How to pick the girl who is willing to have sex tonight? Well, you may look for those who wear little clothing. Research shows that those who wear sexier tends to attract male, this give you a bigger chance to get a hit. Approach an experience woman have a larger chance as well. You may try to hit those who are alone in the club, you won't have any problem with their friends. The rest is the personal skill that you have to train it. You need to learn to spot the right one, else no matter how good pick up skill you have you won't be able to attract them.

Be confident while talking to them, it's the main thing you need. Make them feel comfortable while having conversation with them, you may talk dirty but only after a few drinks, don't make them feel like you are just another scumbag. Make them tell more about themselves and get more information about them. You may need to know whether they stay alone so that you can drop by later on. The less you talk the less you will get wrong.  Train yourself first, trial and error may help you to gain more experience.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Slower sex is better

Speed is crucial in most of the sport, the fastest car, fastest goal, fastest lap, fastest boat and so on. And speed is one of the thing that motivate people to improve. But in sex, it's one of those thing that you don't want it to be fast, the slower the better, of course it depends on the situation as well. Both of you are short of time, and you need a quickie, then it's better to make it fast. But if you have one whole day, you do not have much to do then why not make sex more interesting and spend some time to make it slow?

Girls do like to make it slow, guys always rush in sex, they want to penetrate whenever they are erect. And in most cases, girls do takes time to get wet and ready for sex. If you think 30 minutes is good, double it and make it an hour for sex. I do not mean one hour is good, but it does enough for most of the girls. If you spend more time on stimulation, the bigger chance that they have an orgasm, and the bigger orgasm they have.

Slow is good for guys as well. Are you sure? Ask yourself how long you can be ready to sex again after ejaculate? It will take you some time to erect again, so why not take it slow and steady, give her a big orgasm to satisfy her. If you ejaculate to fast, it may not be premature ejaculate but your sex partner may not even close to orgasm, you do not want that to happen. Take it slowly, it will do you good. One thing does apply to men as well, the longer you hold the bigger orgasm you have, right?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sexual technique for orgasm

Just some sexual technique for you to help her orgasm, so that she is more willing to have sex with you.

You know you like her tight ass, when she is in her jeans, mini skirt or maybe a g-string. This can turn you on in no time and you will want to have sex with her immediately. Her butt are cover with nerve that can help her to orgasm, you may utilised them while she is on top. You may try spanking for doggy style if she likes it.

As we have mention in a lot of our article, her clitoris is one hell of a body part that can make her crazy. When you are making love with her in missionary position, you may lean forward a bit for your penis to rub her clitoris. This will help you to give her an orgasm, try it out.

There is a tip here, it ain't no secret, just depend whether you want to do it or not. Go down on her, do whatever you know about stimulate her using your tongue and finger. Be gentle, see how she reacts to your hand job. If she doesn't feel comfortable, communicate with her to know more about what she likes. The most important thing, you are doing what she feels good, asking is the best way to find out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sex guide: Get her into sex no matter she is in any kind of mood

'Are you sure?' Some of you may ask. Well, this is a guide that can help you to do so, and it depends a lot of your skill and luck. So, read on.

So what should you do when she is piss off? If she is in a bad mood, let her know that you are sorry for her and ask her how can you make it up to her. Give her a hug, give her a kiss, slowly starting from her arm. Well, don't argue with her or to prove your point. Give her a mind blowing sex is all she needs right now.

What if she is very stress, and you don't think she have the mood for sex. You are lucky if she won't kick your ass when you ask for it. If you try to understand her stress and ask her about it, she may even feel more stress when talking about it. Change her focus, divert her into other things that may lighten her up. If you sense that her mood is better, well, hold her close to you and start from a kiss.

If she is tired? Well, there is a very good technique to help you out. Have a small talk with her after she is back from work, offer her a massage. Act fast and don't make her too comfort until she fall asleep, this is not what you want. You may want to massage start from her foot, then slowly go up, by the time you reach her thigh, you may get what you want. But I don't think you want her to have sex with you if she is too exhausting. Just have fun with your own.

She is in a relax mood and too relax to make love to you, well there is always something to wake her inner sexual desire. Go along with it, cuddle a bit, run your hand around her body, tickle, nothing too direct into sex. Let her warm up a bit, when the time is right, you know where to start.

Sometimes you don't even need to ask and she is all dress up and ready for you, but now no matter what kind of situation, you are gear up to settle the problem and enjoy your moment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What he wants?

There are a lot of things that you can do better in sex, not only guys, but for you ladies out there as well. If you enjoy sex as much as he does then just start to read some articles online, do some research about it, communicate with him, trial and error then you will become his sex goddess that no other woman are able to do so. Men do like you to like sex as much as he does, then he won't need to persuade you to do so and most important they know that you like to make love with them. It's a matter of self esteem. And of course if they can have sex with you right away then they really like it.

Most of the ladies do like men to turn them on, but some of the time, men do enjoy that the women is turn on already and asking them for sex. You may do some foreplay yourself for self pleasure, and when your sex partner starts to kiss you for foreplay, you are ready to start it but not a long warm up period. If you want to have a better sex life, a little effort can helps a lot, and I believe this is the easy thing for you to do.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Foreplay in the public

Foreplay in the public, yes, in the public. We had share in our previous post that dirty talk is a good foreplay that you don't need physical contact. So dirty talk in the public makes it more saucy, and there are some other kind of foreplay that you can perform even in the public and turn her on before you reach home for love making. As you know girls need more time than guys for sex, it's not like guys that can be able to have sex immediately. A foreplay in the public can help you to save time and go direct for sex while you reach home, but also it makes your life more excited. It won't be a day to day routine like your usual sex, it makes your sex life much better.

Here are some ideas that you may try, in the restaurant during your meal, your hand may run around her butt, leg or any other parts that won't alert others under the table. Changing room, you may try some shirt and have some passionate kiss, carress and... ... you should stop here else you will ended up not foreplay but the main part sex itself. It's a very good experience and exciting place to have sex but it may not be a good idea. Pub and club is the best place that you can have dirty talk and even dirty dance, you may rub any part of her and no one give a damn thing. I'm sure both of you are wet and horny for sex right away.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make love with her mind

Play with her mind can help you to satisfy her sexually? Yes, it's true. That's why there are those online sex, sex chat, phone sex, just by using word you are able to make her desire for sex. Orgasm is totally another thing, for sure you need very good technique to do that. A good technique is not all, a good imagination is also needed to do that. Well we are not asking you to give her an orgasm on the phone. But you can turn her on on the phone conversation right away. And this conversation on the phone is the foreplay itself.

We have mentioned this in our previous post, foreplay is crucial for girls, they like it a lot. Foreplay can be like sex and sometimes it's better than sex itself for girls. The dirty talk that you give her on the phone is a good foreplay and by the time you reach her home or when you meet up, she is all wet and good to go. Is that a good thing for you right? When you see her, you can continue on your dirty talk and this time you don't go directly into sex, keep on tease her, kiss her, touch her make her even want more. By the time you penetrate, she will be all blown up. This is the type of sex men and women always wanted. Try it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Abstinence program makes you smarter

A research shows that abstinence program will make you smarter. The research shows that your brain can be powerful when it's not spending time thinking about sex. The schools that this research done have a 1.5% increase in the result, the rate of teen pregnancies is reduce at the same time. Does this works for adult too? I remember that during world cup, there are some coach that do implement this abstinence program before the match. Now I know that this is not only for their stamina, but for their mind to concentrate more on the match.

For an adult like you and me, since we are not players in world cup or whatever grand slam, we may want to have a life of balance. Sex is crucial in our life, don't focus too much with it and don't stop having sex at all. If you are not having sex at all, I think you may even think about sex more than ever unless you plan to be a monk that can have a very clear mind. The research shows that the brain can be more sharp and works better if it's not thinking about sex, does it mean that your mind will work well after sex? Your brain will be able to focus more on whatever you are doing after you have sex?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How many girls have you make love with?

So, how many girls have you spend your night with? Do you know that the brother of Brunei Sultan have 40 girls at any time just waited to be summoned to make love? At any time. These girls are just sitting there to wait for him. What the hell. I believe most of us have sex with an average of 10 to 20 girls. But this guy here, they called him the playboy, he did earn it, have 40 girls waiting for him just to serve him. Those sexy call girls are not only from Brunei, but they are being send to Brunei just to serve him. Well, we can only motivate ourselves to earn more money to have this kind of lifestyle.

Not only in Brunei, but he also have another 40 girls at a hotel that is just across the property he stayed. This is amazing right? I wonder how can one able to have sex with so many girls at this short period. These girls can consider his own prostitute, waiting to be call for him or maybe his friend.

Read an article mention a prostitute fly from USA just to serve him. She didn't manage to serve him immediately, she have to win his heart among the 40 girls then only able to have sex with him. I think if you are not able to serve him, you are able to earn the money as well, of course you won't be able to earn the big bonus. This US escort however found her own way to cheer him up and be his favourite girl for a short time, and she is able to get a big bonus from him, not to mention the things she bought in Singapore at his expense.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yoga & sex

Read an article online saying men using yoga to dates. This is not about how you use yoga to improve you sexual performance, or using doing yoga together with your love one to enhance the sexual relationship. I do think that yoga may help to improve sex, but sure it's not suitable for everyone. I think most of the men will have the same thought as mine, learn yoga and bench my body like that to improve sex? I rather take a Viagra pill that may kill me. I do enjoy to exercise with a bunch of sexy girls in the classroom, but I won't be able to stand properly after the class. It won't be useful for a guy like me.

Is this new? Don't think so, I remember I watched a movie about 10 years ago that the handsome guy is using the yoga class as a way to tackle girls.

There are also a lot of cases that the yoga instructor is having sex with their students, a female yoga teacher said what can you expect when the male instructor is in a classroom full of female students in lycra? And some of the yoga post do look sexy right? I wonder what will happen if the male instructor is getting an erect during the class, and you know how soft the fabric can be. This is totally awesome.

Monday, February 27, 2012


This sexting is not sex thing, it's sex texting, of course it's about sex. Do you know that there are some research shows that there is actually 30% of the female out there sending their nude photos? And 50% of the girls admit that they flirt and talk dirty in text. So it's a very open minded world now, one third of them will only do this when they are in a serious relationship; One third of them are willing to send their own nude pictures after a few dates. This is a good news for us, right? Such a seductive world. It's such an open world that these nude photos aren't even affecting Blake Lively, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus.

Read a few news that some young guys are being threatened to pay for their own nude photos. How it happened? They met a pretty girl adding them in msn, and this girl is having this sex chat with them. The girl just show her nude body and seducing them to have a dirty and sexy chat. What will you do if a pretty girl is asking you for a sex chat? You will think that you got lucky ain't so? The girls persuade him to take off his shirt and masturbate in front of the pc. Well, the girl record it down and ask them for money after that. Well, it's an open minded world. The guy just call police for help without hesitate, he doesn't worry it at all. Be smart, if you want to do this, make sure the camera doesn't see your face, you will save yourself some time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to start sex?

It's not easy to start sex or love making, how should you tell her that you want to have sex? It's easy if both of you are in the same page. What is she is not in the mood for sex today? Or you guys are making love each time you meet up and you don't want to make her feel like you look for her just because you want to have sex? It may look awkward if you make her feel like you are there just because of her vagina. try imagine that you are in a relationship for a long time.

What should you do? Ya, you have to do your homework. Well the easy way of course is a romantic dinner with some wine, a walk under the star or on the beach can help her to be in the mood for sex. Some creative things that you may try out. Food again, but this time you cook it. It's a good idea for those who are good at cooking. Cook some of your best dish and feed her, wine will help you a lot. You may ask her to help you to wash the dish after the meal, then you will have a good chance to hug and kiss her from behind. Sure you will know what to do next.

Watching movie can help her to get in the mood for sex? I don't mean porn, porn will help you some time, but I don't think you wants to use it every single time. This time use some sexy movies that may bring her into the mood. This is the natural Viagra that boost sexual desire and boost testosterone level. Make a comfortable place in front of the television with pillow so you guys can enjoy the movie. You may let your hand run around her body during the movie, start from insensitive area.

The last idea that we would like to suggest, strip poke. This is a Natural Male Enhancement Supplement for her. This is one of my favourite game to help her to get into sex. We do this very often, it's one of the method that works well and easy to proceed. You may make the game more fun like ask her to put on a lingerie or anything that will turn you on when she is all naked. There are a lot of games out there that may help you, just google it.

Don't let yourself stop here, we just give you some idea here and you can make it more fun. Enjoy your sex.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Women's curve

Saw a picture in Facebook, and it's damn right. The title is 'Just because you're skinny, doesn't mean you're hot! Bring the curves back! It shows 3 type of body, one is about women's ideal body shape, one is about men's ideal women body shape, the remaining one is national average. Women's ideal size is 4-8, but guys like size 12 and the national average size is 16. It's very true, girls do like to keep fit all the time, no matter how skinny she is.

For me, I do like girls with curve. Those model on the walk way are just a disaster for me, their body shape is too skinny. They are so skinny that I won't even erect if they are standing in front of me without any cloth on them. No one is perfect, I believe so. But don't make yourself so skinny that it's more ugly than pretty. I saw this Mayra Suarez nude photo online, I have no idea who is this before I read about it. She was a model, she is kinda hot. She does look attractive but she is very skinny, for me, it's not really my type. Don't get me wrong, it's not about her breast. She have a pair of nice tits, but other parts of her is just skinny. As long as this is the natural her without doing those intense slimming programme, she still consider a healthy person. She do look better if she can slightly increase in weight.

Body curve is important, but not too over. Just have a healthy a balance life you will be more happy and attract the type of guys that love you more than your body. Exercise can help you to have a hot body curve.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DNA test to check whether your girl friend is cheating

There is a service that can check your girl friend's underwear and know that whether she is cheating on you, and the company's name Paternity Lab Center. This service doesn't cost you a fortune, it's only $200. For only this minimum cost then you are able to check whether your girl friend is cheating. They will check whether there is another man's semen in the panties. Guess there isn't any other explanation that how another man's semen is in their underwear other than cheating. This service can also help you to know whether your children are having some extra activity after class. Well, you have to get their panties as well. You can get this at a low cost like what you see in CSI, that is kinda cool.

Affair, is a pain if your partner is doing this to you, but it's an enjoying thing if you can enjoy two or even more girls at the same time. This makes the relationship easier to get complicated. Of course this only happen if you have the luck, the look or a deep pocket. It's not easy for a relationship to build merely on trust right now as there are so many things out there.

There is a news that a husband was lock and torture by his wife and her boy friend, this is such a shock. The husband was save while neighbor call in for police after they heard some noise. Anything can happen, be wise. Well, this DNA test thing may keep it as your last option.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year guys. How are you? How is your silent night and new year eve? Did you get laid that night? If you have a pretty girl on your bed that night sure your silent night won't be silent anymore. That will be a exciting, fun and lusty night. If you have more than one girl sleeping beside you, you are damn lucky.

What is your resolution for year 2012? Is better sex life in your list? Sex is crucial in a relationship so make sex your priority. Leave your job a while, it's a job not your life. Separate your life with work, leave your work at work so that you can have a life at home. Instead of having a busy life, slow down a bit and get a chance to taste your life. Other than making plan for every single day, you may just sit at home and enjoy your moment with your love one. Sex is just part of it.

We knew that sex in the morning is damn good as both of you are in a good shape, at least better than during night time. You and your love one have the energy, so start your day with a good sex. Have a quickie, study shows that quickie in the morning is a good thing to start your day. You may have to wake up a bit early if this is a working day, arrange your time mate.

One of the thing that make sex so good during holiday is the mood of it. It's not the usual thing that you do. So make things different will make the sex better, break the routine. If it's holiday you may arrange to have a short trip or just stay a night in the hotel just to enjoy the environment. The sex will be so good. Don't forget to bring your sexy lingerie if you are a girl, for guys, you may buy her a new sexy lingerie to make the sex more mind blowing.

Happy Sex Year.