Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The secret of orgasm

These technique here can help you to give your girl a better orgasm, if you can help her to get better orgasm she is more willing to have sex with you without you asking for it. Once you master it and know how to give her orgasm then you will become the sex god.

Make her orgasm last longer. This will enhance her orgasm and prolong her orgasm. Girls' orgasm is different from men, they are able to have multiple orgasm. You can stimulate her and bring her to the edge of orgasm, make her hold it, back down a bit and increase the intensity again, she will have a longer orgasm.

Communicate with her, ask her how she feel when she is having an orgasm. Ask her to imagine the climax while you are having sex with her, instead of holding against it, ask her to follow the feeling and let it all out. She may feel shy about it as she may not look good and worry about how she look like. Let her know that you enjoy the sex and you like to look her having it. Don't be shy, let is all out and think dirty, you want her to become a bad girl tonight. This will help her to have a more powerful orgasm.

Make the orgasm again and again. As we have share so much previously, foreplay is always good for her in sex. If you put some effort for foreplay, give her an orgasm during foreplay then she may have another orgasm during sex more easily. Enjoy your sex.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sex Problems

It's very common for men now to have sexual problems, sexual problems links a lot to our health. Health problem will lower your sex drive, your energy and most important it will ultimately become erectile dysfunction and other kind of disease. Health problem may come in physically or mentally, and the life style nowadays is very bad for both of this. What do you normally do after come back from work? Online? Game? TV? All these may affect your health as you may gain weight by sitting there without having any calories burn. Mentally? Financial stress, stress from family, children, workplace and so on, these stress alone can kill you easily and not to mention your mood for sex.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is very common and it happen to a lot of the young people. If you have these problem, do not worry too much and go for a body check up and ask for help. Sex pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra may help a lot, but consult a doctor before you take any of this. There are a lot of people having problems after taking Viagra, you may not be fit to take these pills. There are even some youngster having problem with Viagra as their penis is not going soft even after they ejaculate, sure you don't want this awkward thing to happen to you. You may have hard erection the whole day, more serious case may need to go to hospital for treatment. As long as you take care of your body, they will take good care of you, maintain your weight and exercise more, everything shall be good for sex.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sex Tips for Better Sex Life

I have read and share so much sex tips online and these are the ideas that I never think of, not because these are very special things that I haven't think before but these are the things that are too normal that I get used to it so much and never pay any attention to do it. Let's see what tips are these.

Stay away from your tv, iphone, ipad, tablet, laptop or whatever gadget that you have now and spend some time with her. I did read an article that tv inside bedroom does affect sex life, the reason because couples spend too much time of watching tv and end up no more energy to have sex. This does help when you apply to your work life and planning. If you spend all your free time online or gaming you won't be able to plan for your future and sure you won't be able to spend your time with her.

While you are in a relationship for a long time, everything seems to be boring. Everything that you do or anywhere you go will be a lot more routine, she knows where you want to go even before you tell her. In a way it is something that is too predictable, so having some fun and surprise in life can't be wrong. Go somewhere new, take it as an adventure. A short trip, a long drive can make refresh your life and it will improve your sex life.

Focus on the good but not the bad. You can see a lot of couple fighting for small things even though they love each other a lot. You can learn to focus about her good and not those little things that you fight for. Do you know that good compliment can lead to good sex as well? When you give her good compliment and make her feel good, it will give her confidence and make the sex much better as she is focus on the good and not worry that she look bad in front of you. She can enjoy sex more and so does you.

Time management. Yes, allocate your time for sex, it's important. Sex is part of your life, it is not a trend for a short period but people have sex since there are human. It's part of your life, don't be shy that sex is important for you. Allocate the time for your sexual life and thus you may spend some quality sex time with your partner.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for a night with no string attached

When you are looking for a one night stand, and you would want to know that the other party have the same feel about it or not, how? Is the girl looking a one night stand, a sex partner or she treats you as a long term relationship partner? There are actually a lot of different way to find out, of course ask her directly is the most straight forward way to find out. Check for these sign and it may help you to find out.

She always looks for you during day time, this indicate that she is most likely to treat you as a long-term relationship partner and hopes to be with you. On the other hand if she is expecting to have sex with you, she is most likely to date you at night as this is the party time and may lead to her bedroom or hotel after party. Alcohol gives you the feel of more relax, and more likely end up with sex as both of you are relax and not so defensive.

Groupon. This can be a sign as well? Yes. When they always plan it in advance and make arrangement, reservation with you that means they are more potential in long term relationship. They are not seeing you as their last resort but reserve their time for you. If she calls you last minute to meet up and sure they just looking for someone to fill up their free time, it may not be something serious. Some of the girls may look for sex last minute and it happen to be with you, sure this is the kind of candidate for sex partner.

Facebook may give you a hint, you may know about it if they wrote something about you. They may not wrote it so straight forward but this, you have to figure it out. A lady who is serious in relationship and still they update their status that they are being with you, they are expecting a long term relationship from you. If the girl you hand out with is a party girl, their status update may just a show off of their life, a hang out with a handsome guy like you.

There are just some of the sign that can help you to find out, you still need to look at the whole picture to find out.