Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Read Her Sexual Body Language

We have talked about the sex partner orgasm all these time, and we should improve the sexual relationship by communicating with them, learn more, utilise your technique, skill and pose. After all these, you are still not sure whether they are faking their orgasm for now. There are some skills that can help you to read her body language and know whether she is faking her orgasm. Of course if you don't care whether she is faking it then you don't need to learn it.
The first thing that you can see easily but she can fake it easily is her breath, if she is breathing rapidly, this may be the sign that she is having her orgasm. When she is ready to orgasm, her heart rate will increase and her internal organs and muscles will demand more oxygen, so you may see her breathing rapidly. Her body movement like arms can be a signal for you as well, when she is enjoying the sex, her hand shouldn't be close to herself unless she just want to balance herself. If her hand is wide open or holding you close then it seems like she feels comfortable and may have the orgasm soon. There is another very sensitive part of her can be easily read, that is her vagina, you may feel the contraction with your penis while you penetrate her. There are some girls able to control their muscles in her vagina as well, but those girls are able to have their orgasm easily as they know what they want. You just communicate with them and they will tell you what to do in order to make them orgasm.

The Best out of you

There isn't any best solution for sexual intercourse. Different people have different preference, they have different kind of favorite part in sex. Some can have orgasm multiple time for every sexual intercourse, but some are like men, they may have an orgasm only. Then women may also act like men that they turn around and go to sleep immediately after sex, some like a small chat and hug after sex. So we would like to suggest that find out your sex partner's behavior, what's her favourite pose, does she like to make love in bed, or she prefer couch, she like to be on top or she like the missionary pose. Then you may use your strength to help you in this sexual relationship. For example, those who do not have a big penis inside their pants doesn't mean they can't give their partner an orgasm. They can just use their finger and tongue to assist them in sex. They can also use some other pose to make their women feel 'full' in the vagina, like doggie style, they can even put their finger at the woman's clitoris while penetrate. Just use your strength to your advantage and don't just feel sad at what you don't have. Don't give yourself excuses that you can't satisfy them, work it out, think, make her feel comfortable, don't make yourself to predictable and so on.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Orgasm at the right time!

Orgasm... The big O is a myth or something hard for some of those without experience. And how to make it at the right time. You orgasm too soon before the girls have it, they are not satisfy, too late they will feel so boring and start to see whether their nails are nice and when should they go for a manicure. If you want to ejaculate faster instead of making sex too long, wear a thinner condom, this thinner condom can make your penis more sensitive. Don't have sex too long, we mean the moment when you start to penetrate, foreplay doesn't count. Else your sex partner can't enjoy the sex and her vagina start to dry, you will have problem ejaculate at a later moment. For those who have premature ejaculation or want to last longer after their sex partner's orgasm, they may use thicker condom so that this will lower the sensitivity of their penis thus have longer sex penetration. Some little technique that people always use are change of sex position. When you are going to ejaculate, pull out your penis, change to another sex position that is not so sensitive for you. For example, your penis may feel less sensitive while she is on the top as she is taking charge and the move may not be exactly what you want, but she can have what she wants, she may have orgasm. You may delay ejaculate and satisfy her sexual needs. If you want to ejaculate sooner, you may masturbate yourself sometime to know about your own sexual needs and what can make you ejaculate faster. You can use it in your sex and help you to ejaculate faster.

The Penis Size Does Matter

We have heard about this a lot and you know about that very well. Ok, we are not talking about the length of the penis, as we already know that a long penis can touch the g spot inside the vagina. There is another theory about the size of the penis, the girth of your penis. In simple word the width of your penis. There are a lot of nerves around clitoris, and we have mention in previous post that the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock of her clitoris is very sensitive as well, they call it the vestibular bulb the nerve there is about the double quantity of your penis. So you know how that it's double the sensitive of your penis, not to mention that it's such a small surface. If you have a large penis, that can give her more pleasure as your penis will give more pressure on the clitoris and the sensitive area around it which they call it the vestibular bulb. There are also some little technique to make your penis works like more wider, like circulate your penis a bit while making love, this will give pressure to the tissues around her vagina. Another simple idea, add a finger in her vagina while you penetrate. Good sex position also allow you to give more pressure for the area surrounding her vagina. The doggy style, this will give more pressure on the other end of her vagina. And missionary with both her leg on your shoulder will give her more pleasure as well, it will make her orgasm come faster than ever.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The penis enhancement technique

Men cares about their penis a lot as it affect their sexual performance directly. When men is having sex with girls, the first thing they care about of course their own ejaculation, it's their orgasm. But other than their own satisfaction of sex, they care about the girls feeling as well, or they enjoy to be a sex machine that can give orgasm everytime. When it's related to women's orgasm, the hardness of penis is important as well. The harder your penis can be, the more your sex partner can feel about you inside them. A hard penis is always easier to satisfy girls. But how to make your penis hard? Of course there are a lot of sex pill in the market that may help you, but back to basic, your penis may be harder but your stamina or health may not be a able stand for such a long time until they orgasm. No easy way, exercise, take care of the food, live a healthier life, then your health will improve a lot. The more stamina you have, the healthier your body is, you will be able to perform better in sex. Other than taking care of your health with exercise, resting is also a big issue. Your body will need stamina and energy to make love, if you exercise more, your body will be able to handle it well. Leave your work problems and trouble in the office and rest properly, don't bring the stress back to your place. Stress can affect the quality of your sex directly. So these are my penis enhancement techinque? Yes, it is, take care of your health and you will have good sex.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Threesomes Sex

Threesomes is always a big fantasy for guys, of course we hope that there are two girls to have sex with us at the same time but not two guys to bang a girl. I had actually read an article that is telling us how to make it happen. It wrote there that some girls do feel flattered when you ask them for threesomes, keep an open mind. That doesn't mean that you can ask your wife, girlfriend just like this, there are some rules and tips for you to follow else you will ended up in a disaster. At first, you may share your fantasy with your partner, just make it like a share of fantasy but not a real suggestion. See how is she reacted to it. If she is not interested with it, that's all, end of story, you may just go to look for hookers or strippers to have sex with you at the same time, if you don't mind to pay double. So if she is interested, then you have to set some ground rules here, what is you and her limit. Does she mind if you to kiss or even penetrate or have sex with the guest star, don't push if she is not prepare for it. This rules are important, if you don't set it properly beforehand, your relationship will end up pretty badly. If this threesomes thing does happen, make sure you focus more on your wife or girl friend, she may feel jealous at any time, you have to be aware at any time. And at the same time if your partner is enjoying kissing, caressing with the guest star, don't feel bad, enjoy the show and see whether there is anything that you can do and won't affect them at the same time. Say you kiss your wife's back or holding her hand. Give as much as you can since your wife already give you such a big fantasy. If you are able to turn both the women on and they turn their focus back to you, you're in heaven man. Penetrate, know when to start the sexual intercourse is important, you have to let both of them prepare for this sex and they feel comfortable about it. By the time you penetrate, you have to take care the other party who have left out, touching to kissing her and look her in the eye. The last part is how to make yourself more 'durable', as you are having sex with both girls, you may feel more excited than usual, you may ejaculate faster than usual as well. So control yourself, slow things down then you may able to satisfy both girls, if you ejaculate sooner than their orgasm, just use your hand and mouth to finish the job. They will be please as well. Remember, this is not a relationship, so it's best not to stay over night with the guest star. Good luck for your threesomes sex.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little sex moves that drive her crazy

Here we are for a little sex talk to discuss the way to pleasure your sex partner. Sex can be a small thing or a big thing in life, it depends on how you deal with it. There are lots of time when we make love with our love one, we tend to do it quickly and we may not be able to enjoy much about it. Quikie is good, but not all the time. Foreplay like caress is pretty good, and you can do it better to run your fingertip all over her body, this sensual touch can lead to a more explosive sex later on. While you run your fingertip over her body, you may leave her panties on, teasing her through the fabric, she will anticipate more with the sex. She may feel torture that she is not able to have you making love with her immediately, and can't have you touching her sensitive area. And all this just to make her explode in the sex later on. After you tease her with your finger, make use of your mouth to do the same thing again. This time you may take her panties off and kiss wherever you want. I think your kiss will last less than 5 minutes then she will ask you to make love to her. If you like to use the missionary post, you may try to put her leg on your shoulder, she can have her orgasm easily as this post can put more pressure on her clitoris. These little sex moves can blow her mind easily and she will ask you have sex with her again and again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Sex

Sex can bring you happiness, you can use sex to make your life more lively. Most of the time, we have so many things in life that make us depress, stress, sad and anything that is bad you can relate in life. And sex is on the opposite side of all these negative things, it can bring you pleasure, warm, loving, close and etc. I think you can call sex a happy pill that is free, so you can throw all your anti depression pill and make love to pleasure yourself. The sexy intimate sex can make your life more wonderful. The sex need not to be a fully penetrate sex, it can be just a stimulating sex manually that just to make you and your partner to feel there is still something that can feel good in life. It can be wonderful when you need something to cheer you up and let you know that the life that we have here still worth it. There are still a lot of things to cheer you up in life and sex is one of it. Happy sex can divert your focus to happy things, it doesn't worth to think about the sad things. You have to focus on the good things that can make you live your life better, something that can help you to go through the bad times and even make you happier in the morning when you wake up. Sex can be one of the thing. Happy sex can make you feel sweet, love and care. Sex can help to restore the intimate relationship you have and make your relationship close again.