Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Types of penis sizes

Who else wants to find out what their current penis size is considered, what size women prefer most, and also which type of male enhancement will work the most effective for getting a bigger penis if you currently have a size you are not comfortable with? Do you? Alright, well free up a little bit of time from your day and read this article here to discover what your size is considered to be, what most women want, and what you can do to grow bigger if you are currently at a size you don't like!

First, Let's Talk About Their Different Sizes:
1.) Fully erected to 4 – 4.5 inches = very small.
2.) Fully erected to 5 – 5.5 inches = small.
3.) Fully erected to 6 – 6.5 inches = average.
4.) Fully erected to 7 – 7.5 inches = large.
5.) Fully erected to 8 - 9 inches = very large.

Anything above 9 inches is considered HUGE! Speaking of which, a size above 9 inches is something that scares most women off. Most women DO NOT prefer a penis size of that astronomical measurement! She wants to feel pleasure, not pain!

The Size That Most Women Prefer:

The size and penis structure the most ladies prefer (according to many research studies) is a penis that falls into category #4 above (7 -7.5 inches) and class #5 above (8 - 9 inches). It also has to be dense, rock-hard, it has to have large penis head, and it has to look appealing to her (which means no banana shape curve and it should have a muscular look to it with veins). Also, women do not just prefer a larger penis; they also prefer a man who knows how to use that massive penis size in bed, a man who can lasting longer in bed, and a man who can shoot (not squirt) a load.

That is what many women want, and unfortunately, most of us men DO NOT have. Some of us have 7 inch and higher erections already, but many do not have the FULL package (firmness, attractive penis, lasting longer with sex, powerful ejaculation, etc.). Most of us men fall short of just about everything that most women prefer! And that now leads me to the next topic of discussion.

What Works Best To Increase Size And Get Full Male Enhancement:
Your penis erection is made up chambers, muscles, ligaments, and blood flow. All these things must be naturally improved to get an adequate male enhancement. Please read what I just said precisely: ALL THESE THINGS must be naturally improved! Not just one thing. And this instantly rules out using pills, enlargement tools, and going in for surgery! And that's because those methods are unnatural, ineffective, and in most cases, extremely dangerous.

Your penis responds the same way your body responds when you want to get bigger muscles: Through consistent, natural, and effective exercise routines, you gain larger and stronger muscles, and the same goes for getting a bigger penis plus earning other benefits!

Penis exercises is the most practical way for not just harder erection penis (no matter what your current size is), but to also improve all areas of your manhood (how long you last with sex, how powerful you shoot your load, the attractiveness of your penis, the firmness of your erection, how big you are when flaccid, and more) lol.

This method works by naturally stimulating all the key areas of your penis through massaging and stretching techniques. These exercising techniques are medically approved and backed by science. They are designed to expand the chambers of your penis to hold more blood when you become erected, they naturally help speed up blood flow, and they naturally strengthen the PC muscle (which is what will help you last longer in bed and have an intense orgasm).

Bottom line, as you can see from above, the best size to be is anywhere from 7-9 inches. BUT, it also is important to have the FULL package since that is what turns most women on. What's the point of going through with this you ask? Well, what will it do for you to be able to cause your significant other to be the one who initiates intercourse for a change (lol), to get turned on just by the sight of your penis, and to have MULTIPLE screaming orgasms every time.