Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guys Love Sexy Girls

Men and women always think differently, and they have totally different opinion about sexy. You will be surprise to find that lots of guys definition about sexy. Lets get into some of the facts here. Guys love your little tummy! Girls, you have spend so much time on diet and exercises to keep your abs firm. But there are thousands and millions of men like girls with tummy! They think the tummy is sexy and they feel good when they hug it.
Guys love your uncommon interest! Ya, sure it's good that both of you have some common interest. What about different interest? Guys think girls are sexy when girls have their own knowledge that guys totally don't understand. These uncommon interest make ya look more sophisticated, cuter, sexier, and more extra topic that you can talk about!
Guys Love the sexy legs. Okay, I think we agree with this without debate. Take good care of your legs and they will make the men crazy for you, research shows that sexy legs can make the men desire for sex in a glance.
Guys love your style. You have your own taste, you don't need to follow everything out there. Make your own style, they guys may love it even it makes you look clumsy. Some of the guys just think that it's cute.
Guys love the way you smell. Some of the guys like the way you smell while you come out from shower, some likes the shampoo, some likes the perfume. A guy mention that the smell is his Viagra, Cialis or Levitra! It's the sex drug for him. Find out the best smell for your own and the guys will mad for you.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reasons to have New Year Sex

The Reasons to have sex on new year! Why? It's holiday! I'm sure you have your holiday during new year, if you can't have sex on New Year, I bet you won't have time to have sex during normal time. Holiday sure give you more time and space to enjoy your sex with your partner, and it's more relax than any time. You and your partner can be more focus in your sex and have the orgasm easily.
The atmosphere. The whole world is celebrating, and the feeling of having sex is better. Everywhere you go, the restaurant, church, malls, shops, even the radio is making you feel like celebrating now. So celebrate your holiday and New Year by having sex, this is very hot, especially you are in the country that have winter. Perhaps sex can keep you warm. You have no place to go, everywhere is snowing, you are lazy to go out. What's the best activity you can do at home together with your partner? Ya, sex! Have a hot sex as well!
The parties, shows, music! If you still can't feel of having sex, the partise, shows sure can help to boost your libido. After having some beers, the sexy girls in the parties sure give you some horny feeling. And this will give you the mood of enjoy your sex with your partner at home