Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sex tips to boost her desire

These are some advise from the female, so you may just try it and see whether it apply to your partner. Women likes foreplay so this is something that you need to work it out, don't rush to sex, since guys don't actually last long during sex why not spend some time to enjoy her body. Do some caress, massage, kissing, licking, touching and others can create a very sensual foreplay before you go into sex. Some women even enjoy this more than the real sex when you penetrate her, so you know how to satisfy her even you don't have a large penis with you. They suggest that you may try to place her arms behind her head, this makes them feel that you're in charge, and they may like this, this makes them horny. Beware if she have encounter some violent experience previously, this may make her feel uncomfortable. The strength that you apply should be firm but not too strong, you have to adjust it properly according to her needs. This move here is good for sex when you use missionary and also during foreplay. There is another move here that the girls suggest that it will turn them on easily, it's slipping your hand in her hair. Trace the hair line and gently apply some pressure on her head, again, comfortable strength but not too relax as you don't want her to fall asleep after this. Don't do this too long so that she won't fall in to sleep. And another tips to boost her desire, this is the easy one and definitely you will like it. Compliment and sweet talk! There are tons of things that you can tell her, remember in a very soft tone, make it sexy. Tell her how much you like about her sexy body, lips or breast, and you like her move, oral sex for you and so on. Make her feel that you appreciate her body and what she did for you. These tips here can help you to have better sex with your partner and they will feel so much better when they know you take the effort to help them orgasm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sex tips for her

When you are thinking of how to pleasure your man and want him to enjoy sex between you, remember one thing, it's easy to do so. Guys are always easy to turn on, but you have to satisfied their eyes and know how to seduce them. So how can you do that? Men doesn't need foreplay, but they something to turn them on, they may have a bad day at work, and a sexy lingerie in you will make his day. Guys always enjoy to see their women satisfy themselves, masturbate in front of him and let him know that you want to have sex with him. Don't be shy to do so as men like it a lot, and they feel so good when the woman is taking initiative to make the sex better. Make the sex fun and it will be a wonderful sex. Try to surprise your man with the lingerie while he step into the house, this will give him a very big surprise. When you are making love, don't just lie on the bed, there are a lot of things that you can do to make sex more fun and explosive. We will come into detail next time. We always talk about communication in relationship, sex as well. Give him some hints or guide during sex that can make you orgasm or making you feel better. If you don't want to make it too obvious, try to hint him or just encourage him when he is on the right track.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ask her how she wants her orgasm

Yes, you have to ask her how she likes to be stimulate and play with. You have to ask her and tell her that you care for her orgasm as well. Most of the guys have no problem for orgasm but for girls, it's one out of three women have experience orgasm. The rest? Yes, they haven't experience orgasm before. I think you care for your partner's sex life, right? I don't think you want her to look for others for her sexual satisfaction. It may lead to other problems if your partner's sex life is not satisfy. You like to see her masturbate in front of you? I think most of the guys like that and she may feel shy to do so, tell her how much you like it and you may see how she play with herself. Your penis is not suitable for her? How can you solve this problem? By using different sex position. Say if you have a short penis, you can bend her leg up to her chest in missionary, this position can help you to touch her g spot more easily. If the penis is thin, this may affect her to feel the fullness while penetrate. You may use those sex position that both her leg stick together and you penetrate from outside, like doggy style. If you have a large one, then you may ask her to be on top of you so that she can control the way she feel comfortable. Most of the women feel shy when they are making love with their love one, and they may not want to risk the relationship by being too wild or shy to tell you what they want. But for guys, they want their women to be a wild cat during sex. Have you tell her about that? If you don't even tell her this then you won't able to tell her about your sexual fantasy. Communicate with her then only your sex life will be more explosive.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sex pill isn't the answer for all erectile dysfunction issue

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, sex pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Activ Homme, Maxman, A1Satibo, Extenze are not the answer to it. You should find the cause that create this erectile dysfunction effect. Problems like unemployment, stress in the job can lead to low self esteem with the men, and this will lead to erectile dysfunction. And problems here may create problem in your relationship thus make ED a bigger problem in your relationship. Doctor suggest a medical therapy that combines erectile dysfunction pills and good relationship may have better result.
Study shows that when sexual relationship between husband and wife gone bad, their relationship are bad as well. They may love each other but they lost the interest to have sex with each other. Both parties are responsible for this and need to take some effort to improve sexual relationship. Research also shows that among the men who suffer erectile dysfunction, 50% of their wives suffer sexual dysfunction as well. Low frequency of sexual intercourse will lead them to sexual dysfunction as well. A good quality of sexual relationship will improve the relationship and less fight in the partners, their overall life will tend to improve as well. There are no way that the sex pills can improve your sexual relationship so you have to work it out with your partner. It can give you a hard penis, and that's all. Check out the post here to find out how to improve your sexual relationship and make it more interesting. Communication is important to improve your sex life.

Romance and sex

Girls do like sex but not as much as you guys do. So on and off we have to do something that help her to get into the mood for sex. There are a lot of things that you can do to create little romance, and the romance that you make can pay back to you fast, in the way you want it, sex. When you are in a long term relationship, romance can always lube up your life not only in sex but in a lot of aspect. Simple as a dinner with candle, if this is what she likes, or maybe she miss the fish and chips on the harbour. Use your imagination and creativity to make your date fun and romantic.

Holiday, holiday does equal to good sex. No way that guys won't have sex during holiday, when you're in your holiday, the getaway from routine life is already a big relax. When you check in to the hotel in a totally new and clean room, no worry about your kids or house work, she is already in the mood for sex, order wine or champagne can make your night mind blowing.

Argument can lead to good sex? Yes, it is, but post argument. We are not asking you to create a fight here, but take the chance of having great sex after an argument. After the cold and furious fight, the sex will tend to be more explosive than usual as you feel relief that it's over and you will want to make it up to your partner. You guys will need a good make up sex to fix the relationship.

If you like hot and mind blowing sex, don't forget about those little dates that your women cares about. Anniversaries of your marriage, first date, first child or even first sex. Remember it and you will be rewarded. Romance may not be equal to sex, but it can always lead to good sex, waste some time and effort to do it and you will know it's worth to do so.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The All Night Long Sex

We will discuss the things that you may want to do for having sex all night long. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare before having sex all night long, you may think of your penis enhancement pill like A1Satibo, Activ Homme, Extenze2u, Maxman, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. But have you think about any snack that can refill your energy in between those sex session? Take something that is light, not too heavy, we would like to suggest you chocolate, whipped cream, banana, strawberry, cookies and so on. Most of these foods can make you having fun during sex as well, sure you like the idea of having banana or chocolate on her body, right? If you are going to make her or yourself a chocolate dessert, prepare some canvas, something small that is easy to prepare at home like yoga mat is easy to clean. After this you may go to shower together, help her to soap up, give her a sensual massage in the shower. Do get naughty during the shower. What to do after shower? Get a DVD. A porn DVD is the best, this may turn her on in no time and you may start your job directly as the porn video have help you for the foreplay. If she wants to orgasm while watching video, you may want to stop her for doing so. Ask her to do a show for you, you may enjoy and take the time rest as well. It's important to find the time to rest in between so that you can erect hard again. Try to use some sex position that won't use up a lot of your energy, so that you can keep it for the next session. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clitoral Stimulating Technique - The Ultimate Orgasm Technique

We have discuss about clitoral in many of our post, it's not a secret that clitoral may help you to give her the orgasm. But there may be some questions like how do we stimulate her clitoral, is licking and fingering enough? How do we stimulate her but not bringing her pain or numb with the clitoral? And learn the technique so that you can Rock Her World.

The oral stimulation, before you start licking her clitoral, give her some foreplay like usual but avoid the clitoral and vagina part. When she starts to moan, then only go down to her clitoris and start your oral stimulation. Lick her clitoris gently and quickly, vary your direction each time and pausing each flick of your tongue. Remember the 10 and 2 o'clock position of her clitoris? Go into it when she is going to orgasm. There is another part of her clitoris can make her go wild, go beneath her clitoris. And what do you do with it? Slide it upward with soft stroke, repeat it slow and steadily. The secret is maintain it at a gentle and deliberately stroke even she wants a harder one. Each stroke should be individual, it should break contact with each stroke. When she is going to orgasm then only your tongue will lick continuously without breaking contact.

Manual stimulation. It's the finger stimulation that we normally do. There is a position that is very convenient for your finger to stimulate her clitoris continuously. First you may start this by giving her a sensual massage on her back, butt. Then slide behind her, stick to her butt with your chest and your finger can run around her sensitive part freely. Start by giving her some sexy circle, gently. Then you may try side to side or diagonal stroke. If you need some lubricants to oil up your hand, you can get it easily at your fingertip. You may penetrate her vagina with your finger to give her another big orgasm, but the main part here is not her vagina, it's her clitoris. Use your thumb to massage her clitoris while giving her some penetration. With this technique, you can give her multiple orgasm without even using your penis. You can do this all night long, right? And we will share more about all night long sex in the next post.