Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, April 1, 2013

Better Sexual Relationship with Trust

When talking about how to start a sexual relationship with girls, what we have in mind is how do we seduce her or lure her into bedroom. I think there are some articles here to discuss about better sexual relationship thing, well today we look it from the other perspective, not talking about having good sex technique for better sex. Not talking about the seducing part, that's the playboy style, why not today we do it with the good guy method. How you open up her heart and gain her trust to make her feel comfortable to have sex with you. If you are not able to open up her heart how are you going to get her having sex with you without hesitation?

When you are able to open up her heart, then she is more willing to share her things with you. When you are trying to gain her trust, you are not doing all the talking only but may lead the conversation to let her to express herself more. This is the way for you to get to know her more. Let her know that you can be there for her all the time and you are her best friend. Don't get caught in the middle and going directly into her friend zone, you may not be able to get out from it then. How do you do that? Don't reveal yourself fully, keep some mystery feel between both of you. A little mystery may lead to a better sexual relationship at the start. When you reveal too much about yourself, you may let her feel that you are too easy to handle, so it's better that you know how to make things interesting and maintain some mystery about yourself.

During the conversation, you may let her feel that you have some sexual desire of feel with her, implied. You have to take some risk here as you may not knowing her well, But it's ok to have some kind of trial and error, if you are not taking any risk, you may let her feel that you are too boring, let her feel some excitement.  After all, you want to make good love to her and not only a friend, you have nothing much to loss right. Who knows that she may have the same thought as you? If she is thinking the same thing then you may get what you want immediately.