Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to turn her on?

You want sex, don't you? Well if you want that then you have to know how to turn her on. The foreplay, you know it, it helps but it's different you know, it's something that you do to make her want to have sex before going to foreplay. Foreplay may be a natural sexual enhancement for you, but turning her on is the trigger, the key to sex. There is a wing girl dating tips online that list it down for you, and I guess you won't actually realised that it's something that can turn her on. One of the girls said that playing with her hair does turn her on, you sure?

And some of the technique they said is common for us, since we have shared so much of the method here. Like kissing her ears, neck once or twice can turn her on, it depends on your partner, it may be a huge turn on. They also suggest us to ask your partner, you may do this some of the time, but sometime you can learn online and give them some surprise. As we always discuss here, girls don't get to turn on immediately, you have to warm them up for it.

No.1 thing, clear her mind, if she feels comfortable to be with you and enjoy the moment, then you are on the right track. That's all? This is just the first step, if your partner have no problem enjoying love making on the beach, it's a romantic place to start with. If you are having a date with her, you may try to tease her in the public. By the time you reach your place or hers, she will push you onto her bed immediately. Well you can learn the methods in the video. Enjoy your day.

Check the video here

Monday, October 1, 2012

Where to pick up a girl

Like usual, I browse through Yahoo for some articles to read. There are some really good news and information we can learn. I came across this article that analyse the place that you can get to know girls and where is the best place to flirt with them. For example, do you know that gym is actually not a really good place to flirt with girls? Well, I think unless you look very good or the girl is waiting for someone to flirt with else it is not a place suitable to flirt with them. Why? I'm really surprise with the experiment result, because I always thought that gym is one of the best place to flirt. The writer looks good, according to his article, so it should be an easy task for him to flirt with girls. But according to his article, gym is not a good place and the chance for you to start a conversation is not much as most of them are focus in their workout and they may listen to their own mp3 during it.

Have you ever try to pick up girls at Starbucks? I do not have any experience in it, so I can't advise you much. Well this is not a place that I will pick up a girl as I have no idea how to approach them at the first place unless I look like Brad Pitt. Well the author does have his own way of doing it but the result is not good as well. So how did he do it? Well there are 2 ways he found that it's good to approach them to start conversation, the sugar counter or at the line. This does give me the idea of how to approach girls on a broad day light. It's not hard to approach them in the club, this is new for me.

You may check the article here. Discover the other place that is good for you to flirt with girls. These suggestions are quite good, not sure they are suitable for you but it's a good place for you to learn the basic idea to flirt with girls. Good luck mate.