Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is Sex Only A Pleasure For Men?

For many, sex is just a pleasure. They feel that it gives you some enjoyment and then relaxation. That’s all about sex. However, studies and experience both says that sex is not only about getting pleasure but much more than that. For adults making love is good for health and their different body parts and making love on regular basis is even better. Having a good sex with your partner will not only allow to a sound sleep, but would also burn calories. Apart from these basic reasons there are many other reasons why one should have sex

Improves cardiovascular health
Proper sex improves your cardiovascular muscles and hence, a recent study states that those men who have sex at least twice a week are less prone to a heart attack than those who have it only once a month.

Increases immunity
When you make love regularly then the level of immunoglobulin A-the immune boosting antibody, increases. Thus the immunity of your body too increases and you become stronger against common illness like fever, cold and cough.

Relieves pain 
Many people make excuses that they are having headache, in order to avoid sex. Having sex would rather help your body in reducing the pain as when you are having intense orgasm, the level of oxytocin, a hormone increases by about five times. It helps in reduction of aches and pains.

Reduces stress 
Stress has become a part of human life and everybody is stressed. However, spending some quality time with your partner in the bed would help you reduce stress and live a better life. Having sex with your partner not only boost up your spirit but also improves your mood, thus reducing the level of stress. You can handle stress more confidently and be a happy person.

Promotes longevity
During orgasm, a hormone named dehydroepiandrosterone is released by the body. This hormone mainly improves the immunity, repairs different tissues and keeps the skin healthy. Thus, it is found that men having orgasm twice a week lives longer than men who have orgasm rarely. Thus, those men who want to live healthier and for longer period must have orgasm at least twice a week.

Increases blood circulation
When you are busy playing with your mate. Your heart operates faster. As your heart rate is increased you supply more fresh blood to your different organs and cells. Thus, with removal of used blood different toxins from your body too is removed. Hence, you would feel more rejuvenated after having good sex.

Improves overall fitness 
When you sleep just after having sex you feel much better and the sleep too is a relaxed one. Waking up from this kind of sleep keeps your body fit and healthy and you can make out full from the day. Moreover, regular sex burns around 80 calories thus having sex would let you stay fit and maintain your figure.

Thus, it cannot be said that sex is just a pleasure for men. With proper sex, a man can live a better sex life

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to really enjoy sex?

Many people are wondering why sex can’t be less complicated. The truth is that sex can be less complicated if our mind doesn’t interfere with our body and wants to control our body. Most of the people (especially in modern times) are used to believe in their thoughts and judgments and completely ignore the messages that come from their bodies. All the major institutions used for socialization like schools, companies, religious institutions and even families are preaching how we should control our drives because that’s the only way to stay out of trouble, to be respected and valued.

As we grow older, the mind starts to perform another type of control. We are starting to figure out that we should not do things that might offend or disturb anyone else. We start to behave in a way that we always try to get other people’s approval. By the time someone gets ready for his or her first sexual experience the things might get very complicated in the area of sexual relationships. You have managed to master few strategies in order to control your thoughts and manipulate the opinions and feelings of the other people. This is certainly a situation that doesn’t promise having good sex.

Being worried is one of the reasons of having bad sex. People tend to worry about everything. But the truth is that most of those worries are useless and they prevent us to reach our intimacy. Don’t let these worries control your life and block the ability to share intimate experiences with your partner.
A good sex is not just regular sex. In many cases couples consider sex as some kind of routine that must be finished a couple of times a week. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that but this is not a definition of good sex. Bringing intense emotions in the sexual relationship from time to time can mean a lot because it will deepen the relationship in general.

Good sex is a pleasant and fun experience for both partners. In those cases partners just feel the bond between them. Good sex usually doesn’t happen automatically and it’s rather a process of learning. Good sex requires few things like knowledge, skills, patience, time and practice.

A lot of people pay attention to certain techniques but good sex is linked with presence. A man or a woman that knows all the sexual techniques won’t satisfy your needs if it isn’t honest and open about his or her feelings. The techniques can be considered to be forms of intimate communication.

When we talk about sex, we usually like to compare our sex life with the sex lives of the people we know. We often get the feeling that everyone else have better sex life than we do and that they have sex more frequently. Remember that frequency doesn’t mean good sex. Would you rather have unexciting sex each night or great sex once or twice a week?

Sex is one of the greatest gifts of live, believe in yourself, believe in your partner and always talk and practice new things in your sex life. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sex after a Stroke

Sexuality is really different after a stroke. There are some consequences and those who want to experience normal life after a stroke should be aware of them.

Strokes are responsible for over 15% of deaths in developed countries and the numbers are higher in undeveloped countries. 3 out of 10 patients that have experienced a stroke have permanent consequences although most of them don’t need help with their everyday activities. Around 20% of these patients need help with at least one daily activity and some of them need institutional help. More severe cases of stroke leave patients with severe disabilities.

Stroke (cerebrovascular accident (CVA)) is a disease that dramatically impacts the life of those who are suffering from it and also the lives of the people that leave with that person. In some cases it can destroy the balance between the partners that existed before. A stroke usually affects the walking, senses, emotional life and even mutual understanding between partners. All these things can significantly affect the sexual life.

When it comes to stroke and erectile dysfunction, nearly 8 in 10 men experience them but the good thing is that they usually disappear after few months (without any special treatment for sexual dysfunction). However, many couples have difficulties in their bed years after the stroke occurred. A special kind of problems can be caused by urinal difficulties that usually appear after a stroke.  Psychological factors such as low self-esteem can also impact the sex life and they are often caused by antidepressant intake. Sexuality and relationship with the partner can cause emotional difficulties and behavioral changes like apathy, explosiveness etc. Many people fear that being sexually active again could lead to another stroke and that’s why they avoid sexual intercourse. These fears are not based on facts and they are just irrational. In some cases partners have to find another way of communication. This is a factor that can really complicate sexuality after stroke because some people have difficulties to speak and even understand other people.

Stroke can hit different regions of the brain. In some cases, it may damage the area of sexuality. Stroke can also affect the hypothalamus, region of the brain that is managing the actions of the hormones. In rare cases this damage can lead to a reverse process where the stroke sufferer has increased sexual desire and it can even lead to unusual/inappropriate sexual behavior.

The biggest problem is the rejection of the current situation and a strong desire to return in the time before the stroke happened. By accepting the current situation, patients can have faster progress in their life. The fear that the stroke sufferer will be rejected by his or her partner is strong but the truth is that the other partner can more easily accept the physical changes compared to the psychological changes.

In some cases there is a link between pregnancy and stroke. Stroke can be a result of taking birth control pills. Women during pregnancy are facing three times higher risk of stroke. However this last claim is rejected by some researchers and this is an area that still needs to be explored. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Should people shave the pubic hair area?

Smooth and aesthetically good looking or natural looking…there are many reasons why we should or should not shave the pubic hair.

There are many reasons why men and women practice intimate shaving, but they are usually aesthetic in their core. Modern adult movies promote girls and guys that are clean-shaved and this is currently accepted as an ideal in our society when it comes to intimate beauty. Nowadays, if someone says that he likes a natural look in adult women; other people consider that man to be fetishist or stuck in the 70s. This trend of shaving has influenced women of all ages. Even sexually inactive teenagers do it under the influence of their surroundings. Pubic hair was once considered to be a sign of maturity and today every woman is trying to get rid of this unwanted hair.

In the recent years we are witnessing another trend that never existed – men shaving their pubic hair area. The reason behind this shaving goes deeper than their partner’s wishes. Men have few reasons why they think shaving pubic hair area is acceptable or non-acceptable. Some of them avoid shaving because they consider this type of shaving to be feminine and consider those who shave their pubic hair to be less masculine. Another category of men shave their intimate area because they think that they can visually increase the length of their manhood. This is partially true and according to some studies, this type of shaving visually increases the appearance of the penis for around 0.8 inches. Men are really different from women because they usually don’t speak about their intimate area with other men, so rarely any man can comment the appearance of some other man’s penis or testicles.

Men and women in many cases consider shaving of pubic hair to be more hygienic. This judgment is usually based on the feeling that the smell that comes from this area is more intense when the hair is not removed. But the truth is that the hygiene doesn’t depend on shaving or not shaving, it depends on showering and cleaning. In fact, the hair around our genitals has a buffer role – they don’t allow direct contact between the underwear and our skin and this is a really important thing. There are many dangerous substances, potential allergens and other unknown substances that are part of the underwear and they can cause a lot of troubles with our sensitive skin and our reproductive system in general. After all, if this pubic hair doesn’t have any function, evolution would have eliminated them a long time ago. The scent that comes from our intimate area is a mixture of pheromones and they cannot be compared with any artificial smell.

There are some objective reasons why we should shave the pubic hair, like having more enjoyable oral sex. However, this reason has another side. For example, massaging your forehead and your scalp don’t provide the same feeling. It’s the hair that makes the scalp massage more intensive and more pleasant. The same thing applies for oral sex.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Health Problems in Uncircumcised Men

Although being uncircumcised can bring many advantages there are few problems that can cause some problems in uncircumcised men.

Uncircumcised men or improperly circumcised men actually suffer from two known problems linked with the foreskin of the penis. The first one is phimosis. This is a really unpleasant situation when the foreskin can’t be placed back on the glans penis. This is happening because the foreskin has tightened (in some cases it is swollen) the area just under the glans penis and cannot be placed back. This situation can be very dangerous because not only the glans penis remains unprotected but it also affects the blood flow because the foreskin is usually tightened and disrupts the blood flow. 

Phimosis usually occurs in younger boys and in most cases it is treated with minor surgical procedure. This procedure should be performed while the boy is still young because it is less unpleasant at that age. Long-term phimosis can cause painful masturbation and sexual intercourse as well as limited erection. Phimosis can be caused by many things but most often it’s caused by poor hygiene or previous damages of the foreskin.

The second problem that can appear in uncircumcised men is paraphimosis. Paraphimosis is a term used to describe a situation where the foreskin cannot remain on the glans penis for a longer period. This problem often happens in men who have improperly circumcised penis, frequent use of a catheter in the urethra or practicing some unconventional sexual techniques.

There are symptoms that can indicate that you or your child is having a problem with phimosis and these symptoms include: trouble with urination, blood in the urine, pain in the penis and pain during urination. The same symptoms can be noticed in paraphimosis but the pain is even greater and more intensive. You can also notice change of colors on the back of the glans penis. The reason behind this change of color is the weak blood flow in that area.

As we’ve said these two medical conditions can be solved with a surgery but there are few other things that you can do. Phimosis usually doesn’t require professional medical help but if it isn’t treated in the right way it can lead to paraphimosis. If you can’t find a way to get back your foreskin on the glans pens request medical help. Doctors usually have instruments that can expand the foreskin and get it back where it should be. Cold compress can be very helpful when it comes to paraphimosis because it will make th skin more resistant so the patient can forcefully place the foreskin on the glans penis. If all these things are not helpful the patient has to be prepared for a surgical intervention performed with local anesthesia.

There is no exact advice about how uncircumcised men should protect themselves from these conditions. However, keeping the intimate hygiene on a high level by using lukewarm water and pH neutral soap is definitely helpful.

Monday, June 16, 2014

How can sex improve your health and extend your lifespan?

Sexuality is a topic that is in the focus of many scientists for many years and in the past few decades we’ve found a lot more about sex and sexuality that we have known throughout our whole history. These researches have confirmed one thing that was believed to be true for many centuries – sex is very healthy. Regular sexual intercourses strengthen muscles, reduce the possibility of heart attack, improve blood flow etc. Regular sexual intercourses also act as analgesics and anti-depressants, promote relaxation and have positive impacts on our overall appearance and condition.

According to some experts sex can extend our lifespan up to ten years. There is no doubt that sexually inactive people die long before those who practice sex regularly. The risk of sudden death is as twice as lower in people that have experienced orgasms at least two times a week compared to those who have experienced orgasms twice in a year. People who can manage to achieve at least one hundred orgasms per year can expect extension of their lifespan of up to eight years and reduce the mortality risk for 50%. These numbers are really impressive and most importantly proven by experts.

As you probably know, when you practice sex, the brain releases large quantities of endorphin (so-called “hormone of happiness”). This hormone reduces stress levels and boosts mood. Another hormone that is released during sex is oxytocin. Right before the intense orgasm, we have five times more oxytocin in our body and this leads to release of endorphin. These hormones are known to help with headaches, migraines, arthritis etc. The benefits of sex are not felt only during the sex. Sexual intercourses strengthen the bond between partners, improve self-confidence, and encourage positive thinking and optimism. Regular sex can also improve your sleeping habits.

Sex is just like sport or some other physical activity because we spend a lot of energy while doing it. According to some studies people burn more than 400 calories during one sexual intercourse. You can easily compare this with some physical activity like running for one hour. Sex activates all our muscles and it is especially useful for the gluteal muscles, pelvis, thigh and abdominal muscles. Instead of going to a gym every day you can skip a session and have sex. A woman’s body produces two times estrogen during sex which leads to synthesis of collagen. Collagen is very useful when it comes to skin and hair quality. Sexual intercourse also causes increased secretion of pheromones that subconsciously attracts the opposite sex. In this way you will look more attractive and you will boost your self-confidence.

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. During sex, the heartbeat rapidly increases (in some cases this rate is even doubled). This means that sex is good cardio training. If you manage to have sex two or three times in a week you will halve the possibility of a heart attack.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Genital Piercing and Sexual Activity

Genital piercing is safe only if it is performed by experienced experts in this field. Piercing is a form of body decoration with specific earrings placed on a pierced part on our body. In most cases people use this type of decoration on their ears, some of them use it on their lips, tongues, noses, eyebrows or navels while the bravest use piercing on their nipples, penis, clitoris or scrotum. The last method is known as genital piercing and there are few things that every person that has or is preparing to have genital piercing should know.

Keep in mind that piercing is actually a form of surgical procedure. You are going to create a hole on your skin. That’s why you should take this procedure more seriously. Before the procedure takes place, explore the professional piercers in your area, ask for recommendation and don’t choose one in a rush. You should find a real professional that knows this job in order to get the best results. Inside the studio you can see the state of the hygiene, the equipment and the professionalism of the piercer. Always choose jewelry made of quality material (preferably steel, gold, titanium, platinum etc.) because many other materials can often cause allergies and this is very uncomfortable especially for the genital zone.

Once the procedure is over you will have to face the healing period. The healing period is different and it depends on few factors like the type of piercing and the overall health of the person. Usually it takes one to six months for the place to be completely healed. During this period you will need to take special care about this place like regular disinfection with some suitable products that don’t contain alcohol or petroleum. Always use anti-bacterial soap or sterile salt mixture in order to clean the piercing (at least twice a day). In cases of genital piercing you will also have to be prepared to take a break from sexual activity for a certain period of time. In cases of penile piercing you must use condoms for an extended period of time and you must find durable and strong condoms that can absorb the pressure. Having sex without taking these measures can lead to serious infections. Another thing that you should avoid is touching the jewelry. If you move it or pull it frequently you are slowing down the healing process and you can potentially cause an infection. Do not change the jewelry too often and never exchange jewelry with others.

Mild redness and some swollen areas are very normal when it comes to genital piercing but if these symptoms don’t change over time it means that you are suffering from some infection. The best thing to do is to visit your doctor. If you visit your doctor on time the infection won’t cause any serious trouble to your health. Finally, if you are experiencing prolonged bleeding (for more than 3 minutes) caused by piercing you should immediately go to a doctor.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to take care of your private parts while on vacation?

People make a lot of preparations before they go on a summer vacation. They often bring all kinds of items and in many cases many of those items are completely unnecessary. But what most of them forget is that we should take care of our sexual health and private parts before and while we are on vacation. 

Those who are planning to go in some hot areas should be especially careful because most popular tourist destinations usually have ideal climate for bacteria procreation which can result in some serious infections. That’s why before you go on a summer vacation you should make a well organized plan for intimate hygiene that will protect you from your long, hot journey.
First and foremost check your underwear. Manufacturers today produce underwear made of different materials (some of them are natural and some are artificial). If you are planning to go in some place where the weather is hot then the best option is to wear underwear made of cotton. 

Unlike underwear made of synthetic material, cotton underwear has strong anti-bacterial properties. They tend to soak the sweat which occurs because of the hot weather. Remember to change your underwear regularly. Changing your underwear once a day is a good routine. In this way you can be sure that you are providing ideal amount of freshness and cleanness for your private parts. If you are used to wear daily pantiliners should take a break from them at least while they are on vacation. They are made of synthetic material and no matter how good air flow they provide they are still potentially dangerous for the skin in your vaginal area.

Products for intimate hygiene are very important for sexual health and that’s why they should be part of the necessary items in your bag. Make sure you buy some wipes for intimate hygiene. Thanks to these wipes you can freshen up your private parts especially if the trip is long or in case you are on some excursion where there is no access to water. Depending on your skin type choose wipes with suitable pH levels. These wipes are not suitable for children. Because of the change of climate, environment and water occurrence of fungal or other infections is very probable so take a shampoo for intimate hygiene. These shampoos are very helpful and once again make sure you buy one with appropriate pH level. Besides these medical products you can also make your own home remedy by using sugar-free yoghurt. You can apply this yoghurt on your private parts and keep it for a while. This remedy is highly efficient against fungus.   

If you are planning to stay longer then you will certainly experience a menstrual period while on vacation. Carrying tampons and pantiliners is a must. Of course you can find these items in most stores around the world but it is always good to be cautious.

Finally, if you are going on your summer vacation without a partner, try to avoid sexual intercourses with strangers. But if you still want to do that, make sure that you practice safe sex.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Importance of Safe Sex

A lot of people think that safe sex means using a condom during the sexual intercourse, but the truth is that this term is much broader.

When someone mentions safe sex or sex by using protection, the first thing that crosses our minds is sex where we use proper protection in order to avoid getting some sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea etc. In most cases this protection is usually mechanical, which means primarily using male or female condom that physically prevents contact between the mucosa and bodily fluids that are secreted during the sexual intercourse and which can ultimately lead to various infections and diseases. However, safe sex can also mean sexual intercourse that we don’t to result in unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, the protection that we use in this case does not always protect us from sexually transmitted diseases. There are of course methods that can protect us from both situations (unwanted pregnancy and STDs) like condoms for example. Coituis interruptus (pull out method) is a method where the man pulls out the penis from the vagina right before he reaches orgasm and this method is of course not effective against sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the most dangerous STD today is HIV, the main cause of AIDS. If we want to protect ourselves from this incurable virus we should always use condom during the sexual intercourse, especially when it comes to vaginal sex. HIV is “transferred” to the other partner when the mucosa gets in contact with bodily fluids although this is not the only way to get this virus. HIV can also be transmitted via blood contact too, so avoiding rough sex that can lead to small bruises and wounds is always a good idea. The risk of infection is a little bit greater when it comes to anal sex. Anal tissue is very sensitive and it is prone to ruptures and bruises making it much easier for the virus to enter the body. This situation can be avoided by using condoms. People usually use lubricants when they have anal sex so it is important to remember to avoid lubricants based on oil because they can damage the condoms. There are many lubricants based on water that are perfectly safe. STDs can be transmitted by oral sex too, although the risk is lower it is recommended to use a condom when having oral sex too especially with partners that we don’t know that well.

Sex that involves penetration (vaginal or anal) is always risky. That’s why you can choose some safer types of sex where penetration can be avoided. The risk of getting a disease in some types of sex is minimal or even nonexistent. Masturbation, for example, is the safest type of sex at least when we are talking about satisfying ourselves. The risk is still present if we are practicing mutual masturbation. You can also practice phone or cyber sex where the sex is actually virtual and there is no risk of STDs. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sexual health and Sexual Enhancement

As men age, it is normal for most of us to suffer from decreased presentation in the bedroom, especially when you compare your prowess to when you were aged 21 years. It is quite obvious that many men start feeling insecure and get distressed by the changes.

That said however; it is only wise to not that this is a natural reason which adds to a reduction in natural blood movement when we are at the arousal stage and it shouldn’t be perceived to be an attack to our manhood.

As we age (men), our natural blood flow throughout stimulation is no-longer bountiful as it was when we were younger, this means, longer, steadier erections are a little less frequent that it was before and this causes quite the distress for the chap and his lovely partner.

Natural causes alongside other contributors leading to decreased blood flow includes:
·         Lack of continuous exercising
·         Smoking
·         Poor Nutrition
These are factors that can kick in even before one reaches the age of 30. Many men that are falling in this bracket are now in pursuit of sexual enhancement (natural) products.

Possible Sexual Enhancement Options

There are plenty of herbal sexual enhancer sex pill which are present in the market and have proven themselves to be some of the greatest boosters for sexual health of countless males. That said however, appropriate exploration in every option needs to be undertaken so that the best creation or guidance gets selected.

The Psychological Method: Music, massages, aromatherapy; these are all psychological aspects which promote relaxation and keep stress at a minimum. Other great ideas include the introduction of role-playing, movies and sex toys.
Well, for now they might seem as cliché ideas that have been popularized by television and ideas that have been watered down to many times, but perhaps some of the best options that are worth trying. They have worked for many men, why not you?

Medical Sexual Enhancement Options: Human growth Hormone also labelled as HGH, are injections that are popularly used for purposes of enhancing sexual desire, duration of erection and enhancing one’s performance.
A word of caution though; as much as this method of usage has confirmed its effectiveness, at times it is not the best option for you as it might elicit distinguished effects.

The Lifestyle Determiner of Sexual Health: the most popular cause why males are after the best male boosters and yet they have no clue about it. Lack of proper exercises, poor nutrition, and fatigue are heavy contributors to reduced sexual fitness in guys which plays a huge role in blood flow all through stimulation.
Natural Male Improvement Invention: supplements and tablets can all be obtained, these are things that provide all natural but safer enhancement to erotic performance. There are plenty of tablet that enhance blood flow.
Other natural products such as herbs (ginseng not forgetting Eurycoma longifolia tongkat ali) are products which are known to be great arousal and solid erection boosters.


When it comes to sexual health and sexual enhancement, conducting research on all probable treatment choices such as; alternative treatments, is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Just see to it that the type of improvement you want is what you get!