Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sex guide: Get her into sex no matter she is in any kind of mood

'Are you sure?' Some of you may ask. Well, this is a guide that can help you to do so, and it depends a lot of your skill and luck. So, read on.

So what should you do when she is piss off? If she is in a bad mood, let her know that you are sorry for her and ask her how can you make it up to her. Give her a hug, give her a kiss, slowly starting from her arm. Well, don't argue with her or to prove your point. Give her a mind blowing sex is all she needs right now.

What if she is very stress, and you don't think she have the mood for sex. You are lucky if she won't kick your ass when you ask for it. If you try to understand her stress and ask her about it, she may even feel more stress when talking about it. Change her focus, divert her into other things that may lighten her up. If you sense that her mood is better, well, hold her close to you and start from a kiss.

If she is tired? Well, there is a very good technique to help you out. Have a small talk with her after she is back from work, offer her a massage. Act fast and don't make her too comfort until she fall asleep, this is not what you want. You may want to massage start from her foot, then slowly go up, by the time you reach her thigh, you may get what you want. But I don't think you want her to have sex with you if she is too exhausting. Just have fun with your own.

She is in a relax mood and too relax to make love to you, well there is always something to wake her inner sexual desire. Go along with it, cuddle a bit, run your hand around her body, tickle, nothing too direct into sex. Let her warm up a bit, when the time is right, you know where to start.

Sometimes you don't even need to ask and she is all dress up and ready for you, but now no matter what kind of situation, you are gear up to settle the problem and enjoy your moment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What he wants?

There are a lot of things that you can do better in sex, not only guys, but for you ladies out there as well. If you enjoy sex as much as he does then just start to read some articles online, do some research about it, communicate with him, trial and error then you will become his sex goddess that no other woman are able to do so. Men do like you to like sex as much as he does, then he won't need to persuade you to do so and most important they know that you like to make love with them. It's a matter of self esteem. And of course if they can have sex with you right away then they really like it.

Most of the ladies do like men to turn them on, but some of the time, men do enjoy that the women is turn on already and asking them for sex. You may do some foreplay yourself for self pleasure, and when your sex partner starts to kiss you for foreplay, you are ready to start it but not a long warm up period. If you want to have a better sex life, a little effort can helps a lot, and I believe this is the easy thing for you to do.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Foreplay in the public

Foreplay in the public, yes, in the public. We had share in our previous post that dirty talk is a good foreplay that you don't need physical contact. So dirty talk in the public makes it more saucy, and there are some other kind of foreplay that you can perform even in the public and turn her on before you reach home for love making. As you know girls need more time than guys for sex, it's not like guys that can be able to have sex immediately. A foreplay in the public can help you to save time and go direct for sex while you reach home, but also it makes your life more excited. It won't be a day to day routine like your usual sex, it makes your sex life much better.

Here are some ideas that you may try, in the restaurant during your meal, your hand may run around her butt, leg or any other parts that won't alert others under the table. Changing room, you may try some shirt and have some passionate kiss, carress and... ... you should stop here else you will ended up not foreplay but the main part sex itself. It's a very good experience and exciting place to have sex but it may not be a good idea. Pub and club is the best place that you can have dirty talk and even dirty dance, you may rub any part of her and no one give a damn thing. I'm sure both of you are wet and horny for sex right away.