Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, June 21, 2018

How to turn a guy on

Many ladies fail at the dating game. This might be due to several reasons. Some are too shy to accost a guy at a club, for example, others are too proud and give off an air of superiority, which instantly turns of most guys. Improve your sexual life may lead to better sexual health for both of you and your sex partner. There are women who hold themselves way more intelligent than a man, and as such, come off as all-knowing and geeky, which also most guys don`t like.

Guys, like ladies, are complicated beings and have their need and sexual desires, just like ladies do. Although it might appear easy to hook up with a dude at the local bar, who drank all night and does not know his name anymore, turning on a sober and normal man, is quite complicated. Here are some fundamental tips and skills that every woman should understand if they simply want to turn on their man.

1) Put on An Erotic Apparel
The first thing men see's about a woman is the way she dresses. Nowadays, the more skin a woman shows, the better. Mini skirts and sexy stockings with high heels will make any man swoon over you. Also, skin-tight dresses with just enough cleavage to show off your assets is also the way to go. A woman should, without uncertainty, accentuate her natural curves, mostly around her hips and back, because that part is what most men will check out first when seeing a lady.

2) Walk Sexy
This aspect is pretty easy for most women, but there are some who have to learn it from scratch. Walking like a man will not turn on any guy who sees you. When she wears high heels, the natural swaying of the hips when she walks should come by heart, but every woman should master how to walk sexy, even if she is wearing Converse footwear. There exist few things as charming, as seeing a sexy lady walking the right, sexy way, just winking at her assets, with every step she makes. It is just mesmerizing, and will inevitably turn all guys on.

3) Smell Good
Smell is a very significant part in turning on both sexes. A sweaty, stinking mechanic or construction worker, will probably be as prosperous in hooking up with a woman, as a swine would be. And that is true for ladies as well. Always smell pleasant when dating, or even when meeting your husband or boyfriend. A woman smelling of sweet, flowery fragrance is incredibly sexy for a man. Most of the question of how to turn a man on can be answered by simply smelling good. Always use fragrance when going on a date, or even at home. Love goes through the nostrils as well.

4) Be Soft
Every woman should be as soft as silk. Use lotions, shower gels which naturally make your skin soft and humid. And most importantly, always shave. Nothing is as offensive for a man, then a hairy woman. That was sexy 2,000 years ago, but not in the 21st century. On the other hand, there is nothing as sexy for a man, as silky soft, creamy skin, wherever he might touch you.

5) The Way You Present Yourself
Every woman should show off her femininity to a man. But also, not be needy and extremely possessive. The perfect combination is between a damsel in distress and a woman that can hold her ground, without becoming domineering. Men want to protect their women, and it is an old instinct that all man has. If you let him protect you, it will turn him on, because he will feel like a star. But also, if you make him understand that you are not just a pushover, that is very hot for a guy as well. It is all about balancing these two personalities.

6) Playing The Game 
This last part is essential. Always play the game with a guy. Tease him, feel him just at the right spots, and then back off. Leave him with something to look forward to for the night. Make funny jokes about him, and admit his games as well, without taking them personally. Cuddle and kiss him ever so slightly, but never give him all. Men were hunters in ancient times, and that remains true to this day. They need a challenge and something to hunt, so be the prey. It is a definite turn on for most men, to have to go out of their way to get a woman. These stimulation will boost sexual desire and may be more powerful than any sex pill you can find.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Oral Sex Techniques - Give Her Orgasm

How often do you go down on your partner before intercourse? And intercourse aside, how often do you engage in oral sex just for the sake of. Oral sex?

If the numbers are low, I have to say: You and are your partner are missing out. While it can be near-impossible to resist diving into sexy time penis-first, an intense session of cunnilingus can add something to your intimate life that neither of you is getting from the same old in-and-out.
For one thing, giving her oral sex can be a great form of foreplay. Your partner may not have mentioned this to you, but women typically are not ready for intercourse after just one arm caress and a breast grope. They often prefer a warming-up period to become physically and psychologically aroused, which, in turn, makes it easier for them to experience pain-free sex and, perhaps, even reach orgasm(s).

When you first start having sex with a woman, it can be tough to give her her first orgasm. Knowing oral sex techniques is one of the easiest ways to start her down the orgasmic path. Oral sex has many benefits over other kinds of foreplay because it focuses a lot on stimulation the clitoris. You also have a lot of control, being able to give her orgasm by making small changes to your position. It is so good for women that for some they can't orgasm without it.

Oral sex requires a lot of techniques. While you can just go down on her and move your tongue around, having good oral sex techniques makes a big difference. To give her the best orgasms she has ever had, it becomes important to learn to use your tongue effectively.

Oral Orgasms, How to Use Your Tongue Effectively
Many guys make a mistake, thinking that oral sex only has one type. In fact, there are a lot of variations that are possible that create infinite subtle differences that she will appreciate. One of the most important is knowing the difference between using the flat and tip of your tongue.

As a general rule:
* The tip of your tongue is a lot more effective during the foreplay stage. A sexy idea that women love is to use just the very tip and trace the outline of her underwear. This builds up a lot of tension, especially if you leave her underwear on for a long time as a hot tease.

* When you take off her clothes, use the tip of your tongue to flick across her clitoris and occasionally her perineum. This mixture of two erogenous zones will give her a lot of pleasure.
Oral Sex Tongue Techniques: The Flat of the Tongue and Stroking Her Clitoris
Most women need a lot more stimulation to achieve orgasm. Therefore it is better to use as much of your tongue as possible as she comes to orgasm. Reach your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible and rest it against your chin. As your tongue is fully extended, it can be difficult to make many motions with it. Therefore your head becomes a lot more important, move your head up-and-down and side-to-side, mixing these movements with different speeds and tempos to find the one that is best for your partner.

The tongue is one of the most important things to master if you want to consistently give her orgasms. Experiment with these sexy tips today. Once you can use your tongue effectively a world of orgasmic pleasure and amazing sex awaits both of you.

Friday, June 1, 2018

How to Be a Sexual King in Bed

If you truly want your girl to shout out your name in the midst of multiple orgasms, then you need moves that will please your girl and enable you to have fun too.

There are some moves that will truly enable you to turn into a sexual king in bed even as your girl turns into a shrieking queen begging for a sexual encore.

Now listen carefully-

You are about to discover something most men will never know when it comes to attracting women. This is one thing which is an absolute must know for every man out there. You are about to discover an ultimate secret weapon which will make women chase you around like crazy Even If You Are Bald, Fat Or Ugly!.....Trust me....You don't want to miss this one. I strongly urge you to read everything on this page because it might be the most important message you ever read.

You should realize that you need to be in control when you are having sex with your girl. This does not mean that you slap your girl around, although some fantasies do involve a bit of slapping, in turn, means that you act with passion and confidence. Do not be a wimp in bed but understand that girls like confident guys that know what moves to make to make a girl co crazy with desire.

Instead of simply focusing on your sexual pleasure, you should first concentrate on getting your girl all heated up with sexual desire. Start out by whispering naughty things in her ear. This will make her shiver in anticipation as you describe each sexual act that you plan to confer upon her.

Passionate foreplay techniques will surely be applauded by your girl in the form of moans and grunts of pleasure. Remember that you have many tools other than your penis to please your girl. You can kiss your girl on her lips, abdomen, breasts and thighs and also use your lips and tongue to stimulating her clitoris seductively. This move, when combined with a few fingers, is sure to result in at least a couple of intense orgasm from your girl.

While your girl would by now be ready to accept you as her king, you will still need to lay claim to the throne by penetrating her. Make sure that she is ready for you and also use sex positions that enable you to stimulate her g-spot by adjusting the angle of your penis. If your foreplay techniques have done their job well, then the penetration will take her to the seventh heaven of pleasure, and you will both achieve a royal orgasm together.

If you both have reached your orgasm and planned to continue lovemaking, stay in bed. To revive your energy levels, hug, cuddle, kiss and talk. Remember, lovemaking is not just a physical act, and it requires a level of emotional bonding too. Once you’ve reached climax don’t just turn your back on her or flip onto your back; look deep into her eyes and reassure her about how attracted you are to her and how much you cherish your time with her. Do this and you won't need to work too hard to stimulate her for a continued session of lovemaking.