Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, November 14, 2011

An early ejaculate?

Things may not come out as what you expect most of the time, and this article here helps you to deal with the bad situation like an early ejaculation. What do you normally do if you have something like this happens to you? It's ok if this happens to you and your girl friend that already been together for some time, but what if it's a new sex partner that you may not have the chance to have sex with her again?

What normally I will do here is saying something like 'you're too beautiful that I can't hold them any longer'. This is something trying to give her some compliment and distract her attention from early ejaculation. Another easy way out for you is apologize, don't make sorry such a hard word. You may tell her this but not making this a big deal, what you need to do is prepare for another exciting session. You do not have the mood for sex and your penis doesn't seem to co-operate with you to give her a good sex? Well, sex doesn't mean you have to use your penis all the time. You still have your mouth and finger, some women prefer these more than your dick. Learn to use your mouth and finger, they will give her a big orgasm even without using your penis.

If you are so tired or totally not in the mood to please her, explain your situation to her and turn the exciting sex night to a warm and touching pillow talk. This may kill her mood so much, and depend on your partner's character, different people have different reaction to this. Don't do this so often else you won't have the chance to make love with her again, worst you may lost her ultimately. Well, I still prefer that you try it again, at least let your mouth and finger do the job for you. Women need to be satisfy sexually as well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Facebook Sex - Dating

This is only the beginning when the girl accept you as their friend. Now you can utilised the chat function in Facebook, you can now break the ice. Try not to be too forward. If they login after 8, they will have a more relax mood. They may even have a drink or two, you have bigger opportunity to break the ice.

I have an experience that found a girl in Facebook who work around my office, of course I found out by chatting with her. I started to date her for a drink after work, she keep on reject me. I think she may not feel comfortable to meet me up after work, so I try to ask her for lunch. Know what, she said yes. The different between lunch and dinner? I think she can have an excuse to run after finish the meal as the time period for lunch is much shorter than dinner. This may give you some idea when you want to make your move next time. My own experience, patient is an important point.

Frankly speaking, it's more easier to know someone face to face. Facebook maybe a way for you to know some new friends only you are so desperate and you never hang out. If you ever have a chance to hang out with your friend, why don't you start from there? As we have mention above, it's easier for you to know someone when they have a drink or two, they are in a relaxing mood. You may get to know them in just an hour, if you are lucky, you may have an explosive sex after that. No more long hour waiting for her to online, and cut so much time and problem. Good luck for your hunting.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facebook Sex

Facebook is something that only exist recently, but then we can't live without it right now. Research already shows that Facebook even affect employees working efficiency in the workplace. Everyone of us spend so much time in Facebook, but how many of you ever date the pretty and sexy girl that you haven't met before? There are something that you should be aware if you would like to date the hottie that you found in Facebook.
Profile Picture. This is the first impression that she have on you, so find the suitable and the best photo you have. These are some example of the profile picture that you should be aware of, this is word by word from the author.

Here are some example profile pictures that will kill your chances of hooking up straight away.

• You on the lash, downing a yard of ale with beer all over your shirt.

Girl thinks: Drunken maniac, regular puker.

• A self-portrait of you intensely staring at the camera, with some ‘special’ effects from Photoshop.

Girl thinks: Depressing emo, lives with mother.

• Depending on the type of girl you are messaging – you with your shirt off, flexing your muscles before the mirror.

Girl thinks: Douche. Bag.

Here are some that might put you in a more positive light:

• Out with a group of friends, and best with a girl in the shot (although try and make yourself the focus of the shot, or they won’t know which one you are).

Girl thinks: Nice social chappy.

• In front of some famous landmark or cool natural wonder, like a volcano. Or a glacier. Or a massive tree.

Girl thinks: well travelled gent.

• Depending on the type of girl you are messaging – you with your shirt off, flexing your muscles before the mirror.

Girl thinks: Sex. God.

Same situation, but different girl will have different reaction and thought about you, target the kind of girls you like, you don't need to please everyone.

Now you have your handsome profile photo in Facebook, where to start from? Looking for girls in your friend's friend list may seem a good idea, but becareful that your friend may not like you to do this to their friends and they may feel that you violate their trust on you. This is not a good way to look for your date. The best way for you to find a hottie, the common interest group. You may give some comment when they post question, if they reply then you may have a chance. You may message them privately see whether they are interest in chatting with you. At least you know what they are interested in, no headache for a good topic.

How I know they are in the same place I stay? Well, you have to do some research and one of the way to do so is look for those groups like primary school, college group. Your local club event, I found a lot of hottie in those event group. The best thing, they are going to attend a party this Saturday and you have the chance to approach them. Most of the girls that you add won't reply you at all, take your time, you gotta be patient to get laid.

You may aim for older women, and not too forward initially. If you got lucky, they ask whether they know you, you may reply something that you are attracted by them, you found they are single at the same time. So you give it a try to get to know them.

We will continue this in the next post.