Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make love with her mind

Play with her mind can help you to satisfy her sexually? Yes, it's true. That's why there are those online sex, sex chat, phone sex, just by using word you are able to make her desire for sex. Orgasm is totally another thing, for sure you need very good technique to do that. A good technique is not all, a good imagination is also needed to do that. Well we are not asking you to give her an orgasm on the phone. But you can turn her on on the phone conversation right away. And this conversation on the phone is the foreplay itself.

We have mentioned this in our previous post, foreplay is crucial for girls, they like it a lot. Foreplay can be like sex and sometimes it's better than sex itself for girls. The dirty talk that you give her on the phone is a good foreplay and by the time you reach her home or when you meet up, she is all wet and good to go. Is that a good thing for you right? When you see her, you can continue on your dirty talk and this time you don't go directly into sex, keep on tease her, kiss her, touch her make her even want more. By the time you penetrate, she will be all blown up. This is the type of sex men and women always wanted. Try it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Abstinence program makes you smarter

A research shows that abstinence program will make you smarter. The research shows that your brain can be powerful when it's not spending time thinking about sex. The schools that this research done have a 1.5% increase in the result, the rate of teen pregnancies is reduce at the same time. Does this works for adult too? I remember that during world cup, there are some coach that do implement this abstinence program before the match. Now I know that this is not only for their stamina, but for their mind to concentrate more on the match.

For an adult like you and me, since we are not players in world cup or whatever grand slam, we may want to have a life of balance. Sex is crucial in our life, don't focus too much with it and don't stop having sex at all. If you are not having sex at all, I think you may even think about sex more than ever unless you plan to be a monk that can have a very clear mind. The research shows that the brain can be more sharp and works better if it's not thinking about sex, does it mean that your mind will work well after sex? Your brain will be able to focus more on whatever you are doing after you have sex?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How many girls have you make love with?

So, how many girls have you spend your night with? Do you know that the brother of Brunei Sultan have 40 girls at any time just waited to be summoned to make love? At any time. These girls are just sitting there to wait for him. What the hell. I believe most of us have sex with an average of 10 to 20 girls. But this guy here, they called him the playboy, he did earn it, have 40 girls waiting for him just to serve him. Those sexy call girls are not only from Brunei, but they are being send to Brunei just to serve him. Well, we can only motivate ourselves to earn more money to have this kind of lifestyle.

Not only in Brunei, but he also have another 40 girls at a hotel that is just across the property he stayed. This is amazing right? I wonder how can one able to have sex with so many girls at this short period. These girls can consider his own prostitute, waiting to be call for him or maybe his friend.

Read an article mention a prostitute fly from USA just to serve him. She didn't manage to serve him immediately, she have to win his heart among the 40 girls then only able to have sex with him. I think if you are not able to serve him, you are able to earn the money as well, of course you won't be able to earn the big bonus. This US escort however found her own way to cheer him up and be his favourite girl for a short time, and she is able to get a big bonus from him, not to mention the things she bought in Singapore at his expense.