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Sex & you

Monday, December 9, 2013

8 Super Sex Tips for Men

8 Super Sex Tips for Men

  • Before Foreplay: Super sex starts much before foreplay. Sex is more about emotion than motion. So vibe together much before the real act by talking frank about what you expect from each other in bed. A couple of days’ abstinence sets the stage for super sex, enhances your sexual health. Abstinence heightens the yearning of both the parties. 
  • Eat and act: Mankind has discovered great sex enhancing elements in common foods. Some foods are aphrodisiacs arousing sexual desire, others treat impotent, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Garlic, onion, carrots, asparagus, drumsticks, saffron, ginger and raisin are some of the home remedies for sexual dysfunctions. If you suffer from any of them adopt these home remedies. They are not harmful.
  • Play it well: Foreplay is the essential appetizer and starter rolled into one: never give it a short shrift. Foreplay lifts your bodies and mind to the required level for great sex. It sends the autonomic nervous system to overdrive contributing positively towards sensuality, excitement and strength of orgasm. Great foreplay acts as a remedy for premature ejaculation.
  • Mindful love: Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. It relies on the principle of ‘here and now’. Like you get the best taste of the food if you focus on every chew, you also get best pleasure when you are attentive to every move, touch, whisper and whimper that your act produces. When both the partners are mindful, well, it is a sure shot sexual enhancer.
  • Stick to the basics: Kamasutra talks about sixty-four sexual postures. But to achieve super sex experience you need just a few basic ones. Most exotic and acrobatic postures may be good for your memories but not so good for a satisfying sexual act. In achieving the exotic positions your mind loses focus on real sex.
  • Fantasy: This may sound like contrary to the Mindful love tip at number four, but it is not. While in the middle of the act let you mind wander a bit, to the dark secret locale where you always wanted to have sex maybe with somebody else—yes somebody else. Your mind goes to the exotic locale with your secret partner but it also stays with the moaning, the stroke, the touch you are experiencing now. Letting the mind roam for a while delays your premature ejaculation.
  • Share your fantasies: Sharing your fantasies with your partner and hearing hers is a proven sex enhancer. This helps you get to know each other better for better sex. Sharing fantasies not only makes your imagination run wild, it gives your brain—and body—an outlet for expressing yourself. Use your imagination, and keep it sexy.
  • Make love: You may have sex with anybody, but can make love with the special someone. In love making your thoughts join hands with your body. You want to give everything and in turn you receive hundred percent back. When you and your partner are in the same page your stress and tension about the sexual encounter is gone and with that your fears of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Both of you get into a rhythm and enjoy great sex together without the fear of leaving each other high and dry. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation

For a majority of men, premature ejaculation is phase that we grow out of. In most situations, primary premature ejaculation happens to us during our youth. The times when we have raging hormones and were are mostly unable to keep it in the pants.

Most of us grow out of this phase; unfortunately there are some men who suffer from secondary premature ejaculation. It extends into their adulthood. If you suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE), you are going through the secondary phase.

Your sexual health is compromised and as much as you try everything, you just can’t seem to get control over your body. You want to last longer in bed for both yourself and your partner lest your bedroom antics result to the downfall of your relationship.

Well, your sexual health doesn’t need to be the cause of trouble in your relationship. There are ways you can use and make sex last longer. The following are 5 natural exercises that will help boost your sexual stamina and help you eliminate premature ejaculation naturally.

I.                    Masturbation
Masturbation is one of the best ways you can result to and help your body fight off premature ejaculation. If it is possible, try and masturbate several hours before you have sex. Masturbation is said to be a natural stress reliever and an act that helps you release endorphins that will help you feel more happier and at ease.
Masturbation is an act that pushes your body into the refractory stage. A stage of the male orgasm when as a man you will not be able to have another orgasm since the body needs to reset itself. Expelling ejaculation takes a toll on the male anatomy and it takes time to replenish. Masturbation is an act that helps you lasting longer in bed.

II.                  Squeezing
When you feeling your orgasm coming too quickly, act fast and pull out of her body and squeeze the tip of your penis. Wrap your fingers around the tip on the underside and leave the thumb on the side that faces you.
Squeeze forcefully but gently on the tip of your penis for several seconds. This action minimizes blood flow which plays a significant role in the male orgasm. The action will help you maintain your erection; but your orgasm will be decreased significantly.
The action will give you more time to get in and rock her world. Repeat this action several times and make her scream in pleasure!

III.                Tugging
When you feel like you are nearing the point of no return, tug your testicles away from your body. Naturally, as testicles prepare for ejaculation, they shrink up into the body, to avoid this from happening, tug the testicles away from the body and minimize blood flow.

IV.                Start-Stop Method
Another popular natural way for men to last longer in bed, when you feel that you are close, stop all stimulation and pick up again in a new position. Do something else and allow your body time to settle. Learn a few oral sexual tricks and practise them on her.
Take away the focus from yourself and put it all on her. Use oral sex to make her achieve orgasm and by the time you get back switch to a new position that is less intensive.

V.                  Harder Positions
Incorporate positions that require great skill. You can try standing up or leaning against the wall. Focus on keeping yourselves upright and free from falling. By focusing on something else, you will distract your mind and will certainly last longer!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Manage and Treat ED Problems Naturally

Mildly referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability of a mature sexually active male to either develop or maintain penile erection at the beginning of sexual performance. According to World Health Organization, ed dysfunction is a medical condition that affects about 40% of males across the globe even though most impotent males fear stigmatization and therefore fail to seek medical attention or share their condition with their close family members.

Penile Erection 
A male in sound sexual health is able to develop and maintain a strong penile erection through an elaborate process. Penile erection occurs when blood enters and is retained in specialized sponge-like bodies in the penis. Flow of blood to the penis is initiated by sexual arousal, which can be by touching highly sensitive parts of the male body (penis), by kissing, smooches and personal sexual thoughts. These actions trigger sexual stimuli, which prompts the brain to send signals to penile nerves, leading to flow of blood into the penis and hence erection.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation 
Ed dysfunction is closely related to premature ejaculation, another condition that some men experience during sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is a condition where a man attains orgasm (ejaculation) before his partner attains orgasm, leaving his partner dejected, demoralized and sexually unsatisfied. This condition has been noted to be a major cause of relationship breakups and divorce in many marriages across the world.

Causes and Treatment of Impotence 
Impotence can be caused by several factors including drugs (nicotine), neurogenic disorders, disease (multiple sclerosis, diabetes, kidney failure, and peyronie’s disease), state of the mind (anxiety, stress), surgery, aging and lifestyle (smoking and drinking of potassium-contaminated water). Convention treatment for impotent males with poor sexual health is usually through aerobic exercises, medications (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and alprostadil among other medications), use of devices (penis pump) and surgery in extreme cases.

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Natural Treatment Options 
Impotent males seeking sexual enhance treatment are not restricted to conventional methods of treatment. A good number of herbs have traditionally been used to manage and treat ed problems for centuries. These include:

Onion (Allium cepa) – Used as food stuff, both common and bulb onions including Japanese bunching onion, Egyptian onion and Canada onion contain flavonoids and phenotics, elements that have anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties. Onions were consumed by athletes in ancient Greece because of its action of thinning blood, which enabled them to perform better during competitions. Indeed, doctors then prescribed onions for impotent men, those with continuous headaches, coughs and patients experiencing unexplained hair loss. Women too were advised to consume onions in large amounts to overcome infertility.

African cabbage (Cleome gynandra) – Native to Africa and considered a wildflower in other parts of the world, the African cabbage is a popular traditional vegetable in most African communities. Both the Luhya and Kisii communities in Kenya whose men consume African cabbage on a regular basis are known to be highly sexually active. The food contains high quantities of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are believed to play a critical role in allowing smooth flow of blood into the penis, allowing for development and maintain a hard erection.

Chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens) – Chili pepper including Piri Piri, Kambuzi, Malagueta, Tabasco, Tjabe Rawit and Siling Labuyo cultivars have been used by traditional healers across the world to treat ed dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It is supposed to form part of everyday diet.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) – Commonly consumed as a spice, ginger contains vital oils and has anti-bacterial elements. It has traditionally been used to treat constipation, nausea, bloating and heartburn. Its blood-thinning action has been found to encourage blood flow throughout the body, allowing males to realize penile erection very easily.

Kola nut (Cola acuminata) – Kola nut is the fruit of kola tree that is native to Africa. Known in the western world as flavoring ingredient, African men who chew the fruit have been noted to attain sexual enhance, meaning that they develop the capability to develop and maintain strong penile erection. This is because kola nut contains caffeine and is a powerful bronchodilator that enlarges air passages in the body. This is believed to help in helping flow of blood to the penis.

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Men with poor sexual health and experience premature ejaculation or impotence can easily gain by simply making use of these natural ed dysfunction remedies. They are easily available from various sources including supermarkets and local grocery stores.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reasons to have sex daily

Guys, time to remember all things in your mind so that you can remind your other half to have sex on a daily basis. Of course if that is what you want. You may not want that everyday, but these are very good guides for you to understand the benefit of having sex everyday. Making love is a way of exercise? Yes, it is, you will need a lot of muscles around your body to do that Hard work. Having sex can burn a lot of calories, and I'm sure this is one of the exercise that you like so much. Since making love can burn calories, it will help you to lower your high blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure and burn more calorie will improve your heart. When you have a healthier body, it will build your immunity to be stronger.

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Make love can make you look younger. Are you kidding with me? I once heard a doctor told my friend tried to have sex more often, this is a weird advise for me. His explanation was that sex will improve sex drive and increase your hormone thing which I have no idea what it is, and this hormone thing will make you glow. (wow, it sounds like those movie. Sex can help you to build trust and intimacy in your relationship between partners. Doctor says that sex can relief pain, it's the doctor not me, he had this from a study that shows patient engaged in sex experience less pain. Amazing is it?

Most of the benefit of sex are related to health, the medical bills is getting more expensive, it's time to consider to have sex more often so that you and your partner are more healthy. More healthy means less medical bills, it's a brilliant reason. Guys, if you don't want to experience erectile dysfunction or impotent; you have to use your penis more often, the more you use it the more healthy it is. Read the full article here

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What women consider as good sex

If you want to score A in any subject, you have to know what your lecturer wants or what the subject required you to know. If you want her to feel good in sex, first of all you need to know what she wants and what she consider as good sex. There are some guidance here in this article that may give you some idea what they really wants in sex. It's something from a sex therapist whom talk about sex every single day so I guess he knows more than each one of us.

Think sex for women as a knob, not switch like men. An easy example they provide here is men are like motor vehicle auto transmission gear, just move the gear and you are there. Women are like baking cakes, your ingredient is right, oven is ok as well but the chef's experience to bake it is crucial. Think foreplay as a 24 hours thing in and out of the bedroom before sex. Sex is all about context. Feel a bit faint? Relax, just do whatever you can and things will be fine. You will need to make her feel relax and comfortable for sex, if you are too anxious about having sex then she won't be relax as well. A deep sense of relax and lack of anxiety can bring her orgasm.

We have mention in our previous post that different women have different preference towards sex, so you have to do some trial and error like what she like to do in sex. Some may like you to give her some oral sex, but some may be too sensitive and wants only your finger. Communication is a way to find out what she wants as well. Fantasy, if you are familiar with this you may try this in your bedroom. Read the article to find out more about it. During sex, you do something you are familiar with and what you are good at, I always share with our readers here that if you have premature ejaculation you can always use your finger to satisfy her and study shows that women enjoy oral sex more than real sex.

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If you are not good at oral sex or hand job, you may try to find out whether vibrator is something acceptable for her. Vibrator is more intense than your hand and mouth, so you can give her orgasm by just holding the vibrator for her and give her some kiss. Now everyone can be the king of sex. Let her come first then you will have yours more easily and satisfying for both parties. Once you give her the orgasm, you won't regret what she will give you in return. Check the article in AskMen.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Low Sex Drive in Relationship

This isn't the first time we discuss about low sex drive in relationship, there are another 2 articles here that you can learn about low sex drive in relationship. When there are less sexual activity in a relationship, the form of intimacy and relationship will reduce, it's not a healthy relationship if one party expects more from the relationship. How you know whether your partner wants more from this relationship? Communication. It may look weird to ask this question but you are a couple, it's not time to be shy.

Says the low sex drive problem is from the male side and it's physical, you may try this Activ-H Sex Pills to boost testosterone level for a hard erection. Well, this is only useful if the problem is erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of different reasons that could trigger low sex drive. A stressful life is one of the main reason that people are having less sex and unhappy life. You may sit down with your partner to discuss about the life that both of you want and maybe he or she wants a simple life not a big house and big car to show off. You may save the time for your family for a happier life.

A long term relationship may make the sex life routine and boring, you have to be more creative and make the sex life more fun. Spend some time to search online for some fun ideas about sex, you won't regret about it. Most of the guys are easily turn on, and girls on the other hand take longer time. Spend more time on the foreplay and she may surprise you when she become the beast. For ladies, you may just get some sexy lingerie or if he is interested with costume, it's not a bad thing to try for a better sex life.

Attached these 2 links here for your reference for low sex drive problem.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Awkward moment during sex

Have you ever encounter any awkward moment and still able to settle it? You won't want to have any problem during this moment as this is one of the precious moment in life. If you are able to get over it then it may be a joke in the future that you can laugh with your partner, if you can't then it may be something sad for you. We are here to discuss some of the problems that you may have and what you should do to get over it.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, a lot of youngster have this problem as their penis is so sensitive and they do not have any experience in sex. Well, if you have this kind of problem, visit a doctor and when you need to have sex before you cure it, use your hand and mouth. Hand job and oral sex is pretty helpful and as a matter of fact, a lot of women like oral sex more than the real sex. You may slow down the whole having sex process by spending more time at foreplay, this will help the girl orgasm more quickly. 

You just reach home and your partner is already waiting at your door, he or she is horny to want to make love with you immediately. You are out there the whole day and worried that you may smell bad, what do you do? Well, of course you go to shower, you don't want to give them a bad experience. Invite them to shower with you then you won't miss the moment of a juicy sex. 

Having too much alcohol before sex, if you can't avoid having too much alcohol then the best thing is to stop before you get too drunk to have sex. But if you can't expect the sex after too much alcohol, nothing you can do but hugging them to sleep unless you are sober enough to give them oral sex. Don't feel bad about it, take a good rest and prepare yourself for a wonderful morning sex. It's much better than doing it at night after whole day of work. Morning sex is always better, you will have stronger erection to have sex. 

Don't panic when you encounter any problem as we are not perfect, just do the best you can to overcome it. Push too much pressure on yourself will only make the situation worse.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

International Clitoris Awareness Week

Haha, do you know there is a International Clitoris Awareness Week? No? Don't worry you are not the only one here that do not have any idea how come there is a week for clitoris awareness. Does this awareness thing make you feel that men have no knowledge about clitoris at all? Well, for your own good or for your partner it's the best that we find out more about it. Clitoris and G spot is the most thing we talking about in our blog here. If you feel like your partner have no motivation for sex, it's best that you study more about it and gain the knowledge you need to give her the orgasm again.

You know, different women have different preference with sex. This clitoris awareness week main purpose is to let more people know about the existence of clitoris and this will help you to stimulate your partner. And some of the women feel good about clitoris but the g spot is the only thing that can give her orgasm, so you have to find out where is her g spot. If you think you can satisfy her sexual need by stimulate her g spot then you may find yourself frustrated when she don't like it at all, the g spot for her maybe her ear. Her ear is a sensitive area to make her high, but the ear I mentioned here is the word you use to make her exciting. An example here, you may try to stimulate her need for sex by telling her some naughty word through the phone. This may already stimulate her and boost sex drive even before you meet her, by the time you meet her she maybe in the mood for sex. Other than learning about the knowledge, you have to try and see her response, sometimes communication is the way to find out about how or where she prefer you to touch.

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If you are eager for better sex, this is a good chance for you to find out more about clitoris and g spot. The article is not only showing you where the spot is but teaching you how should you touch, stroke to give her the pleasure. Be humble to learn and you may give her the orgasm she wants. Check this article at AskMen.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Health Benefits of orgasm

There are a lot of articles about Orgasm, how do we give her more orgasm, how we find her g spot. Our last post mention about Orgasmic Meditation, how do we stroke her clitoris and give her orgasm. Certainly orgasm is the reason we have sex, and we enjoy orgasm a lot during sex. And this article here tell us the advantages of orgasm to our health. Not to mention other health benefits, the feeling of orgasm itself is such a good thing for us, sure it can make you in a good mood the rest of the day. This is one of the reason that you should have sex in the morning.

A recent research of 1800 women shows that  30% of them used sexual release as natural sedative. When you are having intense orgasm, blood flows to your genital area, and it's good for your tissue. Is this such a big benefit that they need to put in the list? Well, we just look for the next benefit of orgasm. Making love is another form of cardio as it heart rate and blood pressure increase, and it burn some calories as well. There are a lot of hormones release when you are having orgasm, and dopamine is one of them. It's the same hormone released when you are using cocaine or having something delicious. Apparently orgasm is not only good for your heart but it's good for your head, it shows that your head needs more oxygen while having orgasm, it will refresh your brain. Another reason to have sex in the morning, it further boost your sex drive.

Orgasm is a natural pain killer for something like migraines and menstrual cramps, this is new. Orgasm can actually evacuate blood clots during period and provide some temporary relief. Orgasm can relieve stress, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know about this. When you are having sex, you can focus only with sex and this will give your mind a break for the pressure in your life. Sex will give you a glow, check this out in the article. When you are having orgasm, you are more confidence with yourself. And you know more about your body, you know how to pleasure yourself regardless how your partner perform.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sex Life after 50

In our mind, sex always related to penis and vagina. We have articles previously discussing about using your other body parts to pleasure your partner, your hand and mouth. That is oral sex and hand job, so called. Women are more sensitive in sex and they require something other than just penetration in the vagina. Our previous articles do suggest that using your hand and mouth for foreplay, this article here from Huffingtonpost suggest that you may use them further in sex as a method to satisfy women’s sexual needs.

How to maintain a hard erection after age of 50

The article perspective is that men may suffer some sort of physical weakness or erectile dysfunction at the age of 50. They may still active in sex but they may not related to penetration. It’s another idea of having active sex life at an older age, which is quite a good idea for both parties and still able to have better sex life. Communication is a must to have such a sex life as either party may have different thought regarding it, they may think that it’s not appropriate as most of the men think that penetration is a must in sex life.

The best part about sex life without penetration is that it doesn’t pressure on men’s penis erection, both parties still able to enjoy sex. After the age of 50, there are a lot of other method that can help you to enjoy in sex, For example sex toys. The article also mentions that men have anal pleasure as well, this is quite new for me, if you happen to read this why not try it as well, wonder it will convert men into gay. Well, all these ideas here is a way to explore more in sex life and some of us are still so conservative in sex life. It’s still not too late to explore more in sex. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sex life after 50 is the best

You may not believe in what you read but it's an article that tells you why sex life at 50 is the best. I have my doubt with the article as well, I don't agree with some of the point, but some reasons does make sense. For example, it mention that at the age of 50, their pressure is much lesser. You may have lots of dream and target you want to achieve in life at age of 30, when you are almost retired, you may not need to worry so much and spend time with your partner rather than in the office. The pressure from work, finance is much lesser. At the age of 50, your children may graduated from college and you don't need to worry much about their expenses, you don't need to get a part time job just to pay their college fees. The time that you spend on work last time may now be your rest time and focus more with your partner.

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The article mention about self confidence may increase as you know more about yourself, I assume that the sex knowledge is better, and you know more about your body as well. But confidence, the physical part is going down, is it going to be more confidence than before? It depends on yourself as well, so since the physical part is not going to be good why not just improve your sexual performance by learning more about other technique and sex knowledge. The internet can always help you to learn all these knowledge about better sex.

At the age of 50, you have more time for yourself. You have no pressure from work and have more time for yourself, you can now spend more time with your partner to enjoy life more, I believe that it's one of the good quality for better sex. When you have more time to learn about sex knowledge, you have more time to learn about your partner, you won't need to rush for anything, and you have more time to learn about your own body, you are able to have more intense orgasm compare to your younger age.

To read more about this article, go to Huffinton Post

The only problem at senior age is lack of libido and sex drive, you may rest well and exercise more to keep your health.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

People have sex at least 4 times a week make more money

This is not from me, you can find this in Huffingtonpost. Research found that people have sex at least 4 times a week make more money. This is kinda Amazing and funny, do you feel the same? The first thing that appear in my mind is who the hell think about a research like this, I always amazed by the creativity and imagination of these researchers. So how they link between sex activity and income? Before we go further down with the topic, please be remind that the research doesn't link directly between sex activity with income.

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What the researchers actually do was analyse a year long survey with 7,500 greek households, guess that is quite a good research as it cover for a year long and involve with so many participant. The only doubt I have here is it covers only Greek households, what about other countries or culture. Different culture may have different outcome right? Regarding this research, the rational part is that people who have sex 4 times a week have a more satisfaction sex life, and they tend to be more happy in life as well. When happy people goes to work they are also more efficient or at least more with a positive mind set to do their job. So this make sense right?

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You may want to know what they actually ask in the survey form, they asked the participants how many times they had sex per week, whether they were employed, how much money they made and how many hours per week they worked, among other questions. Another thought that may explain why people tend to have higher income when having sex more. Higher income group may be more desirable in the market and they tend to have more opportunity to date. So now you can tell your partner that you should have more sex as it will increase the financial stability for the family, so you make love is for the sake of higher family income.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Improve Your Sex Technique to Give Her Better Orgasm

Yet another topic about better female orgasm. Improve your sex technique. There is a book Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm. This is not a new book, but I only found out recently as some Hollywood star claim that she have orgasm few times a day with a technique learn from this book. You can find this on page 1, “I teach a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. It’s a way that any man can bring out the orgasm in any woman, in just fifteen minutes.” Well, tell me what do you think when you read this sentence? You feel like you can become the god of sex right? This is one god damn good of sales technique, without doubt. I can't reveal much of the technique inside, it's not really a sex move, it's meditation. Sounds weird? Why don't you give it a try?

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The world is changing everyday, we need to learn everyday to improve ourselves. Meditation, if it can really give your woman orgasm why don't you just give it a try? After all, sexual satisfaction is one of the purpose we live, and it's one of the thing that make you feel good from our day to day live. You don't feel good about sex anymore? Then you better get one of this book yourself, else you're losing one of the biggest sexual pleasure in life. It's totally an entire different experience for sex, this is the thing that your partner won't able to leave you if that's what you want. How many women out there can stay away from a guy that can give her the orgasm again and again without even taking off his pant when most of the women out there have not even experience orgasm before?

You can check out regarding the author and the book in youtube that she gave a presentation in TedxSf.

And do check out some of the review regarding Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Born Baby Cause Low Sex Drive For Father

I think this is not a news for most of the parents, sure they have experience like this before. When there is a new born baby in the family, sure both of the parent's need time to learn how to take care the baby and get use to the life with a new member. There are a lot of research shows that there are low sex drive for mother but seldom research done on father. For women, their body have change so much since pregnant, now they have to worry about their body shape and some may feel depress as well. Breastfeeding is another new skill that they need to learn, do you even know that breastfeeding caused night sweat? Patience is needed when couples are going to enjoy sex again after delivery of the new baby.

For men, they may feel happy to be a father now. After back from work, they may feel exhausted to take care the children. It may lower their sex drive because of lack of time and energy, but most of the couples do resume their sex life after that. Physical habit may cause huge discomfort for sexual life. Most of the children will wake up at night and may wake the parents as well, it's a mental challenge as well. Read more about the article here at

Not many people have thoughts about sex life after the new member in the family, it takes lots of love, patient and responsibility to make the relationship strong. The working life and consuming behavior does give a lot of pressure to families now. People are so exhausted after back from work and now they need to take care the children. Financial pressure is another cause for low sex drive, sure parents will worry about the future when there are insufficient fund to raise the child. It's more challenging now to maintain a family now but still it's still worth the effort to do so.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Male menopause andropause

Whatever or however you name it, it's the terms that describe the drop in testosterone level and male menopause is something that similar to female menopause. It will have condition like menopause, for example   moodiness, fatigue, weight gain, depression, decreased sex drive, decreased muscle mass and bone loss. A menopause for female may affect their ability to conceive a child, but a male menopause won't affect men's ability to fathered a child. Some of the healthy men can even fathered a child in their 80's. Men do not have their period, but will feel blue like women, just that men do not show their weakness so much.

This male menopause will affect men's sexual activity? Yes, it will, it won't make you erectile dysfunction but it may decrease your sex drives. You don't even have the interest in sex anymore so you may not know that you are suffering a erectile dysfunction. If you are having erectile dysfunction, do try Activ Homme to boost testosterone level, sexual desire and stamina for lasting longer in bed. How do you know if you already have menopause, you don't and you will have to consult a doctor to find out. It's hard to find out whether it's andropause or erectile dysfunction, ED happens when particular nerves, arteries and muscles breaks down.

Menopause for male also affect by hormone production, when men getting older, the testosterone level and hormone will slow down, reduce gradually. It won't stop in a relatively short of time like women, when hormone production low, sexual function, energy or mood will go down as well. Learn more about hormone and andropause online, you will find out a lot and know how to take care yourself more. It's important to take care of your health, not only for sexual function.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cure Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive can happen when getting older, this is a threat to everyone if you enjoy sex a lot. Well low sex drive can be cause by age and medical. Low sex drive will be a problem in the long run as sex is important in a relationship, low sex drive may lead to a situation where the partner is not satisfied with the sexual relationship and may ended up separate or cheating with another opposite sex. Know about the cause of low sex drive and it can be cure easily. For example, having low sex drive can be cure by sexual enhancement pill like Activ Homme, A1Satibo, and so on. these herbal enhancement pill can boost your performance in sex. It's a low risk, reliable and cheap solution that works in a very short time, it takes you only an hour to work eefectively.,,20188340,00.html

Read the article above and you will know that it isn't the end of the world, it still can be cure. The other problem you will be encounter is the medicine that you are taking currently. You may consult your doctor and tell them about your problem, they may advise you and provide you with another medicine that won't affect your sexual health. These pills are powerful so that you may consult them regarding the side effect of the product.

The best way to cure your low sex drive is exercise, no matter how old you are, exercise can be very helpful. It increase your blood flow and make your heart stronger. If you are taking any medicine to cure your low sex drive without exercise, the effect will be much lower. Overweight problem can cause heart disease, diabetes and so on, these diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. This is not something you wish for.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

G spot 2.0 Cul-de-Sac

You know there are a lot 2.0, Windows, Android, Car, Plane and anything you can think of, but G spot 2.0? How can you improve a G spot then become 2.0? Instead of telling you about G spot, I will just show you the link here and tons of picture about G spot whereabout.

Or you may directly search for g spot in Google, and click on the images, there will be tons of picture that show you how to reach G spot with your finger. And of all the images, you may find the g point for guys as well, it's the button to ultimate orgasm. The more you search online the more you learn. You may explore about the guys G spot as well, there isn't a thing like too much orgasm right? There are so much to explore in our own body, have you ever wonder why we want to explore other places when we still haven't know about our own body. And regarding the G spot 2.0, they call it Cul-de-Sac. No idea what it is? I attached another link here for you.

So where did I heard about this G spot 2.0 Cul-de-Sac, it's an article from Esquire, you may read about it here.
It's deep inside her vagina, if you want to reach it, you have to be at least an average guy to do so, and it's not easy to touch. You may have the chance to reach the spot while she turns on, and with some particular sex position you may be able to touch her Cul-de-Sac with your penis. This Cul-de-Sac effect is much better than G spot as it's nerve is link to the spinal cord on a different nerve. Well, you may feel like trying it now to give her the orgasm and see how she reacts, right? Go ahead, don't feel frustrated if you can't give her the orgasm on few tries, sex is between 2 person, you can't control everything, a lot of trial and error and communication need to be done before you hit the big O.

If you are below the average guy, may not able to have hard erection or stronger erection, here's some of the sex pill that is for soft erection treatment.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Better Sexual Relationship with Trust

When talking about how to start a sexual relationship with girls, what we have in mind is how do we seduce her or lure her into bedroom. I think there are some articles here to discuss about better sexual relationship thing, well today we look it from the other perspective, not talking about having good sex technique for better sex. Not talking about the seducing part, that's the playboy style, why not today we do it with the good guy method. How you open up her heart and gain her trust to make her feel comfortable to have sex with you. If you are not able to open up her heart how are you going to get her having sex with you without hesitation?

When you are able to open up her heart, then she is more willing to share her things with you. When you are trying to gain her trust, you are not doing all the talking only but may lead the conversation to let her to express herself more. This is the way for you to get to know her more. Let her know that you can be there for her all the time and you are her best friend. Don't get caught in the middle and going directly into her friend zone, you may not be able to get out from it then. How do you do that? Don't reveal yourself fully, keep some mystery feel between both of you. A little mystery may lead to a better sexual relationship at the start. When you reveal too much about yourself, you may let her feel that you are too easy to handle, so it's better that you know how to make things interesting and maintain some mystery about yourself.

During the conversation, you may let her feel that you have some sexual desire of feel with her, implied. You have to take some risk here as you may not knowing her well, But it's ok to have some kind of trial and error, if you are not taking any risk, you may let her feel that you are too boring, let her feel some excitement.  After all, you want to make good love to her and not only a friend, you have nothing much to loss right. Who knows that she may have the same thought as you? If she is thinking the same thing then you may get what you want immediately.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flirting with girls

Flirt is an art, it's sex with conversation. If you master this slightly well, you will have no problem getting into the next stage with girls. When you can make them feel sexy, they can be turn on even by just talking with you. This is what you call seduce, but not with your sexy look, with just your mouth. A good start with the conversation is like foreplay with words, it will help you to have a better sex later on. Of course, you don't look awful, try to make yourself presentable or at least the girls are comfortable to hang out with you. When you are flirting with a girl, the environment is important, you have to pick a nice place for you to have a nice chat with her. An alcohol drink can definitely help you to a lot, it may spice up the night and make your target girl more easy to open up with you.

When talking to her, you may talk about something that is more emotional like childhood memories, her passion, girls like that. It will open up her heart and easy to get into her mind. You may prepared the topic in advanced, try to take control of the conversation and lead it to where you want it. Girls like guys who can take control of the conversation. Take control of a conversation is like taking control of a good sex. Teasing is a good way to make the conversation fun and flirty, it is always good if you are out of words or the conversation is getting boring. Don't go too harsh on the topic especially it's something too personal, you don't want to ruin the night. You can make the conversation fun even it's not that funny, make her 'feel' it's fun and enjoy to be with you. Having a good conversation is like having a good sex as well. You have to compliment her but not too much, too much of it will make her feel that you want to impress her which may have an opposite effect.

Beware of her body language, they will give you a lot of hints about how she is feeling right now. Pay attention to them and you will know what to do next to overcome it. Women do like when you take the conversation to an intimate level, well if she don't react good with it then you know she is not prepared to have the intimate conversation with you. Don't be afraid that you look her in a sexual way, else you will just ended up in the friend zone.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better sex again from Esquire

We always discuss about better sex here. And today want to share with you some better sex tips from Esquire. It's quite similar to what we have discuss before, but I am going to share it again then you know how important it is.

You will be very familiar with this. Tell her she looks good and Taste good as well. When you tell her that she looks good, she will feel more comfortable and have a better mood for sex. It's important, sometimes the girls are not so confident with their body, if you tell them they look good they may feel better. When guys go down on his partner for oral sex, your compliment can help her to enjoy more.

Remember that we said that it's important to communicate if you want a better sex life? Yes, Esquire point it out that using your ears, ask them what they like and listen to it. They suggest that not to do it in the bedroom but discuss it some where else, this is gonna be exciting, it's like a foreplay outside the bedroom. It's gonna blow when both of you are in the room.

Touch her. Yes, you do know this, and touch her everywhere, with oil. Girls being touch and this will help them to get into the mood for sex. Touching her and it will release her hormones, raise their testosterone level and ignites her sex drive. This little adventure around her body will help you to have a passionate sex.

Take your time to undress, when you see stripper strip their dress off piece by piece, it's very tempting right? That's the point, don't rush to sex so soon, take your time, it will finally pay off. Make sure you don't smell bad, girls are sensitive to smell, if you have the time take a bath. You don't want to ruin a good sex just because you smell bad.

Remember that girls need to feel comfortable while having sex? If you want a better sex you have to help her to get into a more relax mood. Turn the lights down, candle lights may help to create a better environment. Studies also shows that when hug is more than 30 seconds, it will raise their anticipation for sex. It's not that hard to have better sex right?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why you are not getting laid

You may have the experience that the girl you are dating, maybe a few times suddenly are not interested with you and you may wonder why. There are some real life cases that tell you that why you are not getting laid, some of them may look like nonsense to you but just bear in mind that this is how girls think. The hardest part is not having good sex. The hardest thing to control here, I think it maybe the conversation. You can't be too silent but when you are sharing something, you may have something that may offend her or make her unhappy. When you are sharing something about yourself, don't brag too much and try to be down to earth. Try to make her laugh at your jokes? Becareful with it, just look at her reaction all the time and try to know what she is thinking.

A late night snack that may turn her off? Yes, there is a case that the woman smell something from the guy he date and that just made her fell gross. The guy who took his snack with him to the woman's apartment ended up going back without anything happen. If the girl love you a lot sure you are on the safe side, but if the girl is sitting on the fence and trying to find something that she doesn't like about you, there are plenty of reasons that will turn her off. Not to mention that you want a better sex. What you can do here is trying your best to avoid it. Your cleanliness, not only yourself but your room as well. A lot of women will feel gross if your room is too dirty. There are two cases in this article of Men fitness mention about cleanliness, one of them saw some used condom beside the dustbin, the other saw a mess under the bed. Used condom just lying on the floor of your room? I think any of the reasonable men know that it's stupid, you make the girl feel like a slut to hang out with guys like you.

Do you have a dog with you in your apartment? Make sure he or she won't interrupt you while you are having sex. A girl experienced this before that the guy she met have a dog in the room, and the dog licks her leg while they are trying to have sex. It's a big distraction, and when she complains about it, the guy just petting his dog and the girl feels strange as she is petting him but he is petting a dog? She just left without a word. Kissing skill, this is the foreplay, you may have to practice it more unless you met a girl who loves you a lot and doesn't care about sex life. There are no short cuts but to practice it with your girl friend.

So guys, don't only think about improving your sex skill, all these things here can affect you as well. There are no cure for all these, you can only learn and becareful with them.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Men always have some pressure of sexual performance, the mindset and thinking that is in the society makes them believe that they should have thoughts like this. Examples are as follow:

-can always get an erection.
-should initiate sex.
-always want sex.
-should be in control.
-give women mind-blowing orgasms.
-should have a big penis, and if they don’t, they are inadequate.
-should know what to do in the bedroom.
-should succeed.
-should hide any feelings of inadequacy or vulnerability

All these believes makes men so worried and always thinking different ways to improve sex life and sometimes they worry too much that it affect their sexual performance. They need to know that sex itself is an activity that involve 2 parties and it depends on both parties to have a good sex life. If you are worry about things like this on the bed, how are you going to enjoy sex? Like what we have discuss before, sex depend on 2 person, it require communication, different people have different preference, you can't bring all your previous experience to expect it works perfectly in current relationships. Communicate and learn is a process.

-Ask your partner to caress you, and say how you would like to be touched.
-Consciously breathe during sex.
-Say yes when you want to.
-Say no when you want to.
-Have sex only when you want it.
-Self-pleasure (masturbate) slowly.
-Fantasize when you self-pleasure.
-Touch yourself all over, and notice where it feels good.
-Talk about sex with your partner.
-Have a sexual experience with your partner without having intercourse.
-Touch your partner’s body for your own pleasure.
-Take care of your body.

There are some creative ways for you to improve sex life with your partners here. Yes, masturbate is good sometimes as it helps you to learn more about yourself, it's a way to learn about yourself. There is no shy to masturbate. Know about your body, know where is your sensitive area, you can let your partner know about it and they will know how to pleasure and satisfy you. Foreplay is a very good way to learn about your partner's body, and we have mention many time that girls do enjoy a lot during foreplay. Most of them enjoy it more than sex itself. Learn about their body and you can make them orgasm in no time and sure they will give you a very good response.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why do people have sex?

Came across an article research why people have sex, omg, I though it's in our blood? And people still setup  research to find it out. Sex is a need of all kind of animals, right? The report seems to make sex more reasonable by saying that our brain and body are design to motivate us to have sex more. Even that we are not design the way it is, we are born for it. I think that's why we have 2 kind of sexes since we exist, male and female.

And sex can do so much of good to you, well let me come out with some reason to make sex better. Sex burns calories, I bet this is one of the most interesting way to burn calories, do you know that even kissing can burn calories as well? What else? Having sex makes your mood better, you will have a more pleasant day when you have satisfying sex, right? Sex does reduce stress, and this kind of entertainment is much better than other, it's free, ok if you have a partner. You prefer to have sex or movie or even a football match?

" said that many people engage in sex for the sensory experience, the wide range of physical and emotional pleasures that a person can derive from sexual activity. Part of the glue that holds longtime love together is sex" Ha, now only I know that dummies site also talk about sex. The sensory experience, the need of being hug and feel of being care and love. I guess that's the emotional pleasures means here. Sex is also one of the main factor that helps to make the relationship stronger, sex is something that can't be miss from a romantic relationship.

Having babies, is it a good thing or bad thing? It really depends on you, but luckily most of us still love to have our own children, I guess babies is one of the good thing about sex. Sex can improve social status and a kind of revenge as well? The social status it means here is to become popular, the only thing that I can think of it is using sex as a tool to become a star. And revenge? That is a very bad way to revenge, sex as a revenge?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sex Advice

I had share with you that a sex text is always a good foreplay even when they are not in front of you. This can help them to be in the mood for sex before you even start foreplay. It's a good way to stimulate your partner if you are in a rush, a quickie. You will hope that your partner is enjoying sex even it's a quickie, everyone is hoping they can have a better sex life, and only some text message can help you to make the sex better, isn't it amazing?

Text flirting is one of the foreplay, so if you can make a good foreplay, you will have better sex. Don't think that this texting thing won't help you. Go for it.

There are some samples here that can help you, it's from Red Book Mag. I'm sure you can search online for more flirty text message to turn your partner on when he or she is still working. The text messages here are some examples, and it's from her to him, guys you have to come up with your own.

-"I'm trying on bras but I need a second opinion."
-"Waiting for you at home: beer, chips, and best of all, me!"
-"You, last night. #makingmeblushtoday"
-"Tonight's plan: making you appreciate chocolate as much as I do. You'll see."
-"Picked up a surprise for after the kids go to sleep. I think we need to move up their bedtime for tonight."
-"I found my cheerleading outfit. It still fits."
-"My thoughts are unusually R-rated today. I can't imagine why…"
-"So, I'm really learning a lot at that pole dancing class…"
-"This text message is a gift certificate for one move of your choice tonight. Present it at the door."
-"No kids. No panties. No rules."

The best thing about these sex messages, it takes you not more than 5 second to read it. Can we say that you may turn him on in 5 seconds? Remotely! Girls don't worry that your body is not in shape, your breast is not the same size, guys won't be able to notice that when they are having sex with you. Of course you can always improve yourself to have better sex, but don't give yourself too much pressure during sex. You may do all these in your daily life. Not in shape? Do some exercise, have a jog, find something that you enjoy so you won't feel the pain while working out. My friend will turn on the music and dancing while she is cleaning the floor.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have a sneaky sex

Some of you guys may still staying with your family and some of you may be a student, if you are going home with your love one and it may not be convenient to have sex. We just want to share some of the idea here that you may use it to sneak in sex in between, oh, am I being a devil here? If your parents are open that your boyfriend or girlfriend to stay overnight, then late night sex is the best for you, but keep it quiet. You know it's very quiet at late night, you don't want to wake your parents up in the middle of the night. Lock the door as well, you don't want them to see you both naked on the bed. It will be a very exciting sex as you guys will worry that someone is going to knock on the door anytime, it will be a hot and spicy sex. When both of you have to keep it quiet, you can't moan in the middle of love making, it will make other senses of yours stronger.

Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom? Yes? Oh my, you are lucky, you can have yourself a shower sex, you can feel how sexy it can be by just listen to it right? And sex in the bathroom are more saucy and super hot, the feeling can be very different from your own bedroom. If your shower can be detach from the wall, point the shower at her clitoris and you can go in from behind. You can imagine how satisfy she can be, but remember to ask her the water temperature that she is comfortable with.

Your parents may have some groceries that may need your help, this is a very good chance for you to sneak out without any excuse. After that it's a very good chance for you to have car sex, another scene that you can watch in the porn very often and it's always something that you should try before you die. If you have a big van then it can be a mobile room for you, go to some where that is remote and the sky is all yours.

Some of the ideas here may need more time, if your time is short then make the sex short, save the foreplay. Can it be done? Yes, you may seduce him or her the whole day, tease them, and let them having the mood for sex long before you get into the bedroom. Some very creative way to do that, you may even text them some very secy message even they are just in front of you. By the time you are in the bedroom, she is all prepared for sex.