Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Distance relationship sex

How can you keep your the heat with your girl / boy friend if you are having a distance relationship? Distance relationship is always not easy to maintain, you can't be there when he/she needs you. You have no idea about the current situation if there is some problem showing up in life. Well all these we have already known and we are not going to discuss about it, but focus in keeping the relationship warm. Thanks to the technology, there are a lot of gadget to help you in keeping things warm. The most convenient tool, your hand phone. Yes you can text your partner anytime to let them know how much you miss them, you are thinking of him. You may tease and flirt in the phone to make things hot. If you are good, you can even have phone sex. This can be very excited and full of imagination. The other party can't see you and only thinking about it, this makes everything perfect as it's working in the way they like it. And what make it better is the internet, you can cyber sex. We do not have picture or live camera in the old days, but now, you can even see her having her orgasm online at few hundred miles away, not to forget the sexy and heavy breathing while he or she is having an orgasm. Well guys, it's not applicable to those far distance relationship, you can do it even though you are near to each other. The feeling is so different and sure make a big boost while you see each other the very next time.

Girl, Enjoy your sex more

For the girls out there, hey, you can enjoy your sex as much as a guy. Most of you out there, you tend to focus on the guy and after the guy ejaculate, both of you just stop. We have talked about girls you may ask for sex even after your sex partner orgasm, right? And now, why not you and your sex partner put the focus on you once in a while. Guys don't mind about that, they like to satisfy their girls, they like to know that they gave you the orgasm. It will make them happy that they can satisfy you, guys may arouse when they see the girls have orgasm, and the other way they will feel frustrated if they can't satisfy you in sex. Don't stop him from service you, don't be shy to ask as well. Lie down and relax yourself, let him kiss you all over your body, move his hand all over and show him how he can make you feel better and give you the orgasm you want.
Sometimes you can have orgasm without sex, you don't need to have the sex intercourse. As long as you can have orgasm, don't stop it.

Creative sex into reality

We have talked about creative sex in our previous posting, and some of our reader told us that it's easy to think about it and sometimes it may be weird or awkward to put in action. Some of their fantasies may be hard for others to accept, what if their sex partner feel that it's stupid or lunatic to do something in their dream and fantasy? Well there are some way to help you and your sex partner to put your fantasy into action.
The most easy part that you can do is get some porn videos, those kind of porn videos that are similar to what you fantasized. Watch these porns with your love one, then you may share your comment, feelings with them, this can lead to a discussion. Then you can share your thoughts about the way that you prefer the sex, and what kind of sex positions you like. Along the discussion you can know what he or she can accept, then you may share your sex fantasy in the discussion. That will be more easy for them to understand and accept what is in your brain. You may even share some of your sensual fantasy by telling him that one of the video that you have watched before, and those scene make you feel so good about it, and you would like to have the sex scene happen in front of you. Share it and you may be surprise to find out how much he like it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make the Move...Ladies

We have been talking in the blog here many times, but I have not start a subject base on this. So this time, I'm going to make this announcement to the girl again. Make your move, baby girls, and the guys will like it a lot. This is also the confidence that you can give him, you let them know you have nice sex with them and you like to make love to them again and again. It's no more a one side story, the guys will love that you ask for sex, this doesn't make you a whore, but make you sexy, hotter than anyone he knows, and the girl who knows how to enjoy sex. Don't worry that you are too aggressive, Guys is dying for you to make the move. Guys won't say NO to sex, at least most of the time. They don't know whether you are interested, he may not want to interrupt you while you are reading, cooking, watching tv or other stuff, so if you make the move first, your guy will appreciate it and enjoy it! When girls make the move, there are lots of advantages, you can surprise him all the time with your sexy lingeries, role play uniform, you will turn him on right away. On the other hand, girls is not that easy to turn on, see girls, you have the upper hand on this. Ladies... Make your move now, and you and your man will enjoy the sex so much.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can have sex for hours!

Guys like to brag this to his guy or girl friends. How he can manage to give the girls good sex, orgasm and how charming he is. And the fact of long hour sex is not so practical all the time now, as you know, all of us have to work hard for a living and social life, family, exercise, routines, all these things have keep us busy. How often do you have such long hour to have sex? So it is wise to have sex quickies, and the challenge here is how to make the girls orgasm in such a short time? This short time sex that I mean is when you and your sex partner feel so horny and you may only have 15 minutes in between. And the main thing here, yes she feel horny, this is important, if she don't then your foreplay time may take 15 minutes already. So, unless she feel horny out of a sudden, or you will have to plan for it. Give her some nice kiss, caress in the morning before you go out, the foreplay in the morning and make her keep the horny feel there. So by the time you come back, it maybe 8 hours after that. You can make a fast sex if she still can feel the horny inside her and thirsty for sex. You have know exactly what she wants and how she can have orgasm in such a short time, if you don't know? ASK, that is always a good way to find out how to satisfy her in sex.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look her in the eye while having sex

That explains what I wanna tell you here, look at her in the eye when you are making love with her. It's good to have eye contact, I think most of the guys like it, don't think that guys is looking at your breast or pussy only. Guys do like eye contact too when having sex. Sometimes when your sex partner is not so confident in sex, they need you to look at him/her to give the feedback to let them know that you are feeling good, enjoying the sex. Girls out there, do you know that the guys will feel more likely to orgasm when they know you are satisfy with the sex? Another thing that you can make sex better is using your mouth, no I don't mean to give him a blowjob, I mean your voice. By giving some deep breath, moaning, this will give effect like the eye contact, and moaning is better than anything that is telling your sex partner that you are enjoying the sex, and you are coming, going to have an orgasm soon. If you communicate this with your sex partner, you may be surprise to find out that spanking or dirty talking will arouse them as well. Communicate this first before you scream for 'fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me deep inside.', your sex partner maybe the type that don't enjoy this dirty talking but rather some smooth talk like 'I'm coming baby, faster.'

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sex Fantasy help you in Orgasm

All of us have our own sex fantasy, and this helps in actual sex. Sex fantasy can help you in masturbate but in real sex, how is it going to help. You see, most of us are trying hard to please our sex partner hoping to give him or her an orgasm. You may even trying to look conservative than usual. So when you try to hard in that, you are less focus. The things that you should do is treat yourself as in those porn movie, and think yourself as the whore in the porn video. Enjoy the sex like you are the whore in the porn and this will make yourself arouse and increase the desire in you and your partner. When you get to do this, you will turn the beast in your sex partner and release the sex devil inside him or her.
Another common situation in sex, no matter girls or boys do the same thing. They will try to suck in their tummy in so that they look slim and fit. What you don't know is the air is helpful for orgasm, deeper breath may be more easy to have orgasm. When you suck in your tummy, your breath is not as deep as usual. So relax, be yourself, your partner know that and he or she can see it, don't worry to much and try to focus in the sex and enjoy it. Throw yourself inside the sex and let it all out, your sex partner is going to amaze by you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have Sex in the Morning!!!

As you can see in the title here, I'm telling you that take your chance to have sex in the Morning. Ya guys, we have sex at night most of the time. And of course we have to work during weekdays, so I'm suggesting you to make in on weekend and holiday. It's a great way to start your day right? Why?Don't ask me, ask your little penis down there, they will tell you why. Actually they tried to tell you this all the time, doesn't your penis wake up earlier than you every morning? They are trying to tell you that, boy, feed me with some pussy. Ok, they may sound rude, they try to tell you I need to have sex here, please find me a girl. I'm sure that your energy is much better in the morning than at night, you have all the power that a girl need to be satisfy. So if you are waking up next to a girl in the morning, give her the orgasm she needs.
Do you know that not only guys have higher testosterone levels in the morning, girls have the same thing as well. The same drive in the morning can make her crazy, some more in the morning you don't have to worry about work during weekend and holiday. This will help you more and get to focus in sex. Guys, satisfy your girl now and give them the orgasm in the morning. Oh ya, brush your teeth first or have some mints beside your bed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For the girls to tackle a guy

For the girls out there. Saw the hot guy that you want to tackle? It's damn easy! You have to understand how guys think. Actually when come to guys and girls thing, guy's brain is actually not functioning. The first thing that can attracted guys is the outlook of yourself. Yes, you think of sexy outfit now. But sexy is not only thing that is important or else you can just get yourself naked or half naked to attract the guys out there. The thing that you attract him is the way you present yourself. What we are talking about is not just wearing sexy outfit, short skirt, hot pants, bikini or any other thing that shows only sexy. Yes, sexy is the main thing that can attract guys attention, but the way that you present yourself is important, it's useless to make yourself look like a whore, they may attracted by you at the first sight, but they will attracted by other sexy girl in a short time. And Teasing is one of the good strategy that can make the guy stick with you all the time. The art of teasing is depend on situation and you have to do research online regarding it. But I think most of the girls can handle this very well by making the guys crazy about them. Advertisement time. For the girls who wants a bigger penis boy friend, husband or sex partner, look for the Maxman here in this website.