Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yoga & sex

Read an article online saying men using yoga to dates. This is not about how you use yoga to improve you sexual performance, or using doing yoga together with your love one to enhance the sexual relationship. I do think that yoga may help to improve sex, but sure it's not suitable for everyone. I think most of the men will have the same thought as mine, learn yoga and bench my body like that to improve sex? I rather take a Viagra pill that may kill me. I do enjoy to exercise with a bunch of sexy girls in the classroom, but I won't be able to stand properly after the class. It won't be useful for a guy like me.

Is this new? Don't think so, I remember I watched a movie about 10 years ago that the handsome guy is using the yoga class as a way to tackle girls.

There are also a lot of cases that the yoga instructor is having sex with their students, a female yoga teacher said what can you expect when the male instructor is in a classroom full of female students in lycra? And some of the yoga post do look sexy right? I wonder what will happen if the male instructor is getting an erect during the class, and you know how soft the fabric can be. This is totally awesome.

Monday, February 27, 2012


This sexting is not sex thing, it's sex texting, of course it's about sex. Do you know that there are some research shows that there is actually 30% of the female out there sending their nude photos? And 50% of the girls admit that they flirt and talk dirty in text. So it's a very open minded world now, one third of them will only do this when they are in a serious relationship; One third of them are willing to send their own nude pictures after a few dates. This is a good news for us, right? Such a seductive world. It's such an open world that these nude photos aren't even affecting Blake Lively, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus.

Read a few news that some young guys are being threatened to pay for their own nude photos. How it happened? They met a pretty girl adding them in msn, and this girl is having this sex chat with them. The girl just show her nude body and seducing them to have a dirty and sexy chat. What will you do if a pretty girl is asking you for a sex chat? You will think that you got lucky ain't so? The girls persuade him to take off his shirt and masturbate in front of the pc. Well, the girl record it down and ask them for money after that. Well, it's an open minded world. The guy just call police for help without hesitate, he doesn't worry it at all. Be smart, if you want to do this, make sure the camera doesn't see your face, you will save yourself some time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to start sex?

It's not easy to start sex or love making, how should you tell her that you want to have sex? It's easy if both of you are in the same page. What is she is not in the mood for sex today? Or you guys are making love each time you meet up and you don't want to make her feel like you look for her just because you want to have sex? It may look awkward if you make her feel like you are there just because of her vagina. try imagine that you are in a relationship for a long time.

What should you do? Ya, you have to do your homework. Well the easy way of course is a romantic dinner with some wine, a walk under the star or on the beach can help her to be in the mood for sex. Some creative things that you may try out. Food again, but this time you cook it. It's a good idea for those who are good at cooking. Cook some of your best dish and feed her, wine will help you a lot. You may ask her to help you to wash the dish after the meal, then you will have a good chance to hug and kiss her from behind. Sure you will know what to do next.

Watching movie can help her to get in the mood for sex? I don't mean porn, porn will help you some time, but I don't think you wants to use it every single time. This time use some sexy movies that may bring her into the mood. This is the natural Viagra that boost sexual desire and boost testosterone level. Make a comfortable place in front of the television with pillow so you guys can enjoy the movie. You may let your hand run around her body during the movie, start from insensitive area.

The last idea that we would like to suggest, strip poke. This is a Natural Male Enhancement Supplement for her. This is one of my favourite game to help her to get into sex. We do this very often, it's one of the method that works well and easy to proceed. You may make the game more fun like ask her to put on a lingerie or anything that will turn you on when she is all naked. There are a lot of games out there that may help you, just google it.

Don't let yourself stop here, we just give you some idea here and you can make it more fun. Enjoy your sex.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Women's curve

Saw a picture in Facebook, and it's damn right. The title is 'Just because you're skinny, doesn't mean you're hot! Bring the curves back! It shows 3 type of body, one is about women's ideal body shape, one is about men's ideal women body shape, the remaining one is national average. Women's ideal size is 4-8, but guys like size 12 and the national average size is 16. It's very true, girls do like to keep fit all the time, no matter how skinny she is.

For me, I do like girls with curve. Those model on the walk way are just a disaster for me, their body shape is too skinny. They are so skinny that I won't even erect if they are standing in front of me without any cloth on them. No one is perfect, I believe so. But don't make yourself so skinny that it's more ugly than pretty. I saw this Mayra Suarez nude photo online, I have no idea who is this before I read about it. She was a model, she is kinda hot. She does look attractive but she is very skinny, for me, it's not really my type. Don't get me wrong, it's not about her breast. She have a pair of nice tits, but other parts of her is just skinny. As long as this is the natural her without doing those intense slimming programme, she still consider a healthy person. She do look better if she can slightly increase in weight.

Body curve is important, but not too over. Just have a healthy a balance life you will be more happy and attract the type of guys that love you more than your body. Exercise can help you to have a hot body curve.