Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He reject you for sex

It's not very often that a guy will say no to sex, but it may happen sometime. Girls may think that there are something wrong with him or the relationship. In fact it may not be a big deal. Guys may not be in the mood for sex as well, rare doesn't mean it won't happen. What may cause a man to turn you down for sex? The first thing that comes into mind, he is too tired for sex. Is that possible? Yes, it is. If this happen everyday then something is wrong, but it may not be you. When you come back from a very stressful environment, you may not be in the mood for sex immediately. Some of the man may like to release their stress with sex, but some may like music or a drink. So you have to do some foreplay as well to release their tension and they may feel horny with your lingerie.

If you do not want to be turn down by him again for the second time, you may try to plant a thought in his mind. You can tell him how much you miss with the sex with him in the kitchen last week and you are getting so wet by just thinking of it while in office. Continue with what you are doing and see how he response to it after that. If you are lucky you won't need to do anything and he will do the rest for you.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What she wants?

These are some sex tips from the lady, read it and see whether do have done it to your sex partner before. Sure you know that her breast is one of the sensitive area that can't be miss, most of us just do it during foreplay. Well you know that some of the position may not be convenient for you to grab her breast during sex eg. missionary. Her breast is always a good spot to stimulate and give her the orgasm, try your best to touch her breast and make her want more of you. Licking and sucking of her nipple is a crucial thing, you may wander around with your finger tips before go to her nipple.

Give her a g spot orgasm, this is the spot that we talk about all the time. The big G is just 2 inch inside her vagina, you may feel it with your finger, it's a bit rough. This spot is best stimulate through doggy style, ask her to lower her arm to elbow. This is a modified doggy style, you may hit her g spot easily and give her a good orgasm.

Monday, November 14, 2011

An early ejaculate?

Things may not come out as what you expect most of the time, and this article here helps you to deal with the bad situation like an early ejaculation. What do you normally do if you have something like this happens to you? It's ok if this happens to you and your girl friend that already been together for some time, but what if it's a new sex partner that you may not have the chance to have sex with her again?

What normally I will do here is saying something like 'you're too beautiful that I can't hold them any longer'. This is something trying to give her some compliment and distract her attention from early ejaculation. Another easy way out for you is apologize, don't make sorry such a hard word. You may tell her this but not making this a big deal, what you need to do is prepare for another exciting session. You do not have the mood for sex and your penis doesn't seem to co-operate with you to give her a good sex? Well, sex doesn't mean you have to use your penis all the time. You still have your mouth and finger, some women prefer these more than your dick. Learn to use your mouth and finger, they will give her a big orgasm even without using your penis.

If you are so tired or totally not in the mood to please her, explain your situation to her and turn the exciting sex night to a warm and touching pillow talk. This may kill her mood so much, and depend on your partner's character, different people have different reaction to this. Don't do this so often else you won't have the chance to make love with her again, worst you may lost her ultimately. Well, I still prefer that you try it again, at least let your mouth and finger do the job for you. Women need to be satisfy sexually as well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Facebook Sex - Dating

This is only the beginning when the girl accept you as their friend. Now you can utilised the chat function in Facebook, you can now break the ice. Try not to be too forward. If they login after 8, they will have a more relax mood. They may even have a drink or two, you have bigger opportunity to break the ice.

I have an experience that found a girl in Facebook who work around my office, of course I found out by chatting with her. I started to date her for a drink after work, she keep on reject me. I think she may not feel comfortable to meet me up after work, so I try to ask her for lunch. Know what, she said yes. The different between lunch and dinner? I think she can have an excuse to run after finish the meal as the time period for lunch is much shorter than dinner. This may give you some idea when you want to make your move next time. My own experience, patient is an important point.

Frankly speaking, it's more easier to know someone face to face. Facebook maybe a way for you to know some new friends only you are so desperate and you never hang out. If you ever have a chance to hang out with your friend, why don't you start from there? As we have mention above, it's easier for you to know someone when they have a drink or two, they are in a relaxing mood. You may get to know them in just an hour, if you are lucky, you may have an explosive sex after that. No more long hour waiting for her to online, and cut so much time and problem. Good luck for your hunting.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facebook Sex

Facebook is something that only exist recently, but then we can't live without it right now. Research already shows that Facebook even affect employees working efficiency in the workplace. Everyone of us spend so much time in Facebook, but how many of you ever date the pretty and sexy girl that you haven't met before? There are something that you should be aware if you would like to date the hottie that you found in Facebook.
Profile Picture. This is the first impression that she have on you, so find the suitable and the best photo you have. These are some example of the profile picture that you should be aware of, this is word by word from the author.

Here are some example profile pictures that will kill your chances of hooking up straight away.

• You on the lash, downing a yard of ale with beer all over your shirt.

Girl thinks: Drunken maniac, regular puker.

• A self-portrait of you intensely staring at the camera, with some ‘special’ effects from Photoshop.

Girl thinks: Depressing emo, lives with mother.

• Depending on the type of girl you are messaging – you with your shirt off, flexing your muscles before the mirror.

Girl thinks: Douche. Bag.

Here are some that might put you in a more positive light:

• Out with a group of friends, and best with a girl in the shot (although try and make yourself the focus of the shot, or they won’t know which one you are).

Girl thinks: Nice social chappy.

• In front of some famous landmark or cool natural wonder, like a volcano. Or a glacier. Or a massive tree.

Girl thinks: well travelled gent.

• Depending on the type of girl you are messaging – you with your shirt off, flexing your muscles before the mirror.

Girl thinks: Sex. God.

Same situation, but different girl will have different reaction and thought about you, target the kind of girls you like, you don't need to please everyone.

Now you have your handsome profile photo in Facebook, where to start from? Looking for girls in your friend's friend list may seem a good idea, but becareful that your friend may not like you to do this to their friends and they may feel that you violate their trust on you. This is not a good way to look for your date. The best way for you to find a hottie, the common interest group. You may give some comment when they post question, if they reply then you may have a chance. You may message them privately see whether they are interest in chatting with you. At least you know what they are interested in, no headache for a good topic.

How I know they are in the same place I stay? Well, you have to do some research and one of the way to do so is look for those groups like primary school, college group. Your local club event, I found a lot of hottie in those event group. The best thing, they are going to attend a party this Saturday and you have the chance to approach them. Most of the girls that you add won't reply you at all, take your time, you gotta be patient to get laid.

You may aim for older women, and not too forward initially. If you got lucky, they ask whether they know you, you may reply something that you are attracted by them, you found they are single at the same time. So you give it a try to get to know them.

We will continue this in the next post.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is your penis size?

Men thinks about this penis size all the time, whether they have a penis size that is large enough to pleasure their woman. What is the penis size that is suitable to give them orgasm? We have discuss about this in a lot of our previous article and now we are here just to let you know the result of the average penis size that most men have. It's from askmen, have you ever wonder who will conduct a research like this? Well, good luck for those guys who are interested with the penis size out there.

You are normal if you have a size of 3.5-3.7 inches when soft, 5.0-5.7 inches when hard, do you have a normal one? If you have a large one, keep it to yourself, I'm not interested with guy's dick. But if you have a small penis, don't worry, it's not end of the world. There are a lot of penis massage, penis enlargement pill out there that may help you to enlarge your buddy. If you want to keep the same size and still want to give your women orgasm, you still able to do it. There are lots of sex tips here that can help you to give her big orgasm even if you have a small penis.

Do you there is a country out there that is free to have a penis enlargement surgery? It's Cuba! The penis enhancement surgery is cover under the public health care. How do we know? As the Ministry of public health in Cuba suggest that self esteem and knowledge is the best for men, they do not need to do the penis enhancement surgery that is currently cover by the government. Are you google'ing' how to apply as citizen of Cuba right now?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Internet can cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Internet porn can make you erectile dysfunction? Research lately shows that a lot of youngster, physically healthy youngster are having erectile dysfunction. What makes them suffer erectile dysfunction at this young age? Porn. It's easy to access to porn for youngster at home, and it's just a few clicks away. The research shows that they watch so much of this porn and by the time they have real sexual intercourse it's kinda different from the porn they watch online. Researchers call it overdose of porn in the brain. When they are watching online porn, they have different girls in each window, each girls please you differently.

From my perspective, not everyone have a porn star look or body girl friend. When they are 'having sex' with these pretty young ladies online, whom have a face of an angel and body of a devil, they will have a very different experience. While they are watching porn, they only need to satisfy their own pleasure. What they need to do is just masturbate themselves. In real sex, you may not have a girl friend that is very interest with sex and you may need to stimulate her, doing foreplay to turn her on.

Study shows that guys are mostly attracted by the look of girls. Are they able to erect while having sex if they don't have a partner that looks like a model? Guys, know what these porn can do to you then you may learn that these porn maybe the reason you suffer erectile dysfunction. Cut down the porn and spend some time with your girl friend or go to workout.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Powerful women have less sex?

Read an article online mentioning this. The funny thing about it, they post a photo of Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt. Are they trying to tell people that Angelina Jolie have less sex? I'm not sure about Brat Pitt but if I have a girl like Angelina Jolie, sorry to say so but I will tend to have lots of sex. Of course it depend on the response of the other party.

So back to our topic, powerful women tend to have less sex? Where do they get a conclusion like this? The research found that Americans have less sex compare to other country, it may be partly because the women are tired after work. Quote from the article, they are too tired to have sex. We always say that the technology help us so much in our life but it seems like we are more busier than old days. Have you ever wonder why we are so busy all the time and have you stop for a while and think what do you want in your life? We have to keep a balance in life, work and family. If we are even too busy to have sex, isn't that a bad thing in life? We are not improving at all and it seems like everyone of us are becoming a slave of money, busy working all the time.

It does make sense to see why people protest against the giant companies in Wall Street. Money can give you a good life but it doesn't make life good itself, you still have to make it wonderful. Maybe I can put it this way, money is like Iphone, but the phone is not special if it doesn't have those wonderful apps to support it. RIP Steve Job.

Back to the sex thing, research also found that if women are in charge of the finance in the family, she will have less sex as well. Other than busy, I wonder the power that women gain in the family makes the man less masculine thus make him less attractive for sex?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sexual Enhance Technique

Have you guys learn anything from tantric love making skill? It's kinda strange when I read it online, but I do get some basic things that can help to perform longer love making. The 3 main point that can help you to perform better is PC Muscle contraction, penis squeeze, change of sex position and breath technique.

PC Muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is the muscle between your pubic bone and tail bone. You can feel this muscle when you are urinating, try to stop the flow, the muscle that controls it is the pc muscle. Read a few of the articles before, this muscle can help you to enhance your sexual performance by stop ejaculation. How do you train your pc muscle? Contract this muscle 20-25 times a day.

Penis squeeze tip, this is an easy and able to use it without much training. When you are near to orgasm, you can delay your ejaculation by pulling your tested down and away from your body. This training can ultimately help you to reach pleasure without ejaculation.

Change of sex position able to prolong the love making process, this I know. When you change your sex position, you may feel not the urge to ejaculate immediately, thus this definitely helps to delay ejaculation. You may try position that you are lying down on your back and she is on top of you facing or the other way, as long she is on top she will be the one to control the rhythms. This will help you to delay ejaculation as you won't feel the urge to ejaculate so strong. Search online for Kamasutra and try some new positions that both of you enjoy it, then you may find some positions that can give her the pleasure but help you to stand longer time.

Breathing techniques, when you are having sex, the breath tend to be quick. When you are close to climax, you may tend to hold your breath as well. Practice your breath to be steady, relaxed, deeply and slowly, this is effective to stave off your orgasm. This same breathing technique is useful for running too as I read in other article.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to stimulate her?

The g spot, which is grafenberg spot is always a myth for most of the men, and surprisingly women as well. For the women, I will advise you that play with yourself more, it's not bad to masturbate yourself often, you need to get to know your body well. Don't leave the pleasure to guys, this is your self pleasure. Men may not know as much as you do about yourself unless the guy is a sex god, but how many of them are so good in sex? We will share with you the g spot but that may not be your most sensitive area or maybe you like the feel or your nipples being lick more than the stimulation of g spot. The G spot that people always talk about it in your vagina, it's situated on the front wall on the direction of your belly button, but not so further up.
Now you know the spot and how to stimulate it? Men yes, it's good to use your penis to stimulate it but not for the position of missionary unless your penis is curving up. The g spot is best stimulate by using position like doggy style, if you like your missionary, you may put her leg on your shoulder, this position allow your penis to rub her g spot more easily. While doing some foreplay to her, you may use your tongue to lick her clitoris, labia to make her wet. Then you can use your finger to play with it. Other than in and out with your fingers, you may move left right or up and down, check her response then you will know whether she likes it or not. When she is high enough, then you may stimulate her g spot with your finger. It's like asking people to come over with your finger. She may have the orgasm before you penetrate, so imagine how she love to have sex with you before you use your weapon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foods for increasing libido

This must be an interesting topic, I have found this in msn and askmen website. So I just simplified and share it with you. I think you will find it amazing as these foods are very common in our life, and you don't know that such a common food is the non chemical; organic libido booster for your body. These foods are price effective, it won't cut a hole in your pocket. The most common food is Oyster, bet you know about it. Oyster is very famous aphrodisiac that is famous in libido boosting, it's high in zinc, it's good for raises sperm and testosterone production. Honey, it's high in vitamin b which helps testosterone production as well. Honey is also a low GI food that it gives a slow, steady energy release to help your stamina. Honey is also very good to use during sex, you may just put it all over her body and lick it. Banana, it contain bromelain enzyme, which is useful for reverse impotence in men. Banana also full of potassium and Vitamin B, it can increase body's overall energy. I do found that organiser in marathon distribute banana as an energy boosting source for runners, bet this is the reason. Almond or nuts, this are the raw material for production of hormones. Remember to take it raw.
You may not like the smell of garlic, but it contain alicin that help blood flow to your sexual organs. It's a highly effective herb that is able to boost your libido. You know eggs are nutritious, but how good is it and why is it good for libido? Eggs are high in vitamin B5 and B6, it help balance hormone level and fight stress, two things that are crucial for a healthy libido. Fruits like mangoes, peaches and strawberries are good for sex as well. There isn't any further elaboration about nutrition of the fruit in the website, but it can be fun to eat during sex. Tomato skin is rich in lycopene, the high beta-carotene content convert to Vitamin A, both are good for your prostate and sexual health. Never forget about Avocadoes, it is rich in Vitamin B6 that is a powerful source of male hormone production. Figs are high in amino acids that believe to increase libido, that improve sexual stamina .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sex tips to boost her desire

These are some advise from the female, so you may just try it and see whether it apply to your partner. Women likes foreplay so this is something that you need to work it out, don't rush to sex, since guys don't actually last long during sex why not spend some time to enjoy her body. Do some caress, massage, kissing, licking, touching and others can create a very sensual foreplay before you go into sex. Some women even enjoy this more than the real sex when you penetrate her, so you know how to satisfy her even you don't have a large penis with you. They suggest that you may try to place her arms behind her head, this makes them feel that you're in charge, and they may like this, this makes them horny. Beware if she have encounter some violent experience previously, this may make her feel uncomfortable. The strength that you apply should be firm but not too strong, you have to adjust it properly according to her needs. This move here is good for sex when you use missionary and also during foreplay. There is another move here that the girls suggest that it will turn them on easily, it's slipping your hand in her hair. Trace the hair line and gently apply some pressure on her head, again, comfortable strength but not too relax as you don't want her to fall asleep after this. Don't do this too long so that she won't fall in to sleep. And another tips to boost her desire, this is the easy one and definitely you will like it. Compliment and sweet talk! There are tons of things that you can tell her, remember in a very soft tone, make it sexy. Tell her how much you like about her sexy body, lips or breast, and you like her move, oral sex for you and so on. Make her feel that you appreciate her body and what she did for you. These tips here can help you to have better sex with your partner and they will feel so much better when they know you take the effort to help them orgasm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sex tips for her

When you are thinking of how to pleasure your man and want him to enjoy sex between you, remember one thing, it's easy to do so. Guys are always easy to turn on, but you have to satisfied their eyes and know how to seduce them. So how can you do that? Men doesn't need foreplay, but they something to turn them on, they may have a bad day at work, and a sexy lingerie in you will make his day. Guys always enjoy to see their women satisfy themselves, masturbate in front of him and let him know that you want to have sex with him. Don't be shy to do so as men like it a lot, and they feel so good when the woman is taking initiative to make the sex better. Make the sex fun and it will be a wonderful sex. Try to surprise your man with the lingerie while he step into the house, this will give him a very big surprise. When you are making love, don't just lie on the bed, there are a lot of things that you can do to make sex more fun and explosive. We will come into detail next time. We always talk about communication in relationship, sex as well. Give him some hints or guide during sex that can make you orgasm or making you feel better. If you don't want to make it too obvious, try to hint him or just encourage him when he is on the right track.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ask her how she wants her orgasm

Yes, you have to ask her how she likes to be stimulate and play with. You have to ask her and tell her that you care for her orgasm as well. Most of the guys have no problem for orgasm but for girls, it's one out of three women have experience orgasm. The rest? Yes, they haven't experience orgasm before. I think you care for your partner's sex life, right? I don't think you want her to look for others for her sexual satisfaction. It may lead to other problems if your partner's sex life is not satisfy. You like to see her masturbate in front of you? I think most of the guys like that and she may feel shy to do so, tell her how much you like it and you may see how she play with herself. Your penis is not suitable for her? How can you solve this problem? By using different sex position. Say if you have a short penis, you can bend her leg up to her chest in missionary, this position can help you to touch her g spot more easily. If the penis is thin, this may affect her to feel the fullness while penetrate. You may use those sex position that both her leg stick together and you penetrate from outside, like doggy style. If you have a large one, then you may ask her to be on top of you so that she can control the way she feel comfortable. Most of the women feel shy when they are making love with their love one, and they may not want to risk the relationship by being too wild or shy to tell you what they want. But for guys, they want their women to be a wild cat during sex. Have you tell her about that? If you don't even tell her this then you won't able to tell her about your sexual fantasy. Communicate with her then only your sex life will be more explosive.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sex pill isn't the answer for all erectile dysfunction issue

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, sex pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Activ Homme, Maxman, A1Satibo, Extenze are not the answer to it. You should find the cause that create this erectile dysfunction effect. Problems like unemployment, stress in the job can lead to low self esteem with the men, and this will lead to erectile dysfunction. And problems here may create problem in your relationship thus make ED a bigger problem in your relationship. Doctor suggest a medical therapy that combines erectile dysfunction pills and good relationship may have better result.
Study shows that when sexual relationship between husband and wife gone bad, their relationship are bad as well. They may love each other but they lost the interest to have sex with each other. Both parties are responsible for this and need to take some effort to improve sexual relationship. Research also shows that among the men who suffer erectile dysfunction, 50% of their wives suffer sexual dysfunction as well. Low frequency of sexual intercourse will lead them to sexual dysfunction as well. A good quality of sexual relationship will improve the relationship and less fight in the partners, their overall life will tend to improve as well. There are no way that the sex pills can improve your sexual relationship so you have to work it out with your partner. It can give you a hard penis, and that's all. Check out the post here to find out how to improve your sexual relationship and make it more interesting. Communication is important to improve your sex life.

Romance and sex

Girls do like sex but not as much as you guys do. So on and off we have to do something that help her to get into the mood for sex. There are a lot of things that you can do to create little romance, and the romance that you make can pay back to you fast, in the way you want it, sex. When you are in a long term relationship, romance can always lube up your life not only in sex but in a lot of aspect. Simple as a dinner with candle, if this is what she likes, or maybe she miss the fish and chips on the harbour. Use your imagination and creativity to make your date fun and romantic.

Holiday, holiday does equal to good sex. No way that guys won't have sex during holiday, when you're in your holiday, the getaway from routine life is already a big relax. When you check in to the hotel in a totally new and clean room, no worry about your kids or house work, she is already in the mood for sex, order wine or champagne can make your night mind blowing.

Argument can lead to good sex? Yes, it is, but post argument. We are not asking you to create a fight here, but take the chance of having great sex after an argument. After the cold and furious fight, the sex will tend to be more explosive than usual as you feel relief that it's over and you will want to make it up to your partner. You guys will need a good make up sex to fix the relationship.

If you like hot and mind blowing sex, don't forget about those little dates that your women cares about. Anniversaries of your marriage, first date, first child or even first sex. Remember it and you will be rewarded. Romance may not be equal to sex, but it can always lead to good sex, waste some time and effort to do it and you will know it's worth to do so.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The All Night Long Sex

We will discuss the things that you may want to do for having sex all night long. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare before having sex all night long, you may think of your penis enhancement pill like A1Satibo, Activ Homme, Extenze2u, Maxman, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. But have you think about any snack that can refill your energy in between those sex session? Take something that is light, not too heavy, we would like to suggest you chocolate, whipped cream, banana, strawberry, cookies and so on. Most of these foods can make you having fun during sex as well, sure you like the idea of having banana or chocolate on her body, right? If you are going to make her or yourself a chocolate dessert, prepare some canvas, something small that is easy to prepare at home like yoga mat is easy to clean. After this you may go to shower together, help her to soap up, give her a sensual massage in the shower. Do get naughty during the shower. What to do after shower? Get a DVD. A porn DVD is the best, this may turn her on in no time and you may start your job directly as the porn video have help you for the foreplay. If she wants to orgasm while watching video, you may want to stop her for doing so. Ask her to do a show for you, you may enjoy and take the time rest as well. It's important to find the time to rest in between so that you can erect hard again. Try to use some sex position that won't use up a lot of your energy, so that you can keep it for the next session. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clitoral Stimulating Technique - The Ultimate Orgasm Technique

We have discuss about clitoral in many of our post, it's not a secret that clitoral may help you to give her the orgasm. But there may be some questions like how do we stimulate her clitoral, is licking and fingering enough? How do we stimulate her but not bringing her pain or numb with the clitoral? And learn the technique so that you can Rock Her World.

The oral stimulation, before you start licking her clitoral, give her some foreplay like usual but avoid the clitoral and vagina part. When she starts to moan, then only go down to her clitoris and start your oral stimulation. Lick her clitoris gently and quickly, vary your direction each time and pausing each flick of your tongue. Remember the 10 and 2 o'clock position of her clitoris? Go into it when she is going to orgasm. There is another part of her clitoris can make her go wild, go beneath her clitoris. And what do you do with it? Slide it upward with soft stroke, repeat it slow and steadily. The secret is maintain it at a gentle and deliberately stroke even she wants a harder one. Each stroke should be individual, it should break contact with each stroke. When she is going to orgasm then only your tongue will lick continuously without breaking contact.

Manual stimulation. It's the finger stimulation that we normally do. There is a position that is very convenient for your finger to stimulate her clitoris continuously. First you may start this by giving her a sensual massage on her back, butt. Then slide behind her, stick to her butt with your chest and your finger can run around her sensitive part freely. Start by giving her some sexy circle, gently. Then you may try side to side or diagonal stroke. If you need some lubricants to oil up your hand, you can get it easily at your fingertip. You may penetrate her vagina with your finger to give her another big orgasm, but the main part here is not her vagina, it's her clitoris. Use your thumb to massage her clitoris while giving her some penetration. With this technique, you can give her multiple orgasm without even using your penis. You can do this all night long, right? And we will share more about all night long sex in the next post.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Read Her Sexual Body Language

We have talked about the sex partner orgasm all these time, and we should improve the sexual relationship by communicating with them, learn more, utilise your technique, skill and pose. After all these, you are still not sure whether they are faking their orgasm for now. There are some skills that can help you to read her body language and know whether she is faking her orgasm. Of course if you don't care whether she is faking it then you don't need to learn it.
The first thing that you can see easily but she can fake it easily is her breath, if she is breathing rapidly, this may be the sign that she is having her orgasm. When she is ready to orgasm, her heart rate will increase and her internal organs and muscles will demand more oxygen, so you may see her breathing rapidly. Her body movement like arms can be a signal for you as well, when she is enjoying the sex, her hand shouldn't be close to herself unless she just want to balance herself. If her hand is wide open or holding you close then it seems like she feels comfortable and may have the orgasm soon. There is another very sensitive part of her can be easily read, that is her vagina, you may feel the contraction with your penis while you penetrate her. There are some girls able to control their muscles in her vagina as well, but those girls are able to have their orgasm easily as they know what they want. You just communicate with them and they will tell you what to do in order to make them orgasm.

The Best out of you

There isn't any best solution for sexual intercourse. Different people have different preference, they have different kind of favorite part in sex. Some can have orgasm multiple time for every sexual intercourse, but some are like men, they may have an orgasm only. Then women may also act like men that they turn around and go to sleep immediately after sex, some like a small chat and hug after sex. So we would like to suggest that find out your sex partner's behavior, what's her favourite pose, does she like to make love in bed, or she prefer couch, she like to be on top or she like the missionary pose. Then you may use your strength to help you in this sexual relationship. For example, those who do not have a big penis inside their pants doesn't mean they can't give their partner an orgasm. They can just use their finger and tongue to assist them in sex. They can also use some other pose to make their women feel 'full' in the vagina, like doggie style, they can even put their finger at the woman's clitoris while penetrate. Just use your strength to your advantage and don't just feel sad at what you don't have. Don't give yourself excuses that you can't satisfy them, work it out, think, make her feel comfortable, don't make yourself to predictable and so on.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Orgasm at the right time!

Orgasm... The big O is a myth or something hard for some of those without experience. And how to make it at the right time. You orgasm too soon before the girls have it, they are not satisfy, too late they will feel so boring and start to see whether their nails are nice and when should they go for a manicure. If you want to ejaculate faster instead of making sex too long, wear a thinner condom, this thinner condom can make your penis more sensitive. Don't have sex too long, we mean the moment when you start to penetrate, foreplay doesn't count. Else your sex partner can't enjoy the sex and her vagina start to dry, you will have problem ejaculate at a later moment. For those who have premature ejaculation or want to last longer after their sex partner's orgasm, they may use thicker condom so that this will lower the sensitivity of their penis thus have longer sex penetration. Some little technique that people always use are change of sex position. When you are going to ejaculate, pull out your penis, change to another sex position that is not so sensitive for you. For example, your penis may feel less sensitive while she is on the top as she is taking charge and the move may not be exactly what you want, but she can have what she wants, she may have orgasm. You may delay ejaculate and satisfy her sexual needs. If you want to ejaculate sooner, you may masturbate yourself sometime to know about your own sexual needs and what can make you ejaculate faster. You can use it in your sex and help you to ejaculate faster.

The Penis Size Does Matter

We have heard about this a lot and you know about that very well. Ok, we are not talking about the length of the penis, as we already know that a long penis can touch the g spot inside the vagina. There is another theory about the size of the penis, the girth of your penis. In simple word the width of your penis. There are a lot of nerves around clitoris, and we have mention in previous post that the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock of her clitoris is very sensitive as well, they call it the vestibular bulb the nerve there is about the double quantity of your penis. So you know how that it's double the sensitive of your penis, not to mention that it's such a small surface. If you have a large penis, that can give her more pleasure as your penis will give more pressure on the clitoris and the sensitive area around it which they call it the vestibular bulb. There are also some little technique to make your penis works like more wider, like circulate your penis a bit while making love, this will give pressure to the tissues around her vagina. Another simple idea, add a finger in her vagina while you penetrate. Good sex position also allow you to give more pressure for the area surrounding her vagina. The doggy style, this will give more pressure on the other end of her vagina. And missionary with both her leg on your shoulder will give her more pleasure as well, it will make her orgasm come faster than ever.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The penis enhancement technique

Men cares about their penis a lot as it affect their sexual performance directly. When men is having sex with girls, the first thing they care about of course their own ejaculation, it's their orgasm. But other than their own satisfaction of sex, they care about the girls feeling as well, or they enjoy to be a sex machine that can give orgasm everytime. When it's related to women's orgasm, the hardness of penis is important as well. The harder your penis can be, the more your sex partner can feel about you inside them. A hard penis is always easier to satisfy girls. But how to make your penis hard? Of course there are a lot of sex pill in the market that may help you, but back to basic, your penis may be harder but your stamina or health may not be a able stand for such a long time until they orgasm. No easy way, exercise, take care of the food, live a healthier life, then your health will improve a lot. The more stamina you have, the healthier your body is, you will be able to perform better in sex. Other than taking care of your health with exercise, resting is also a big issue. Your body will need stamina and energy to make love, if you exercise more, your body will be able to handle it well. Leave your work problems and trouble in the office and rest properly, don't bring the stress back to your place. Stress can affect the quality of your sex directly. So these are my penis enhancement techinque? Yes, it is, take care of your health and you will have good sex.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Threesomes Sex

Threesomes is always a big fantasy for guys, of course we hope that there are two girls to have sex with us at the same time but not two guys to bang a girl. I had actually read an article that is telling us how to make it happen. It wrote there that some girls do feel flattered when you ask them for threesomes, keep an open mind. That doesn't mean that you can ask your wife, girlfriend just like this, there are some rules and tips for you to follow else you will ended up in a disaster. At first, you may share your fantasy with your partner, just make it like a share of fantasy but not a real suggestion. See how is she reacted to it. If she is not interested with it, that's all, end of story, you may just go to look for hookers or strippers to have sex with you at the same time, if you don't mind to pay double. So if she is interested, then you have to set some ground rules here, what is you and her limit. Does she mind if you to kiss or even penetrate or have sex with the guest star, don't push if she is not prepare for it. This rules are important, if you don't set it properly beforehand, your relationship will end up pretty badly. If this threesomes thing does happen, make sure you focus more on your wife or girl friend, she may feel jealous at any time, you have to be aware at any time. And at the same time if your partner is enjoying kissing, caressing with the guest star, don't feel bad, enjoy the show and see whether there is anything that you can do and won't affect them at the same time. Say you kiss your wife's back or holding her hand. Give as much as you can since your wife already give you such a big fantasy. If you are able to turn both the women on and they turn their focus back to you, you're in heaven man. Penetrate, know when to start the sexual intercourse is important, you have to let both of them prepare for this sex and they feel comfortable about it. By the time you penetrate, you have to take care the other party who have left out, touching to kissing her and look her in the eye. The last part is how to make yourself more 'durable', as you are having sex with both girls, you may feel more excited than usual, you may ejaculate faster than usual as well. So control yourself, slow things down then you may able to satisfy both girls, if you ejaculate sooner than their orgasm, just use your hand and mouth to finish the job. They will be please as well. Remember, this is not a relationship, so it's best not to stay over night with the guest star. Good luck for your threesomes sex.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little sex moves that drive her crazy

Here we are for a little sex talk to discuss the way to pleasure your sex partner. Sex can be a small thing or a big thing in life, it depends on how you deal with it. There are lots of time when we make love with our love one, we tend to do it quickly and we may not be able to enjoy much about it. Quikie is good, but not all the time. Foreplay like caress is pretty good, and you can do it better to run your fingertip all over her body, this sensual touch can lead to a more explosive sex later on. While you run your fingertip over her body, you may leave her panties on, teasing her through the fabric, she will anticipate more with the sex. She may feel torture that she is not able to have you making love with her immediately, and can't have you touching her sensitive area. And all this just to make her explode in the sex later on. After you tease her with your finger, make use of your mouth to do the same thing again. This time you may take her panties off and kiss wherever you want. I think your kiss will last less than 5 minutes then she will ask you to make love to her. If you like to use the missionary post, you may try to put her leg on your shoulder, she can have her orgasm easily as this post can put more pressure on her clitoris. These little sex moves can blow her mind easily and she will ask you have sex with her again and again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Sex

Sex can bring you happiness, you can use sex to make your life more lively. Most of the time, we have so many things in life that make us depress, stress, sad and anything that is bad you can relate in life. And sex is on the opposite side of all these negative things, it can bring you pleasure, warm, loving, close and etc. I think you can call sex a happy pill that is free, so you can throw all your anti depression pill and make love to pleasure yourself. The sexy intimate sex can make your life more wonderful. The sex need not to be a fully penetrate sex, it can be just a stimulating sex manually that just to make you and your partner to feel there is still something that can feel good in life. It can be wonderful when you need something to cheer you up and let you know that the life that we have here still worth it. There are still a lot of things to cheer you up in life and sex is one of it. Happy sex can divert your focus to happy things, it doesn't worth to think about the sad things. You have to focus on the good things that can make you live your life better, something that can help you to go through the bad times and even make you happier in the morning when you wake up. Sex can be one of the thing. Happy sex can make you feel sweet, love and care. Sex can help to restore the intimate relationship you have and make your relationship close again.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleeping disorder and Erectile dysfucntion

A research just show that sleeping disorder can create more health problem than those we normally think of. We knew that your sexual performance may be weaker if you don't get enough rest, but we never think that it will relate to erectile dysfunction directly. You may search for this in msn 'Sleep problems tied to erectile dysfunction and incontinence', and this information is getting from 2 research. For those party animal and workaholic, this may give you a wake up call. Take care of your health or you won't be able to give your sex partner orgasm. Research shows that sleep apnea may cause erectile dysfunction, and men have higher risk of getting it. The research is actually trying to study the sleeping pattern thus helping to improve sleeping quality to gain a healthier life. For those who are suffering insomnia, sleeping disorder and so on, there are few tips to help you improve your sleeping quality. Avoid caffeine, these thing can keep your eyes wide open at night if you are sensitive to it. Exercise, exercise is always a good way to make your body healthier, you can sleep better while your exhausted. A comfortable bed, pillow, room etc. to pamper yourself with. Leave your pressure and stress in the office and relax yourself, worry about your work only in your office. Your life won't get any better by taking it back with you. Sleep tight and take care of your health, you will have a strong penis then.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation Sex

Vacation sex, like what you have see in the title, it's always nice to have sex during holiday. And what we want to share here is plan a trip, go somewhere that is new to you. The environment will give you new experience, when you go for vacation, you will feel so relax and you will do something that is different at home. The sex will be great. I once try this villa in Bali, the villa comes with bedroom, living room, open air bathroom and swimming pool. Normally people book this for honeymoon, and I come here just to try it out. The experience is great, we jump into the pool by the time we reach, the place is just amazing. We started to kiss each other, and in no time we are naked. We just have sex in our own private pool, well, it's not that comfortable to have sex in the pool, but the feel of having sex under the sky is great. We make love few times that day and the feel is great. You don't have to fly all the way to Bali to experience this, we just want to share that making love in somewhere that is strange to you may give you and your sex partner more excitement in life. You may go somewhere near to spend your weekend, 2 days 1 night is more that enough to have a great sex. It won't cost you much and give you the new sex excitement.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phone and Sex

Just read about an article that talk about relationship of phone and sex. How does a phone affect your sex life? The article here does ignore a lot of other phone users but focus on the latest new phone like Iphone, Blackberry and Android phone. There is actually a statistic that makes you want to buy an Iphone. I'm not a big fan of Iphone, and I'm not even a user of Iphone, I just quote it from CBS News article that relate the phone and sex buddy.
It mentions that if you happen to be a male Android phone user, you will have an average of 6 sex buddies. If you are a female Android phone user, it will be slightly higher, 6.1 sex partners. Now we talk about Blackberry users, for the male, you will have 8.1 sex partners, for the female, it's higher again, it's 8.8 sex buddies. Who's the winner? Yes, it's IPhone, for men, the average is 10 sex buddies, and for girls it's 12.3 sex partners. I think IPhone have more applications and games that can help each other to contact more frequent and help them to communicate. Oh, the poll for this research is 30 years old.
For me, it's just a normal article, the first feeling when I read this is how come girls have more sex buddies than guy. But I can understand that they have more advantage than guy. Sad news for us, guys.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Supercharged sex

I'm thinking of what title to put for this post, but the main purpose is to supercharge your sexual experience. This can make both parties high and get the orgasm you want. The thing here is very simple and you may experience it before. Have you ever turn on by your partner and you are not able to have sex with her at that particular time. For example when you are in the cinema? And the sex you have right after back from cinema is pretty great, right? This is what we want to share today, the sexual intercourse will be very explosive. Set a date, say every 15th and 30th of the month, that both of you can only kiss, hug, caress each other, do whatever you want to turn each other on but not taking off your panties. So when you guys have sex the next day, the sexual experience will be mind blowing, the girls like it a lot as well. And the extra thing that you can do to make it more spicy, give your partner some dirty message or call to make them expect to have a wonderful sex when they reach home after work. Trigger their sexual needs in the afternoon and they can do nothing other than wait until after working hours. They will be like a wild cat. This is something that can make your week day more special, right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy sex date

We have talked about how vibrator can help you in sex, why don't give it as a gift for any occasion that you think suitable. We can always come out with any reason for celebrate, right? Think about the pleasure that you can see her use the vibrator in front of you to masturbate herself. Doesn't it feel sexier and more seducing? Imagine that should can give you a live porn show online when you are not around her, does it sound erotic for you?
Since we can set any date as a reason for celebrate, why not set up a date for crazy sex. For example, you may setup Friday as your 'Crazy sex Friday'. You guys may give each other surprise and get as creative as you can be, anything that you haven't tried before. Yes just for the sake for trying then only you will know how crazy your sex thing can be and you may explore another new way to give her the orgasm. Explore every part of her body include her vagina, some girls enjoy your finger in her as your finger are more flexible and able to touch her g spot. It's finger licking good. For girls, some may like to play with your penis, they claim they can play with it all day long, you'll need viagra for that. We know that you play with nipple all the time, but there may be new way to play with them other than fingers and licking, ask her.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couples hot sex

When do you find that your partner is so sexy that you would like to have sex with them? There are a lot of outfit that guys like their girl friend to wear. The office lady or secretary look? The sport outfit? Or the clubbing dress? Most of the girls are not so anxious like guys when it comes to sex. So you have to learn more about her, where is her hot spot and how to turn them on. For example, you would like to have sex with her after she comes back from work. And she normally need to cook and clean up her house after work, after all these she is exhausted and not in the mood for sex, what can you do? The food part is easy, buy her something for dinner while you're on the way to look for her. Her housework? Well guys, you have to put some effort to help her clean up her place so that she have the time for you. No one said it's easy. But what about about turning her on? There is a little secret here, in the morning or afternoon, send her an exotic message to give her some imagination, a short conversation is even better and talk dirty with her. Well by the time she reach home, not even she start her dinner you already having sex with her on the couch. What about the outfit thing? Ya, same thing apply to this, learn the way to turn her on and move all the excuses that she will stop you from having sex. She won't mind to reach the club half an hour late.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vibrator for her orgasm

Vibrator is girls' best friend, have you guys heard that before? Most of the girls are shy to use this when they are having sex with guy. They worry that the vibrator may make guys fell threatened. So ask your sex partner whether she likes the vibrator, if so, then bring it into the room with you. What makes the vibrator so important in sex? There are a lot of way that can make a girl orgasm, but it is never easy, you have to trial and error, communicate then only you know about her own special way to the big orgasm. Different girls have different way to orgasm, you have to find out the way that can make her orgasm. And now we suggest that you may try this little toy that can make her come and you enjoy your sex too. Don't be afraid as vibrator is better when it can be use with your penis, and it will guarantee her to come, of course if she likes it. This is a useful tool for you as it will help to stimulate her and make her go wild, you won't have the pressure that she won't get her orgasm tonight. Don't be afraid of the vibrator, learn to use it and the girls will love you so much that you give her the orgasm she wants and she will bring you to the paradise as well. And remember, communication is the most important thing in sex.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kamasutra sex position 2

We have talked about Kamasutra sex position in the last post and I'm going to continue here, there are about 30 sex position for you to learn. I want to share some of my favourite sex position here, you can boost up your sex life with your sex partner if you can use it for your advantage. Your girl won't mind to have more sexual satisfaction.
Reverse cowgirl, sure you know about the sex position once you heard the name. The girl on top and guys just lean on the bed, but the girl won't make love face to face with the guy but reverse. I like this post more because I can enjoy her rear view the butt. It's a fascinating scene.
Classic missionary, this is the best post of all time. Simply just because I am able to control everything on the top, I believe that most girls like this as well as they can lie down comfortably on the bed and enjoy sex so much. The facial expression of her enjoying sex with me is a plus for me as well.
Classic spoon: The girl lie down on the bed on side, and guys doing the same thing on the back of the girl. Guys will penetrate from back, this is good for the guys as you can get the greatest pleasure with minimum effort. This is one of my favourite sex position, my hands can go all over her body freely and I can't do that with missionary.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 5 Kamasutra sex position

So wanna spice up your sex life this weekend? Go and look for this top 5 Kamasutra sex position in FHM UK. They are not describing it in words but they are using demonstrating it with girls, ya not 1 but 2 girls. Since you just want to learn the post, you don't need a guy there to disgust you. Too bad the girls aren't nude but they are in pretty hot lingerie, their facial expression may turn you on any time. The best, girl's voice to give you the instruction, you just have to love FHM for this. I will just give you a brief introduction about the top 5 kamasutra sex position here and you may have an explosive sex this weekend. Give her the orgasm again and again.

The 1st kamasutra sex position butterfly, this is a common one. Guys at bottom and girls on top facing guys, and girls just lean back. The angle will make you go wild when the girls lean back, try it in sex and you will feel the bomb. The 2nd sex position, reverse spoon. Have her lean on the side, her lower leg straight and upper leg bend. Guys, just slide in with both of your leg in front of her. 3rd sex position, Lazy doggie. What's the difference with the normal doggie style? Have your girls crawl on the bed, with her whole body touching the bed, and you just put one of your leg between her and you can start to have sex. The 4th sex position. Have her lie down on the edge of the bed facing up, and you lift up her legs on either side of you about shoulder height, so I guess you know what to do next. The 5th position. This is good for a quickie, stand and deliver. I think the name tells you pretty much of it. So guys goto FHM uk to find the rest of the kamasutra sex position to spice up your sex life this weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What men wants in sex?

Most of the men doesn't know what women wants in sex, but it kinda work in both way, women doesn't know or reluctant to do some of the things that please her men. Women always think that guys like to take charge, it's true most of the time but in sex, men do like women to take an active role in it. It's good if women take more initiative in it, and enjoy the sex itself. Men are happy to please women in sex, it's a pride for them as well. You don't need to worry much, if you feel bad to tell him that he is not doing well in sex, encourage him in the way you like it. Men would like to give you the orgasm you want. When sex life is dry and boring, you may communicate with him and give him the idea for a more exciting sex that you want. And again, guys would like to please you on bed, so give him your creative ideas to spice up the sex. Don't just lie there and let him finish everything, I believe that it is bad for both parties. The most easy things that can spice up the sex life immediately that turn him on is sexy lingeries. Invest some and surprise him with your new panties, you may get the orgasm that you want. As sex is an important thing in a relationship, you may have to put some effort to make the relationships better.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock Hard Penis

Most of the men have no problem with erection, but to have a rock hard erection penis? Do you have this problem? First of all, do you think it's important to have a rock hard penis? As long as the penis is hard enough to have sex, isn't that enough? This was what I think as well. It's important! Why is a rock hard penis important for sexual relationship? Because it will affect the quality of sexual intercourse.
Some of you may ask your sex partner about the whether the hardness of penis will affect the quality of love making. Girls can feel the difference, you know? If your penis is hard enough to penetrate but not hard enough to give her the excitement, they may not be able to have orgasm. Your penis may not be hard enough to touch her g spot or the the penis is too soft to make her fill 'full'. You may have a big penis, but under the work pressure, resting issues, health problem or just maybe you are a bit distracted during the sex intercourse then it may affect your penis hardness thus your sex partner may not have the feel for orgasm.
How to overcome? It's nonetheless get enough sleep, exercise, take care of the food you take everyday and so on. And there are lots of products to help you out, like Libidus, Maxidus, Activ-Homme and so on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Men's G Spot

There are some of the men sensitive area that are unknown, these area may not be as sensitive those main area like nipple or penis but these areas may bring you some surprise that even the men themselves have no idea that it can turn them on. All of you know that head massage is comfortable but it can turn men on? Not directly, but the feel of comfort can ease the pressure, the fingers that run on his head may stimulate it. Kiss is always a good way to start sex as lips are sensitive. This time try to lick it around his lips, these are sensitive area that can make him tingle and turn him on. Neck is the sensitive area for women, but these are the same for men as well, massage, kissing, licking his neck may turn him on fast, this is one of the best area for you to make him ask for sex. There are some sensitive area on the back, it will take you some time to find the g spot. Use your tongue or finger to run around see how he feel about it. I guess girls do know that the inner thigh of guys is sensitive, but do you have any idea that knee is also one of the sensitive are that can make him go wild? If you go all the way down, you will reach his feet. You guys may have seen it in porn, if you don't wanna lick it, a rub or sensual touch is going to make him horny.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Boob Job

Reading this in MSN News. The boob job of celebrities. The list? Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson, Amy Winehouse, Carmen Electra, Christina Arguilera, Courtney Love, Denis Richards, Donatella Versace, Heidi Montag, Janet Jackson, Jenny Mccarthy, Kate Hudson(suspect), Kelly Rowland, Kourtney Kardashian, Lil Kim, Lindsay Lohan(suspect), Paula Abdul, Tara Reid, Tori Spelling and so on. Are you a big fan of this boob job? Frankly speaking I do like to look at them when they are wearing some dress or bikini, they make the whole place look like heaven. The problem is when they are not wearing anything. I bet non of these boob jobs look good, I have tons of experience in it! I'm kinda an expert in porn videos, ha. I really don't like the feeling of fake breast, the feel is very bad. I guess the Hollywood stars have to make some sacrifice so they can look picture perfect. For normal people like us, don't! Most of the guys hate it. If you have a small breast, just to some massage and exercise to make it firm. Try to improve yourself or distract them into other body parts that makes ya attractive, this is more strong and powerful than doing a boob job. They will discover the other attractive parts of you and enjoy to have sex with you so much.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What girls want in sex?

I was chit chatting with a few girl friends of mine, not those in a relationship girl friends but normal girl friends. We came across some sex related topic and it is quite surprising, at least for me. I always thought that girls do not treat the sexual satisfaction important but they are not as little as I think.
1) Orgasm: Obviously they want it badly. One of the girl friend's sex partner, whom is handsome, tall and strong, but very bad in sex. He normally can last within 5 minutes, and my girl friend haven't started to feel anything. Then I asked why don't you communicate this with him? She said she don't want to hurt his feelings. This is what I advise, this is not only his problem, but her problem as well, she have to communicate with the boy friend. She don't need to tell him directly but she can at least guide him through it, let him know she will be very happy to have an orgasm and how can he give her that. My girl friend didn't break up with the bf just because she loves her a lot, I think she should communicate with him.
2)Size: Size of the penis is also an important issue for them. I though love is all they care, but now I know they care about the size. They love something that look nice and man. They care about the size because the longer the penis, the higher the chances to touch their g spot. The bigger the size the more they can feel the penis inside her vagina.
3)After sex: What do you normally do after sex? Sleep? Smoke? Continue your work? Girls like to hug and making some small talk after sex, this makes them feel being loved and you treasure them.
To be continue...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy mindset for sex

We have talk about the quality of your mindset, it's the mental health. Your mind controls all your body, so if you don't get the devil out from your mind, you won't be able to do it right. What we are talking here is related to sex? Yes, it's related to sex! How? There are lots of different pressure in our life, family, finance, relationship, work and the current issue, yes, radioactive! So you get the idea about what do people need to worry everyday. We have to have a very healthy and strong mind to keep us alive and continue our life. For example, if you have all these thing in your mind, the problem and trouble then you will think about it all day long, you take a viagra, cialis or levitra now, even if your penis is hard like a rock, but your mood is not there. Your sex partner doesn't feel you, you're not into it, thus it gives a very bad feedback to your sex partner unless all your sex partner want is a hard penis. Your sex partner will need your full participation and your reaction towards her needs. Get yourself some time to clear your mind, have a drink and relax, make your mind free of problems at the moment and focus on what you are doing now. Keep on thinking about the problems will only distract you and won't be able to settle it. So focus, set your target and go ahead.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Day's Sex

How is your Valentine's day? Hope that you have a pleasant day on your Valentine's Day. Valentines' day is one of the day that lots of you out there having sex. It's a popular day for making love, it's not only another excuse for sex but it's a day that all the shops and commercials make it a day for you to spend your money. Everyone wants to make it a special day for couples and here you are, a day for valentines. If there is a way to make your life better and closer between your love one, why not? Hop in and you can enjoy the romantic night they setup for you.
If you want to the Valentines day a more DIY, it's even better. Everyone seems to buy something from the store and it makes it so common that it's the same with previous years and others. Make something special that you guys can remember and spice up your life. Other than candlelight dinner or gift that you bought, wrap yourself up with sexy lingerie, his/her favourite costume, instead of chocolate, make yourself cover up with chocolate, I bet it's tastier than all the chocolate in the market. This experience is so much better than the normal guys spending their Valentines day, and it doesn't need much time to prepare. And again, I bet you will enjoy the day while you surprise them up.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guys Love Sexy Girls

Men and women always think differently, and they have totally different opinion about sexy. You will be surprise to find that lots of guys definition about sexy. Lets get into some of the facts here. Guys love your little tummy! Girls, you have spend so much time on diet and exercises to keep your abs firm. But there are thousands and millions of men like girls with tummy! They think the tummy is sexy and they feel good when they hug it.
Guys love your uncommon interest! Ya, sure it's good that both of you have some common interest. What about different interest? Guys think girls are sexy when girls have their own knowledge that guys totally don't understand. These uncommon interest make ya look more sophisticated, cuter, sexier, and more extra topic that you can talk about!
Guys Love the sexy legs. Okay, I think we agree with this without debate. Take good care of your legs and they will make the men crazy for you, research shows that sexy legs can make the men desire for sex in a glance.
Guys love your style. You have your own taste, you don't need to follow everything out there. Make your own style, they guys may love it even it makes you look clumsy. Some of the guys just think that it's cute.
Guys love the way you smell. Some of the guys like the way you smell while you come out from shower, some likes the shampoo, some likes the perfume. A guy mention that the smell is his Viagra, Cialis or Levitra! It's the sex drug for him. Find out the best smell for your own and the guys will mad for you.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reasons to have New Year Sex

The Reasons to have sex on new year! Why? It's holiday! I'm sure you have your holiday during new year, if you can't have sex on New Year, I bet you won't have time to have sex during normal time. Holiday sure give you more time and space to enjoy your sex with your partner, and it's more relax than any time. You and your partner can be more focus in your sex and have the orgasm easily.
The atmosphere. The whole world is celebrating, and the feeling of having sex is better. Everywhere you go, the restaurant, church, malls, shops, even the radio is making you feel like celebrating now. So celebrate your holiday and New Year by having sex, this is very hot, especially you are in the country that have winter. Perhaps sex can keep you warm. You have no place to go, everywhere is snowing, you are lazy to go out. What's the best activity you can do at home together with your partner? Ya, sex! Have a hot sex as well!
The parties, shows, music! If you still can't feel of having sex, the partise, shows sure can help to boost your libido. After having some beers, the sexy girls in the parties sure give you some horny feeling. And this will give you the mood of enjoy your sex with your partner at home