Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Supercharged sex

I'm thinking of what title to put for this post, but the main purpose is to supercharge your sexual experience. This can make both parties high and get the orgasm you want. The thing here is very simple and you may experience it before. Have you ever turn on by your partner and you are not able to have sex with her at that particular time. For example when you are in the cinema? And the sex you have right after back from cinema is pretty great, right? This is what we want to share today, the sexual intercourse will be very explosive. Set a date, say every 15th and 30th of the month, that both of you can only kiss, hug, caress each other, do whatever you want to turn each other on but not taking off your panties. So when you guys have sex the next day, the sexual experience will be mind blowing, the girls like it a lot as well. And the extra thing that you can do to make it more spicy, give your partner some dirty message or call to make them expect to have a wonderful sex when they reach home after work. Trigger their sexual needs in the afternoon and they can do nothing other than wait until after working hours. They will be like a wild cat. This is something that can make your week day more special, right?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy sex date

We have talked about how vibrator can help you in sex, why don't give it as a gift for any occasion that you think suitable. We can always come out with any reason for celebrate, right? Think about the pleasure that you can see her use the vibrator in front of you to masturbate herself. Doesn't it feel sexier and more seducing? Imagine that should can give you a live porn show online when you are not around her, does it sound erotic for you?
Since we can set any date as a reason for celebrate, why not set up a date for crazy sex. For example, you may setup Friday as your 'Crazy sex Friday'. You guys may give each other surprise and get as creative as you can be, anything that you haven't tried before. Yes just for the sake for trying then only you will know how crazy your sex thing can be and you may explore another new way to give her the orgasm. Explore every part of her body include her vagina, some girls enjoy your finger in her as your finger are more flexible and able to touch her g spot. It's finger licking good. For girls, some may like to play with your penis, they claim they can play with it all day long, you'll need viagra for that. We know that you play with nipple all the time, but there may be new way to play with them other than fingers and licking, ask her.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couples hot sex

When do you find that your partner is so sexy that you would like to have sex with them? There are a lot of outfit that guys like their girl friend to wear. The office lady or secretary look? The sport outfit? Or the clubbing dress? Most of the girls are not so anxious like guys when it comes to sex. So you have to learn more about her, where is her hot spot and how to turn them on. For example, you would like to have sex with her after she comes back from work. And she normally need to cook and clean up her house after work, after all these she is exhausted and not in the mood for sex, what can you do? The food part is easy, buy her something for dinner while you're on the way to look for her. Her housework? Well guys, you have to put some effort to help her clean up her place so that she have the time for you. No one said it's easy. But what about about turning her on? There is a little secret here, in the morning or afternoon, send her an exotic message to give her some imagination, a short conversation is even better and talk dirty with her. Well by the time she reach home, not even she start her dinner you already having sex with her on the couch. What about the outfit thing? Ya, same thing apply to this, learn the way to turn her on and move all the excuses that she will stop you from having sex. She won't mind to reach the club half an hour late.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vibrator for her orgasm

Vibrator is girls' best friend, have you guys heard that before? Most of the girls are shy to use this when they are having sex with guy. They worry that the vibrator may make guys fell threatened. So ask your sex partner whether she likes the vibrator, if so, then bring it into the room with you. What makes the vibrator so important in sex? There are a lot of way that can make a girl orgasm, but it is never easy, you have to trial and error, communicate then only you know about her own special way to the big orgasm. Different girls have different way to orgasm, you have to find out the way that can make her orgasm. And now we suggest that you may try this little toy that can make her come and you enjoy your sex too. Don't be afraid as vibrator is better when it can be use with your penis, and it will guarantee her to come, of course if she likes it. This is a useful tool for you as it will help to stimulate her and make her go wild, you won't have the pressure that she won't get her orgasm tonight. Don't be afraid of the vibrator, learn to use it and the girls will love you so much that you give her the orgasm she wants and she will bring you to the paradise as well. And remember, communication is the most important thing in sex.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kamasutra sex position 2

We have talked about Kamasutra sex position in the last post and I'm going to continue here, there are about 30 sex position for you to learn. I want to share some of my favourite sex position here, you can boost up your sex life with your sex partner if you can use it for your advantage. Your girl won't mind to have more sexual satisfaction.
Reverse cowgirl, sure you know about the sex position once you heard the name. The girl on top and guys just lean on the bed, but the girl won't make love face to face with the guy but reverse. I like this post more because I can enjoy her rear view the butt. It's a fascinating scene.
Classic missionary, this is the best post of all time. Simply just because I am able to control everything on the top, I believe that most girls like this as well as they can lie down comfortably on the bed and enjoy sex so much. The facial expression of her enjoying sex with me is a plus for me as well.
Classic spoon: The girl lie down on the bed on side, and guys doing the same thing on the back of the girl. Guys will penetrate from back, this is good for the guys as you can get the greatest pleasure with minimum effort. This is one of my favourite sex position, my hands can go all over her body freely and I can't do that with missionary.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 5 Kamasutra sex position

So wanna spice up your sex life this weekend? Go and look for this top 5 Kamasutra sex position in FHM UK. They are not describing it in words but they are using demonstrating it with girls, ya not 1 but 2 girls. Since you just want to learn the post, you don't need a guy there to disgust you. Too bad the girls aren't nude but they are in pretty hot lingerie, their facial expression may turn you on any time. The best, girl's voice to give you the instruction, you just have to love FHM for this. I will just give you a brief introduction about the top 5 kamasutra sex position here and you may have an explosive sex this weekend. Give her the orgasm again and again.

The 1st kamasutra sex position butterfly, this is a common one. Guys at bottom and girls on top facing guys, and girls just lean back. The angle will make you go wild when the girls lean back, try it in sex and you will feel the bomb. The 2nd sex position, reverse spoon. Have her lean on the side, her lower leg straight and upper leg bend. Guys, just slide in with both of your leg in front of her. 3rd sex position, Lazy doggie. What's the difference with the normal doggie style? Have your girls crawl on the bed, with her whole body touching the bed, and you just put one of your leg between her and you can start to have sex. The 4th sex position. Have her lie down on the edge of the bed facing up, and you lift up her legs on either side of you about shoulder height, so I guess you know what to do next. The 5th position. This is good for a quickie, stand and deliver. I think the name tells you pretty much of it. So guys goto FHM uk to find the rest of the kamasutra sex position to spice up your sex life this weekend.