Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What men wants in sex?

Most of the men doesn't know what women wants in sex, but it kinda work in both way, women doesn't know or reluctant to do some of the things that please her men. Women always think that guys like to take charge, it's true most of the time but in sex, men do like women to take an active role in it. It's good if women take more initiative in it, and enjoy the sex itself. Men are happy to please women in sex, it's a pride for them as well. You don't need to worry much, if you feel bad to tell him that he is not doing well in sex, encourage him in the way you like it. Men would like to give you the orgasm you want. When sex life is dry and boring, you may communicate with him and give him the idea for a more exciting sex that you want. And again, guys would like to please you on bed, so give him your creative ideas to spice up the sex. Don't just lie there and let him finish everything, I believe that it is bad for both parties. The most easy things that can spice up the sex life immediately that turn him on is sexy lingeries. Invest some and surprise him with your new panties, you may get the orgasm that you want. As sex is an important thing in a relationship, you may have to put some effort to make the relationships better.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock Hard Penis

Most of the men have no problem with erection, but to have a rock hard erection penis? Do you have this problem? First of all, do you think it's important to have a rock hard penis? As long as the penis is hard enough to have sex, isn't that enough? This was what I think as well. It's important! Why is a rock hard penis important for sexual relationship? Because it will affect the quality of sexual intercourse.
Some of you may ask your sex partner about the whether the hardness of penis will affect the quality of love making. Girls can feel the difference, you know? If your penis is hard enough to penetrate but not hard enough to give her the excitement, they may not be able to have orgasm. Your penis may not be hard enough to touch her g spot or the the penis is too soft to make her fill 'full'. You may have a big penis, but under the work pressure, resting issues, health problem or just maybe you are a bit distracted during the sex intercourse then it may affect your penis hardness thus your sex partner may not have the feel for orgasm.
How to overcome? It's nonetheless get enough sleep, exercise, take care of the food you take everyday and so on. And there are lots of products to help you out, like Libidus, Maxidus, Activ-Homme and so on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Men's G Spot

There are some of the men sensitive area that are unknown, these area may not be as sensitive those main area like nipple or penis but these areas may bring you some surprise that even the men themselves have no idea that it can turn them on. All of you know that head massage is comfortable but it can turn men on? Not directly, but the feel of comfort can ease the pressure, the fingers that run on his head may stimulate it. Kiss is always a good way to start sex as lips are sensitive. This time try to lick it around his lips, these are sensitive area that can make him tingle and turn him on. Neck is the sensitive area for women, but these are the same for men as well, massage, kissing, licking his neck may turn him on fast, this is one of the best area for you to make him ask for sex. There are some sensitive area on the back, it will take you some time to find the g spot. Use your tongue or finger to run around see how he feel about it. I guess girls do know that the inner thigh of guys is sensitive, but do you have any idea that knee is also one of the sensitive are that can make him go wild? If you go all the way down, you will reach his feet. You guys may have seen it in porn, if you don't wanna lick it, a rub or sensual touch is going to make him horny.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Boob Job

Reading this in MSN News. The boob job of celebrities. The list? Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson, Amy Winehouse, Carmen Electra, Christina Arguilera, Courtney Love, Denis Richards, Donatella Versace, Heidi Montag, Janet Jackson, Jenny Mccarthy, Kate Hudson(suspect), Kelly Rowland, Kourtney Kardashian, Lil Kim, Lindsay Lohan(suspect), Paula Abdul, Tara Reid, Tori Spelling and so on. Are you a big fan of this boob job? Frankly speaking I do like to look at them when they are wearing some dress or bikini, they make the whole place look like heaven. The problem is when they are not wearing anything. I bet non of these boob jobs look good, I have tons of experience in it! I'm kinda an expert in porn videos, ha. I really don't like the feeling of fake breast, the feel is very bad. I guess the Hollywood stars have to make some sacrifice so they can look picture perfect. For normal people like us, don't! Most of the guys hate it. If you have a small breast, just to some massage and exercise to make it firm. Try to improve yourself or distract them into other body parts that makes ya attractive, this is more strong and powerful than doing a boob job. They will discover the other attractive parts of you and enjoy to have sex with you so much.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What girls want in sex?

I was chit chatting with a few girl friends of mine, not those in a relationship girl friends but normal girl friends. We came across some sex related topic and it is quite surprising, at least for me. I always thought that girls do not treat the sexual satisfaction important but they are not as little as I think.
1) Orgasm: Obviously they want it badly. One of the girl friend's sex partner, whom is handsome, tall and strong, but very bad in sex. He normally can last within 5 minutes, and my girl friend haven't started to feel anything. Then I asked why don't you communicate this with him? She said she don't want to hurt his feelings. This is what I advise, this is not only his problem, but her problem as well, she have to communicate with the boy friend. She don't need to tell him directly but she can at least guide him through it, let him know she will be very happy to have an orgasm and how can he give her that. My girl friend didn't break up with the bf just because she loves her a lot, I think she should communicate with him.
2)Size: Size of the penis is also an important issue for them. I though love is all they care, but now I know they care about the size. They love something that look nice and man. They care about the size because the longer the penis, the higher the chances to touch their g spot. The bigger the size the more they can feel the penis inside her vagina.
3)After sex: What do you normally do after sex? Sleep? Smoke? Continue your work? Girls like to hug and making some small talk after sex, this makes them feel being loved and you treasure them.
To be continue...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy mindset for sex

We have talk about the quality of your mindset, it's the mental health. Your mind controls all your body, so if you don't get the devil out from your mind, you won't be able to do it right. What we are talking here is related to sex? Yes, it's related to sex! How? There are lots of different pressure in our life, family, finance, relationship, work and the current issue, yes, radioactive! So you get the idea about what do people need to worry everyday. We have to have a very healthy and strong mind to keep us alive and continue our life. For example, if you have all these thing in your mind, the problem and trouble then you will think about it all day long, you take a viagra, cialis or levitra now, even if your penis is hard like a rock, but your mood is not there. Your sex partner doesn't feel you, you're not into it, thus it gives a very bad feedback to your sex partner unless all your sex partner want is a hard penis. Your sex partner will need your full participation and your reaction towards her needs. Get yourself some time to clear your mind, have a drink and relax, make your mind free of problems at the moment and focus on what you are doing now. Keep on thinking about the problems will only distract you and won't be able to settle it. So focus, set your target and go ahead.