Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Kiss

We have talked about how kiss can increase the fun and intimacy in your sex life. As you guys already know that your mouth is very sensitive, and kissing can turn on no matter for men or women. Some of the women feels like kissing a lot better than having sex. They enjoy kissing more than sex. As kissing is so normal to the couple but still there are lots of women complain that their men kiss like a kid, that they don't know how women want to be kissed. And the girls out there, you need to let him know how you want to be kissed. There are some small little kissing tips to share here.
When you kissing each other, you can kiss other place than the mouth. Why not go to neck and ear then make a turn back to the mouth after that? Neck and ear are also very sensitive places, kiss this part of the body may make them feel so high and when you go back to the mouth, they are longing for the kiss, it will feel like a bomb. This is suitable for men or women. Most of the couple don't kiss as much as they are being together, this will make the relationship bad. Take the initiative to kiss, not those kiss and go type. You need the kiss and hugs to feel each other, these kisses will make your sex even much better. The kisses will raise your libido fast, so take this with you on the Christmas day and you will have a very good sex on Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sexy Christmas & New Year Gift

It's new year and Christmas. So what is your gift idea? It's a great time for sexy gifts! As you know that people tend to make love more in the holidays. So you will have your chance to have sex with your partner or a friend of yours if give them the right gift. Lingerie is always a good choice for guys, you will enjoy the lingerie more than the girls do. A girl friend of mine told me that they enjoy the lingerie a lot as well. The lingerie makes them look so sexy and give them the confidence when they see the guys are crazy about them when they wear it. Sex toys are hot selling item in the Christmas, get them and you will turn your 'silent night' to 'crazy night'. You may try a vibrator, this sexy little thing will drive your woman crazy and asking you for sex.
For girls out there, try these 2 products for your man's christmas gift. Satibo and Maxman. These products are selling like hot cakes, it's for penis enhancement, for better sexual performance, longer lasting. Lots of girls order this for their boy friend so that their boy friend can enjoy the sex with them as well. These sexual enhancement product can make the guys' penis longer lasting and give the girls a chance to enjoy their orgasm. These are very great gifts that you and your boy will love it so much.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I want my Orgasm!

Some of the women out there haven't have their chance to experience an orgasm before. We have discussed about this orgasm thing before and some of the tips for men to help the women to orgasm. There are about 10% of them out there don't have any experience of orgasm before, and they try kinda hard to have one, this also affect their sexual relationship and love life. One of the important thing that you need to be aware of climax is you shouldn't try so hard for it. Relax yourself, stimulate your g spot, get into the mood and you will have one. Then the question may be where is my g-spot?
Girl, you have to find it. No one knows yourself better, start to explore the sensitive area in your body. For most women, that would be the clitoris. For others, it is inside the vagina — near the G-spot (along the front wall) or deeper in, near the cervix. Or it may be the labia, nipples, or your belly button. Don't rush for the orgasm feeling, it will take some time to stimulate your sensitive area. It's better to focus and enjoy your feeling while having sex rather than trying hard on the orgasm. When you start to enjoy your sex and know where to stimulate, the orgasm will come naturally.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Sex

It's Christmas again! People will be crazy for it, it's time to celebrate! So plan your Christmas ahead or you will end up alone. Christmas and silent night are a very good reason to party and celebrate, many people will look for sex and have sex. A very good day for having babies as well. Well, Christmas is an important date, and you should prepare to give your love one something to make them happy. Small surprise is also something that can make them happy and remember about it, what you did make the Christmas special. For those couples, prepare for it and don't screw up the Christmas sex. For those single guy or girls out there, time for you to hunt the other party. When Christmas and new year is near, people will have the holiday mood in them, and they will relax themselves. And most of the time, they will tend to be more friendly. It's a very good time to know a friend or two. So imagine that all the people around is celebrating and partying, have some beer and the atmosphere is so exciting. It's pretty easy for you to get to know them and yes, go out with them that particular night. And you will have sex on Christmas or Silent Night, you don't need to wake up alone where no one is next to you. So be prepared and plan for your Christmas and New Year. Good luck.