Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is your penis size?

Men thinks about this penis size all the time, whether they have a penis size that is large enough to pleasure their woman. What is the penis size that is suitable to give them orgasm? We have discuss about this in a lot of our previous article and now we are here just to let you know the result of the average penis size that most men have. It's from askmen, have you ever wonder who will conduct a research like this? Well, good luck for those guys who are interested with the penis size out there.

You are normal if you have a size of 3.5-3.7 inches when soft, 5.0-5.7 inches when hard, do you have a normal one? If you have a large one, keep it to yourself, I'm not interested with guy's dick. But if you have a small penis, don't worry, it's not end of the world. There are a lot of penis massage, penis enlargement pill out there that may help you to enlarge your buddy. If you want to keep the same size and still want to give your women orgasm, you still able to do it. There are lots of sex tips here that can help you to give her big orgasm even if you have a small penis.

Do you there is a country out there that is free to have a penis enlargement surgery? It's Cuba! The penis enhancement surgery is cover under the public health care. How do we know? As the Ministry of public health in Cuba suggest that self esteem and knowledge is the best for men, they do not need to do the penis enhancement surgery that is currently cover by the government. Are you google'ing' how to apply as citizen of Cuba right now?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Internet can cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Internet porn can make you erectile dysfunction? Research lately shows that a lot of youngster, physically healthy youngster are having erectile dysfunction. What makes them suffer erectile dysfunction at this young age? Porn. It's easy to access to porn for youngster at home, and it's just a few clicks away. The research shows that they watch so much of this porn and by the time they have real sexual intercourse it's kinda different from the porn they watch online. Researchers call it overdose of porn in the brain. When they are watching online porn, they have different girls in each window, each girls please you differently.

From my perspective, not everyone have a porn star look or body girl friend. When they are 'having sex' with these pretty young ladies online, whom have a face of an angel and body of a devil, they will have a very different experience. While they are watching porn, they only need to satisfy their own pleasure. What they need to do is just masturbate themselves. In real sex, you may not have a girl friend that is very interest with sex and you may need to stimulate her, doing foreplay to turn her on.

Study shows that guys are mostly attracted by the look of girls. Are they able to erect while having sex if they don't have a partner that looks like a model? Guys, know what these porn can do to you then you may learn that these porn maybe the reason you suffer erectile dysfunction. Cut down the porn and spend some time with your girl friend or go to workout.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Powerful women have less sex?

Read an article online mentioning this. The funny thing about it, they post a photo of Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt. Are they trying to tell people that Angelina Jolie have less sex? I'm not sure about Brat Pitt but if I have a girl like Angelina Jolie, sorry to say so but I will tend to have lots of sex. Of course it depend on the response of the other party.

So back to our topic, powerful women tend to have less sex? Where do they get a conclusion like this? The research found that Americans have less sex compare to other country, it may be partly because the women are tired after work. Quote from the article, they are too tired to have sex. We always say that the technology help us so much in our life but it seems like we are more busier than old days. Have you ever wonder why we are so busy all the time and have you stop for a while and think what do you want in your life? We have to keep a balance in life, work and family. If we are even too busy to have sex, isn't that a bad thing in life? We are not improving at all and it seems like everyone of us are becoming a slave of money, busy working all the time.

It does make sense to see why people protest against the giant companies in Wall Street. Money can give you a good life but it doesn't make life good itself, you still have to make it wonderful. Maybe I can put it this way, money is like Iphone, but the phone is not special if it doesn't have those wonderful apps to support it. RIP Steve Job.

Back to the sex thing, research also found that if women are in charge of the finance in the family, she will have less sex as well. Other than busy, I wonder the power that women gain in the family makes the man less masculine thus make him less attractive for sex?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sexual Enhance Technique

Have you guys learn anything from tantric love making skill? It's kinda strange when I read it online, but I do get some basic things that can help to perform longer love making. The 3 main point that can help you to perform better is PC Muscle contraction, penis squeeze, change of sex position and breath technique.

PC Muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is the muscle between your pubic bone and tail bone. You can feel this muscle when you are urinating, try to stop the flow, the muscle that controls it is the pc muscle. Read a few of the articles before, this muscle can help you to enhance your sexual performance by stop ejaculation. How do you train your pc muscle? Contract this muscle 20-25 times a day.

Penis squeeze tip, this is an easy and able to use it without much training. When you are near to orgasm, you can delay your ejaculation by pulling your tested down and away from your body. This training can ultimately help you to reach pleasure without ejaculation.

Change of sex position able to prolong the love making process, this I know. When you change your sex position, you may feel not the urge to ejaculate immediately, thus this definitely helps to delay ejaculation. You may try position that you are lying down on your back and she is on top of you facing or the other way, as long she is on top she will be the one to control the rhythms. This will help you to delay ejaculation as you won't feel the urge to ejaculate so strong. Search online for Kamasutra and try some new positions that both of you enjoy it, then you may find some positions that can give her the pleasure but help you to stand longer time.

Breathing techniques, when you are having sex, the breath tend to be quick. When you are close to climax, you may tend to hold your breath as well. Practice your breath to be steady, relaxed, deeply and slowly, this is effective to stave off your orgasm. This same breathing technique is useful for running too as I read in other article.