Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why you are not getting laid

You may have the experience that the girl you are dating, maybe a few times suddenly are not interested with you and you may wonder why. There are some real life cases that tell you that why you are not getting laid, some of them may look like nonsense to you but just bear in mind that this is how girls think. The hardest part is not having good sex. The hardest thing to control here, I think it maybe the conversation. You can't be too silent but when you are sharing something, you may have something that may offend her or make her unhappy. When you are sharing something about yourself, don't brag too much and try to be down to earth. Try to make her laugh at your jokes? Becareful with it, just look at her reaction all the time and try to know what she is thinking.

A late night snack that may turn her off? Yes, there is a case that the woman smell something from the guy he date and that just made her fell gross. The guy who took his snack with him to the woman's apartment ended up going back without anything happen. If the girl love you a lot sure you are on the safe side, but if the girl is sitting on the fence and trying to find something that she doesn't like about you, there are plenty of reasons that will turn her off. Not to mention that you want a better sex. What you can do here is trying your best to avoid it. Your cleanliness, not only yourself but your room as well. A lot of women will feel gross if your room is too dirty. There are two cases in this article of Men fitness mention about cleanliness, one of them saw some used condom beside the dustbin, the other saw a mess under the bed. Used condom just lying on the floor of your room? I think any of the reasonable men know that it's stupid, you make the girl feel like a slut to hang out with guys like you.

Do you have a dog with you in your apartment? Make sure he or she won't interrupt you while you are having sex. A girl experienced this before that the guy she met have a dog in the room, and the dog licks her leg while they are trying to have sex. It's a big distraction, and when she complains about it, the guy just petting his dog and the girl feels strange as she is petting him but he is petting a dog? She just left without a word. Kissing skill, this is the foreplay, you may have to practice it more unless you met a girl who loves you a lot and doesn't care about sex life. There are no short cuts but to practice it with your girl friend.

So guys, don't only think about improving your sex skill, all these things here can affect you as well. There are no cure for all these, you can only learn and becareful with them.