Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tips to improve your sexual health

A lot of people think that if they are using protection and they are frequently performing STD tests that they have done everything they can for their sexual health. Of course, these things are important but there are few other tips that can help you a lot to determine and improve your sexual health.

Those who want to take care of their sexual health and keep it on a high level should always know their situation in the genital area. This means that you should often explore your intimate zone. In order to keep your sexual and reproductive health in good shape, you must observe and explore it. According to some experts you should check this area every month and if you notice some unusual changes a visit to a doctor is the right thing to do.

They way you are taking a bath can significantly affect your sexual health. Try to avoid perfumed soaps, gels and very hot water. A simple mild soap made of natural ingredients and lukewarm water will get the job done. All those scents from perfumed soaps and gels could lead to vaginal irritations and vaginal dryness and hot water can also impact the moisture in the vagina too. After all, who needs a vagina that smells perfectly if it is very dry?

As you can see dryness can negatively affect the whole sexual act and that’s why you also need to pay attention to the way you dry your intimate area. The best way to do it is if you dry only the upper part of the vagina. Of course we are talking about mons pubis, the area where the hair grows. The inner part should be left to dry in a natural way. This inner part must carry moisture and you shouldn’t feel irritation when you are walking. Because of this humidity you are able to enjoy sex.

Many women think that their vaginas should have pleasant smell and often but products that guarantee that their genital area will smell good. Keep in mind that a healthy vagina doesn’t have any special scent. If you are clean and you don’t have any infection or other complication you don’t need to use those perfumed products. In fact, these products can cause damage instead of helping you. They only have short effects and after that you will have to deal with their side effects. In many cases you will end with some infection.

Every time you suspect that you are suffering from some infection consult your doctor. A lot of women think that they can perform self-diagnosis and buy medications unsuitable for their situation. There are different types of infections that require different treatment. Many of them share the same symptoms such as burning sensation, irritation and itching but they are not the same.

Using lubricants during the sexual intercourse is a great idea. You can use condoms with lubricants or specialized lubricants. These lubricants are good because they reduce the chances of a broken condom and they also reduce the chances of damages to the vagina during the intercourse. If you decide to use lubricants try the ones based on water or silicone.

Use these tips to improve your overall health and achieve complete sexual health.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Practical Sex Tips to Reach an Orgasm

The difficulty to reach an orgasm is present in many women. According to some studies, related to this problem, many women don’t actually enjoy in the sexual intercourse. There are many different reasons for this situation but most often they are related to the wrong picture about sex. In the basis of inability to reach orgasm lay some emotional and psychological problems.

One of the main reasons why women have trouble to reach intense orgasm is their insecurity about their appearance. There are many women who think that their body is not very attractive and they feel ashamed of themselves. This leads to stress and inability to reach orgasm. So the first step toward the solution for this problem is to accept your own body. It is very important to explore our own body even if we think that we should change some things about it. 

Women who want to feel relaxed need to abandon the perfectionist view of the things and need to understand that the body doesn’t have to be perfect in order to enjoy sex. One good practical advice is to look at the mirror while you are naked. After you have seen your body from different angles you will realize that your partner actually finds your body attractive. You will learn to respect yourself and you will gain confidence.

Besides the importance of acceptance of your own body, if you are suffering from difficulties to reach orgasm you should also perform certain exercises which will increase your chances to reach orgasm. The exercises that we are talking about refer to training so-called PC muscle that contracts during orgasm. Kegel exercises are one of the best exercises for this muscle and they significantly increase the chances of experiencing orgasm. If you want to locate the PC muscle the best way to do that is to try to stop urinating. The muscles that will stop the urination is the PC muscle. There are numerous Kegel exercises that can help you strengthen the PC muscle. The best thing about these exercises is that they can be performed anywhere you want.
Once you get familiar with your own body and start training your PC muscle you should start with masturbation too. 

Many women associate masturbation with shame, guilt and embarrassment. But it is a well known fact that masturbation is something completely natural. So, if you have never practiced masturbation now is the right time to start. With the help of masturbation you will find what makes you aroused, you will learn how to control the excitement and finally how to relax and achieve stronger erection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sex toy or other techniques used for masturbation. They can also help you with this process.

Finally, when you have walked all these steps you are ready for the final step and that’s talking with your partner. Open communication might sound like a difficult thing but there is nothing wrong about talking with your partner openly about what stimulates you and what makes you happy in your bed. Keeping things like that to yourself will only get you frustrated. Remember that men can’t read your thoughts and that’s why you need to share your thoughts with them.

As you see, overcoming the problem of inability to reach orgasm requires dedicated and hard work, exercising and proper attitude. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Menstruation And You Sex Life

Women have to deal with menstruation in large part of their lives. Consciously or unconsciously menstruations’ scope, pace and timing plays incredibly important role in hormonal changes. The start of menstruation gives a feeling of excitement to some women while others feel depressed and sad because they didn’t manage to become pregnant. During this period a lot of women begin introspection. This is a period when a woman spends more time for herself and her body.

Medically speaking, menstruation represents a cyclical peeling of the uterine mucosa in cases when pregnancy didn’t occur. In these cases the menstrual blood doesn’t appear clotted and the blood is a little bit darker than the blood that can be seen from some other wounds on our body. What exactly is a normal cycle? That is a cycle that is stable and a cycle in which the menstrual bleeding occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts up to seven days. The stability of the cycle is affected by many factors such as age, everyday living rhythm, lifestyle, level of stress and the amount of body fat. Did you know that an average woman bleeds around 2000 days during her life? That is around 400 menstrual cycles or around six years. Women’s menstrual rhythm is often aligned with the lunar rhythm. In these cases her ovulation starts during full moon and the bleeding starts with the new moon rhythm. Because of the hormone secretion (salivary glands, sweat) women that live in the same household usually have synced menstrual cycles.

Women, who accept menstruation as a natural process, will soon realize that they are not physically sick and non-reproductive during that period. Sexuality does not disappear during the menstrual cycle; on the contrary, sexuality exists if we strip away all the cultural barriers about the “dirt” of menstrual blood. Self awareness and awareness of the partner about bodily fluids, their color, appearance and smell will allow normal sexual intercourse. Of course we must be aware of the fact that the sexual intercourse can’t be the same during the menstrual cycle but that doesn’t have to stop us from having sex. Some women even have increased libido during this period and avoiding sexual intercourses can be very frustrating especially if we know that there is no reason to avoid them.

If you are planning to have sex during your period with a relatively unknown man, you should know that the possibility of getting infections and STDs during menstruation is significantly higher. This comes as a result of the bleeding that is happening in the vagina and the blood is a perfect place for microorganisms to procreate. That’s why it is very important to check your partner and use protection.  Also, remember to keep your hygiene on a high level during this period. Regularly change your tampons every six hours. You should also take baths and showers in order to avoid possible complications especially after a sexual intercourse. Use underwear made of cotton and change it regularly. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to choose proper protection against pregnancy?

Choosing the right method against unwanted pregnancy can be a very difficult task since there are several types of protection. The best thing to do is answer some questions that will help you determine which type of protection is the best for you. If you don’t plan to conceive, before you make the decision it is necessary to see all the negative and positive aspects of some knows methods of birth control. Whatever method you choose, make sure you do it properly.

-         Will that method prevent sexually transmitted diseases?
If you are worried about STDs, you should know that using a condom is the only method that can guarantee you almost total protection against all types of STDs (HIV for example). A condom is a perfect option for those who don’t know their partner well. Women who are changing partners very often and have problems with infections should definitely choose a condom.

-         How would I feel during the sexual intercourse?
This is another legitimate question. People should enjoy sex and certain contraception methods can be very convenient. Make sure you are not allergic to latex if you want to use a condom and also make sure that you are not uncomfortable with the idea of inserting items in your vagina as birth control methods (intrauterine devices for example).

-         Do I want a child in the future?
Since there are permanent and temporary methods of contraception, you should decide whether you want to have kids in the future or not. If you are not very sure always choose a temporary contraception method. Most people avoid permanent contraception methods because it is usually an irreversible method.

-         Will it be difficult to use that method?
Some contraception methods are much easier to use compared to others. For example, a condom is much more practical compared to intrauterine device. Before you decide which method you will use consider all these reasons and find the one that will make you more comfortable.

-         How can an unwanted pregnancy affect my life?
Imagine if you get pregnant after the sexual intercourse and think about how you would feel. Would you feel devastated and would it ruin all your plans for the future? Those who have a stable relationship an don’t want kids at the moment might find unwanted pregnancy not that tragic. That’s why they can use methods that are not that efficient and in most cases those methods are more comfortable.

-         How efficient is a certain method?
Although most of the contraception methods are very efficient there is no method that can guarantee you 100% safety except maybe if you don’t practice sex. That’s why you need to be very serious when you are choosing a contraception method. Methods that are permanent are usually the most efficient. But of course they are more difficult and serious than other methods.

-         Can my medical condition affect my choices?

Although almost every contraception method is designed to suit every person regardless of his or hers medical condition, consult your doctor before you use some method that you might find risky for your health.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some causes of sterility and their treatment

If regular sexual intercourses between two partners don’t result in pregnancy after a year or two we can talk about possible infertility or sterility. According to some statistics there are 10%-15% of couples who are suffering from infertility and the reasons for that can be very different. However there are some causes of sterility or infertility that occur very often which can be successfully treated in a very easy way.

First of all, insufficient nourishment can cause a lot of problems with fertility. This situation leads to anemia and many other even more serious diseases. Many researchers have confirmed that insufficient or below average body weight can be a cause of infertility in both women and men. For most undernourished people, increased amount of food intake during the day and quality nutrition that includes more vitamins, minerals (found in the vegetables and fruits) and proteins, means increased chances of conception. That’s’ why we should all take care of our diet and find food that is especially rich in vitamin B (all of its variants), vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and magnesium. Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed and peeled in order to get the best of them. In this way you will avoid the negative effects of pesticides and herbicides that are used while they were growing.

Modern lifestyle is filled with lots of stressful situations and the stress is certainly affecting the fertility of women and men. It has been proved that excessive psychological stress gives negative impact to the libido and fertility. In women it interferes with ovulation while in men it reduces the number of sperm cells. This situation can be avoided if we have clear schedule about our daily and monthly activities. In this way people can have regular and proper rests during the day and the night which eventually leads to better sleep, lower stress levels and enhance the libido and fertility.

Alcohol and tobacco are two products that affects libido in a negative way. Besides that they can lead to sterility. These products are not recommended for people that are trying to conceive and for women that are pregnant too. The only thing that you can do to avoid the effects of these two products is to stop or significantly reduce with their consummation.

In some cases being overweight can also cause sterility, because obese men have bad sperm quality and/or the sperm cells are not very mobile. Obese women have greater chances of developing polycystic ovarian syndrome and other diseases that can affect their sexual health (like irregular periods and hormonal changes). In most cases, obese individuals that are experiencing infertility or sterility become fertile once they reduce their weight on a normal level.

Physical inactivity is another cause of infertility in men and women. However, long physical activity that takes place every day can also have negative impacts when it comes to fertility.

As you can see, the causes of infertility can be different, but the reasons we have outlined here can be influenced.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vaginal tablets for treatment of diseases

Vaginal tablets have proven to be a very effective tool for eliminating various fungal infections that occur in the vagina. However, it is good to know that there are different types of vaginal tablets from different manufacturers that can be used for various diseases, infections, illnesses and some of them can be used as a contraceptive too.

They work in a very simple way. Vaginal tablets or cones are placed inside the vagina and once they are dissolved, their content affects the sources of the problems that appear in women. So what exactly do these vaginal tablets contain? As we have mentioned before there are several types of vaginal tablets so we will list what some of them include – antiseptics, lactic acid, milk sugar, estriol, lactobacilli, antifungals, antibiotics and few other ingredients or a combination of these ingredients.   

These vaginal tablets are recommended by doctors in certain cases. Depending on the type of the vaginal tablets they are mostly recommended in these cases:
-          To restore the vaginal flora that was destroyed after fungal infection
-          To restore the usual vaginal flora that was violated after antibiotic use
-          For treatment of menopausal problems
-          For treatment of recurrent infections of the vagina
-          In some cases of hormonal disorders (especially in younger women)
-          Against burning and itching in the vagina
-          Against vaginal dryness
-          For pain during the sexual intercourse
-          For treatment of various vaginal infections
-          For treatment of candida (fungus)
-          For treatment of trichomoniasis
-          For prevention of sepsis
-          For achieving asepsis before any kind of gynecological interventions

As you can see the list is long and the effects of vaginal tablets can be helpful in various situations.

It is good to know that, just like many other medications, vaginal tablets have side effects that can appear in certain cases. For example, these cases include - over sensitivity of the metabolism to a certain substance and presence of ulceration. Also a lot of young women reported side effects while using vaginal tablets. These tablets can cause side effects in people that are suffering from some malignant diseases as well as people suffering from endometriosis. If any side effects occur patients are advised to consult with their doctor immediately.

These vaginal tablets work after they are dissolved so keeping them in a relatively cold space is a must. They dissolve inside the vagina on a certain temperature so if you leave them outside exposed to higher temperatures there is a high probability that they will dissolve.

Using vaginal tablets is not something that you should do on your own. They can be used only on the recommendation of a gynecologist. Women that are pregnant and nursing mothers should be especially careful when taking vaginal tablets. Some vaginal tablets are not recommended for these categories of women. Women that are using other types of medication should be careful too, because some combinations can cause serious complications and side effects. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is there a solution for female libido?

The pharmaceutical industry has been trying to produce a medication that can boost female libido for years now. However, it seems that none of the final products give the needed results. You probably know that there are a lot of male libido medications like Viagra for example that can help but there is a significant difference between the problems of female and male libido and that’s why we need different approach.

It is good to know that there are some highly effective therapies that can help women suffering from this problem. These therapies and treatments can increase the female libido. The starting point is figuring out what is causing the problem in the first place. One thing is for sure, when you live a healthy life and you are in a satisfying emotional relationship your sex drives is most likely good unlike when you are tired, sick or emotionally fragile.

These are some of the things that have negative effects on female libido – hormonal changes during menopause, hormonal changes during pregnancy and after pregnancy, chronically stress, all types of problems (problems at work, at home, in the relationship), depression, using some medication that affects the libido in a negative way (antidepressants, blood pressure medication etc.), problems associated with mental health etc.

All these things can appear separately or in most cases in a group.
So the main question is how to revive the libido. The first thing that you can do is talk to your doctor about the specific sexual problems that you have. He might change your medications; guide you to some exercising process or something similar that can help you. You can also consult your gynecologist or sexual therapist which usually has more experience with sexual problems. Keep in mind that all these conversations are private and confident and in most cases they can solve your problem.

Your doctor can prescribe you new medications and some of them are known for the positive impact on female libido. These medications include:
Medications for erectile dysfunction in women who have trouble achieving orgasm/ These medications increase the blood flow to the genital area but they can only help with the level of sensitivity, they cannot directly affect the orgasm.

Estrogen skin creams are very helpful for women that are suffering from dryness in their vaginas. This dryness often makes the sexual intercourse painful resulting in lower sexual desire. This is a direct result of lower levels of estrogen in the body.

Certain antidepressants can also be useful especially for women who have not yet entered the menopause or as a substitution for known antidepressants that affect female libido.

Testosterone and other so-called androgens are not only useful for men they can work for women too. Some doctors advise using testosterone for women that have low sexual desire. However there are some side effects so you must be careful.

Besides the medication there are numerous things that can improve female libido like relaxation, healthy diet, walking, socialization etc.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Condom vs Intrauterine device

Contraception is extremely important for the health of women because unwanted pregnancy and abortion can endanger women’s health both physically and emotionally. In addition, in order to enjoy a sexual intercourse, you should be protected from possible sexually transmitted infections especially when you practice sex with persons that you don’t know much.

There are several types of contraceptives and people often wonder which one is the best and most effective? In this article we will pay attention to the most popular forms of contraception – condoms and intrauterine devices. Although they don’t belong to a similar group of contraceptives there are some similarities between them.

Condoms and intrauterine devices are very different types of contraceptives. For example a condom is used only once and it is used by the male partner. Modern condoms are made of polyurethane or latex and they act in a mechanical way – they don’t allow sperms to enter the uterus and the eggs.

When we talk about intrauterine devices we should mention that there are two types of them – intrauterine device with copper wire and uterine system with a hormone depot. Both types are placed in the uterus cavity and they can be effective for around 5 years. The one with the copper wire includes a plastic device with copper wire around it. This device prevents sperm’s movement and makes the womb unsuitable for fertilization. The uterine system includes a plastic insert in a form of a cylinder with hormones in it. This system works in the same way like the one with a copper wire plus it releases hormones that prevent pregnancy.

A condom is recommended for women regardless of their age and the age of their partner. They are suitable for women that practice sex often but also for women who have sexual intercourses occasionally. Intrauterine devices and systems are recommended for women that already gave at least one birth.
When it comes to successful protection, intrauterine devices are a little bit better because they work in almost 99% of the cases. However the percentage of condoms as successful contraceptives is also very high (it is successful in 97% of the cases).

The condom is easy to use and it can be used only once. The intrauterine devices must be carried al the time but in addition it is beneficial for the menstrual period.

As far as side effects are concerned, condoms can cause various allergic reactions and all you have to do is change the type of condom that you use, while intrauterine devices can cause more problems in the form of excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles (especially at the beginning) and in rare cases women say that they experience frequent headaches, acne etc.
Besides protection from unwanted pregnancy condoms can prevent the body from sexually transmitted diseases and even from AIDS. Intrauterine devices don’t have that advantage.

Condoms can be used without consulting your doctor while intrauterine devices require a visit to the gynecologist.

No matter what type of contraception you choose, make sure that you follow the instructions and consult with your doctor if you notice any unusual effects.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using Dietary Oral Supplements

It is no longer in doubt that cases of erectile dysfunction including impotence is on the rise. This is clearly evident in the increasing number of men who continue to be diagnosed with the problem. Increasing cases of ED problem is also evident in the number of research studies currently being undertaken by a number of university medical schools government health agencies and international health organizations.

A number of options have been explored with the aim of treating ED and related health issues. From traditional conventional health treatment methods, a good number of health institutions are now increasingly resorting to Hormone Replacement Therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, depending on identified cause(s) of the problem. Psychological counselling sessions has always been part of treatment and is usually aimed at helping men gain self-esteem and confidence. A trend that has emerged and is becoming very popular in treating ED including impotence is through dietary oral supplements.

Not all dietary oral supplements in the market can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. There are only a few natural male enhancement pills that have been subjected to safety and efficacy tests by authoritative health agencies including the US Federal Drug Administration. Recommended dietary supplements have been noted to contain specific ingredients that have been used for centuries by mankind not only to treat ED and other associated issues such as impotence but also in the treatment of other health conditions. Below are just a few of such ingredients.

Ginko Biloba Plant Extracts
Ginko Biloba is a plant native to China where it is widely cultivated. The plant’s seed holds a special place in Chinese culture and traditional medicine. Not only is it eaten as food; it is also a valuable medicine. Its efficacy has made it very popular not only in China but in many other Asian countries as well. Extracts from the plant’s leaves and seed (nuts) have been subjected to scientific studies and found to contain flavonoid glycosides that are effective in treating such health conditions as schizophrenia and dementia. Extracts have also been proved to be very effective in increasing and enhancing concentration. One area the plant’s extracts have become very useful to treat erectile dysfunction because of its positive effect in enhancing blood flow through the body.

L-Arginine is a form of Arginine, the non-essential amino acid naturally produced in the body. This means that one needs to obtain it from diet. However, those with health problems including erectile dysfunction and such associated problems as impotence need to enhance level of Arginine produced in their body through diet. It is readily available in such food stuff as dietary products (milk, yoghurt, beef and cottage cheese), pork, poultry, wild game wheat germ, oatmeal and various seeds. Arginine is important in cell division, healing of wounds, boosting immune system and in release of hormones. Arginine is widely used as an ingredient in toothpaste and in the treatment of herpes simplex virus. The L-Arginine form of Arginine (it is the body that transforms Arginine into L-form) has been proved to be effective in treating ED because of its positive effect of enhancing health of blood tissues in the body.

This is an ingredient found in produce of various plants and in particular red pepper. Protodioscin as a pro-erectile ingredient and is very effective in triggering release of nitric oxide into corpus cavernosum tissue, allowing for smooth blood flow into the penis, which makes it possible for a man to attain stronger erection. The ingredient is also very effective to boost testosterone level, dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone hormones in the body.

Although dietary oral supplements containing any or all of these ingredients are effective in treating erectile dysfunction and such other associated problems as impotence, it is very important that one consults his physician first for correct diagnosis. It is also important that one uses supplements after knowing exact cause of his ED problem.