Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Soft Erection Treatment

The time you discover that you might be suffering from premature ejaculation; the best thing is not to panic but rather book an appointment with your doctor. He/she may require to conduct a number of medical examinations to rule out any possible erectile defects and prepare for soft erection treatment.

The test will cover your blood count, enzymes in the liver, your free testosterone in the urinalysis and your blood. Your doctor will also carry out an ultrasonography test for the purpose of ascertaining there is no nerve damage to the genital organs.

The medical practitioner will also carry out a neurological evaluation for the purpose of establishing the extent of the nerve damage. Cavernosometry is yet another test conducted by determining the penile vascular pressure of blood flow in and out of the penis.

Getting a hard on during your sleep is another opportunity to test whether you are suffering from premature ejaculation. However; this is not a 100% test. Hence the necessity of carrying out a psychological examination for the purpose of revealing what is causing erectile dysfunction.

Weak Erections

Before you dash out to the pharmacy to get soft erection treatment; to help you achieve a quick erection; discuss with your physician first. Go through the possibilities of premature ejaculation and the weak erections treatment benefits.

Kindly note that frequent use of stimulants before you engage in coitus accounts for 35% of weakness in the penile gland during sexual intercourse among men. 

What to Do

Altering your lifestyle will likely reverse the erectile dysfunction you are suffering. Such changes may mean that you desist from smoking, start dieting to lose weight and combine the diet with training.

Minimize stress levels, attend both physical and mental seminars, start sleeping well, constant visits to your doctor for evaluation and attending group discussions.

There are dozens of prescription medicines that will help you get rid of premature ejaculation and maintain a hard erection. However; you are warned that there are specific prescription medications that cause severe side effects. Before partaking any drugs; consult first.

Living With a Weaker Erection

First and foremost; it's important that you engage in a heart to heart conversation with your partner. Secondly; you have to invest your time to study material touching on weak erections. Now book an appointment with medical practitioners to know more about the condition.

These are experts that will help you overcome the predicament you are in, by encouraging you, counselling you and giving you the right treatment. Do not keep quiet in embarrassment if you want to stop premature ejaculation, go get help!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Strange Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

According to a study published in the Journal of Urology in Mexico, 33.8% of young people between the age of 18 and 40 have erectile dysfunction due to physiological and emotional factors. However, there are some little known causes that favor the emergence of this sexual problems regardless of chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease influencing erectile dysfunction.

Here we bring for you 5 strange factors that can cause the problem of erectile dysfunction.

1. Lack of vitamin D
According to Dr. Erin D. Michos, the assistant professor of medicine at John Hopkins Hospital, this nutrient deficiency is a risk factor for heart attacks, which is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Patients having deficiency of vitamin D suffers from heart ailment which consequently leads to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

2. Working in the field of health or medicine
Men working in the field of medicine are more prone to depression and anxiety, which are the major risk factors for developing erectile dysfunction, detailing Dr. Justin Sitron, the professor at the Center for the Study of Human Sexuality Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.

3. Erotic pictures
According to the Kinsey Institute, 9% of men who watch erotic images recorded the problem of erectile dysfunction, since the watching erotic image or movies are associated with lower self-esteem and low sexual satisfaction.

4. Improper oral hygiene
Israeli researchers report that more than 15% of men with erectile dysfunction also suffer from periodontitis, a serious form of gum disease. This is due to inadequate hygiene. Oral hygiene does not have a direction correlation with erectile dysfunction; however, several studies prove its veracity.

5. Snoring
The American Association of Apnea Sleep detailing this problem generates high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, headaches and erectile dysfunction.
It is very important that you maintain a healthy weight, since according to a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior details if your partner has a slim waist is less likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, men with a larger, wide neck are at higher risk of developing impotence, according to a study published in the journal of Andrologia.

Finally, it is important that you go to a specialist if you notice something strange in your intimate behavior. You can treat impotent and treat erectile dysfunction, it's not the end of the world. Also, do not forget to use protection during sex to prevent the spread of disease. Any changes or slight complication in your sexual episodes needs to be taken seriously and a quick action is imperative to avoid big surprise scare later.