Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Improve Your Sexual Life

Sex is considered by many to be an important part of any relationship. To understand why, you must first realize that sex and love are two different things. In this day and age, there are lots of people that have casual sex who are not in love at all. They just do it because it gives them pleasure or they are still in the dating phase of their relationship. When it gets to the point where two people can say that they love each other, then the sex changes along with their feelings towards one another. This doesn't mean the sex necessarily gets worse, which is a common misconception among people who are afraid to make a commitment. The sex actually gets better when it is with somebody you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. That is why the first step in improve your sexual life is to find a partner that you can truly love and who will return that love for you.

If you just think that having multiple sexual partners is what a good sex life is all about, then you are mistaken. Unless you are as rich as Charlie Sheen or Hugh Hefner, chances are you won’t have the opportunities to have multiple sexual partners when you get older. That is why finding a partner that you are in love with is crucial because they won’t judge your looks as they start to fade. However, for a couple to improve their sex lives over the course of their relationship, they will have to get a little bit creative with the sex. If you just keep having sex in bed for a minute or two every night, then that is not exciting. Therefore, you have to find ways to make it exciting. Some couples find it exciting to do a little bit of role playing before the sex. 

This is where the two pretend to be different people who meet at a bar and then go “home” with each other to have sex. Another way couples improve their sex lives is to try different sexual positions in the bedroom. For this you should buy a KamaSutra guide that will teach you different sexual positions that will increase the sexual pleasure of the sex and make it more sensual. Overall, couples need to make time for each other and have sex in different ways as often as possible. If you both have busy schedules, then you should find at least a few minutes out of the day to have sex. This could even mean having a “quickie” on your desk at the office during your lunch break. Whatever you can fit in is better than nothing at all because the longer you go without having sex with your partner then the more likely one of you will cheat. Either that or you will resent one another to the point where it becomes a sexless marriage and you end up sleeping in separate beds. You have to keep the fire and romance alive in the relationship or else it will cease to exist. The more sex you have, it will further boost testosterone level and sexual desire.