Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sex tips for kissing women

We have talk about foreplay and kiss for many times here, we have not discuss about the sex tips for kissing a women. There are some favourite place that women like you to kiss, and these places are very sensitive, it will turn the women on and ask you for sex. So you may check all these sensitive places that they like it.

Ears - This is a sensitive place that is always forget by most of the men. Your mouth is the best way stimulate their sex drives. Gentle nibbling on the earlobe will make them ask for more.

Back of the neck - This is the best place for you to give her a surprise attack. You may give her a big hug on the back while she is doing her work, in the kitchen. You can see this in the movie all the time, it's not only movie, it's true that this place is very sensitive that make will make them want you kiss their other part of the body.

Collarbone - Collarbone is one sexy place that a lot of people like, but do you know that this is one of the women sensitive area that will make the women horny? This collarbone is the place where you can kiss while you haven't strip them off.

Breast - Breast is sure the best place that you know that can give her sexual stimulation, but don't just focus on the nipple. You should kiss the whole breast to make the women feel good. Women normally likes to be kissed gently and not hard unless she like it the hard way.

Hips & thigh - These 2 places is near to her sensitive area, it makes them feel like want to have sex when you kiss and licking these places. These 2 places is best to stimulate her before you go to the main entrance.

Kiss and sex just can't be separate, so when you want to have sex, kiss is always a good way to start it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sexy girl in pub, club and bar

Have you been to a club or bar lately? When is the last time you go to one of these places? Sure you can see all these pretty ladies and sexy girls in the club. The ladies are nicely dress up and the deep v is so deep that you can see their boobs right in front of you jumping up and down. It makes you feel like want to ask them to have sex immediately, are you willing to make love with me my dear? I believe that your heart is jumping up and down at the same time. These are very good for your heart's muscle training. Of course I'm not asking you to go to the club just to see the sexy girls with their tube top and mini skirt, nor I'm telling you the story of one night stand in the pub. If you are not in your best shot right now, it's good for you to go to places like these. It may remind you of how wonderful the world is, there are still lots of sexy baby out there for you to tackle. You don't need to be sad and sorry for the last relationship you have, you don't need to feel bad that you are still struggling to get a better finance status. Places like this can motivate you to move faster, work more efficient, putting more effort at what you are doing now. The environment can make you relax at the same time, you will put all your worries behind and enjoy the moment. And the next day, you will come back and put your best effort to work. If you have a big belly right now, this may motivate you to work out and exercise to get a better body shape and healthier body as well. This is for those who don't go to hang out often, if you are one of those who goes too often, 5 times a week, then you may think about re-arrange and balance your life as well. Sexy girls is always the motivation for guys huh.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Art of seduce and strip

We have talk about how should a guy please the girls in sex, today I hope to talk about the sex improvement from the girls point of view. All of you should know that sex is between two person, and we have talk about it all the time that we should understand each other, use our heart to observe, to design, to seduce, to please or whatever else in the sex relationship. The topic today is about how girls should seduce guys, girls believe me, it's much much much easier for girls to do it. For a guy to seduce girl, it can be wrote into encyclopedia. For girls to attract and seduce, it's so easy, we are going to talk about strip like a striptease. You can see all these scene in the video or you may pay to visit them in a local pub or bar. We are not going to tell you how to strip sexily, but we are just giving you an idea that striptease is a good theme for you to seduce your man. You may not move, dance so pretty like them, but the guys really know how to appreciate you. For a guy to seduce girl, they have to do alot of things that involve external and internal of the girl. But for girls, it's easy for them to seduce guys, guys vision is pretty much all of it in sex. So dress sexy and learn some sexy dance in the video then wait for him to come home. You may have a wonderful night, and the guys will appreciate for what you did, they may have make love to you again and again. The art of seduce? We will come back again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sex and Kiss

Kiss. Kiss is the first thing in sex most of the time. As we have discuss in the previous thread, lips is one of the most sensitive organ. Kiss can increase your heart rate by 30%, kiss can turn on a woman right away and make them longing for sex. Kiss is the key to have sex with woman. French kiss is one of the kiss that people like, you may lead the passion, feel of horny that is deep in her heart to explode and asking you to have sex. Kiss is a must for foreplay, don't go into action too fast, just a kiss can take the breathe away, she will ask for more.
You may not like to kiss when you want to have sex, you want to go into action right away. Wait, kiss is very important for the girls, so if you take care of their feelings, then only they are able to orgasm in the sexual intercourse. It's good for you that you can satisfy the girls need for sex, right?
Sex is not rocket science, it's not hard to understand, it's not easy to learn as well. There are so much details that you need to take care, and all these little details may need the backup of nature as well. There are lots of things that we can't control, those things just let it be. If you don't have a large penis, let it be. You may focus in your strength, kiss that we are talking here is one of them. The other details in sex you may have to take care of it, this is the thing that can be control.