Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kamasutra Sex Position

Sure many of you have heard about Kamasutra, it's the sex position that is from India. I know this is a guide for sexual position, and it's old, but no idea how long it had been created. This is a useful guide for lots of people during the old days as they don't have the porn that you can view online every single day. The porn that is online is a sex guide itself although some of them may have misleading information or knowledge. The sex position inside the porn video is a very good sex position guide. I have some girl friends telling me that there are a lot of the positions are not suitable as it's not comfortable for them. I do think it's correct. These sex position may require some muscle for both parties, so I guess you may learn yoga before you go for those intermediate sex position, agree? ;-) different people have different needs, so the sex position is not suitable for anyone as well.

I agree that some of the positions look so sexy and tempting, it will boost testosterone level immediately and give you a stronger erection in no time. I'm not so much about position, I always want to feel the mood, the lust, the 'fire' within, and sometimes the look on her face.

Actually the sex position may come in handy when you are not on the bed. We have actually talk about making sex life a lot fun by using your creativity. So venue of making love is one important thing as well. Making love in different places sure give you a lot of different feelings, and these can maintain your passion in the sex life. Going to hotel every single time may cost a lot, so some of the venue maybe free, this will save you some bucks. Found that some of the position is good in bathroom, in a kitchen or in the office table. These position may not useful while you are in bed, haha it's a different story when you are in the bath room. Check online now and find the Kamasutra sex position that is suitable in different places and discover the fun in it.

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