Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, October 24, 2011

Internet can cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Internet porn can make you erectile dysfunction? Research lately shows that a lot of youngster, physically healthy youngster are having erectile dysfunction. What makes them suffer erectile dysfunction at this young age? Porn. It's easy to access to porn for youngster at home, and it's just a few clicks away. The research shows that they watch so much of this porn and by the time they have real sexual intercourse it's kinda different from the porn they watch online. Researchers call it overdose of porn in the brain. When they are watching online porn, they have different girls in each window, each girls please you differently.

From my perspective, not everyone have a porn star look or body girl friend. When they are 'having sex' with these pretty young ladies online, whom have a face of an angel and body of a devil, they will have a very different experience. While they are watching porn, they only need to satisfy their own pleasure. What they need to do is just masturbate themselves. In real sex, you may not have a girl friend that is very interest with sex and you may need to stimulate her, doing foreplay to turn her on.

Study shows that guys are mostly attracted by the look of girls. Are they able to erect while having sex if they don't have a partner that looks like a model? Guys, know what these porn can do to you then you may learn that these porn maybe the reason you suffer erectile dysfunction. Cut down the porn and spend some time with your girl friend or go to workout.