Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Makes Women Cry After Sex?

In the recent period many experts are focused on this phenomenon. What makes women cry after sex?

The opinion about the cause of this crying are divided. Some say that these are tears of joy because of the excellent sex intercourse while others believe that such outbursts of emotions are direct consequence of some deeper problems in the relationship or in the woman herself.

It is a well known fact that for some young women sex is not such a pleasant experience. In fact, many of them feel depressed after having sex. This is not a case of clinical depression – it is rather a moment of bad mood followed with sadness and large amount of tears.

Female reactions on sexual acts and orgasms are very different and they can be viewed in the wrong way. Some women simply erupt without any particular reason and go through various emotional phases like tears, laughter, intensive crying etc.

Many psychiatrists share the same opinion – women rarely cry because of a good sex. They cry mostly because they have some problems that are bothering them before and especially after the sex act is finished. Some experts suggest that there are three types of women that are crying after sex .

The first group of women is those who are suffering from anorgasmia. They simply cannot achieve intense orgasm or they have troubles achieving it. And when they experience such disappointment after all the emotional and physical efforts it is quite natural to expect tears and sadness.

The other group of women has some sort of remorse, emotional and instinctive part of their personality want to have sex with the partner because of all the emotions and passion but the rational part knows that a sexual intercourse like that is wrong. After the sex is finished the woman feels guilt and questions her decision.

Finally, the third group consists of women has frequent sexual intercourses and with every sexual intercourse they believe that they will keep their partner and build a more serious relationship. Once they are finished with the act they realize that they haven’t accomplished anything.

Although the reason for crying is sometimes obvious there are cases when both the women and her partner are wondering what the exact problem is. We are presenting three most common problems related to this occurrence.

First and foremost, this might be a case in situations where there is a problem in the relationship. Although sometimes people think that they are in a perfect relationship they often don’t talk about certain problems and leave them aside. In this cases sex can be a trigger for these emotions.

Fear of bonding is another reason why some women cry. Thinking about whether your partner will leave you or not or whether you are attractive or not can lead to crying after the sex is finished.

Finally, in some cases we can blame the hormones. During the sex act hormones are going crazy so if you can’t stop crying once the sex is over there is a good chance that you have some hormonal problems and you need to visit your doctor.