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Sex & you

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Six Common Negative Effects of Medicine Used to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Alternatively called impotence, ED happens when nerves in the penis region cannot stimulate the flow of blood to come up for a hard erection. Erectile dysfunction medications may have the ability to assist the state, although this can be a familiar event that improves with age. The most well known ED medications contain:
·         Cialis (tadalafil)
·         Viagra (sildenafil)
·         Levitra (vardenafil)

Nitric oxide increases to stimulate the flow of blood. While ED meds can be lifesavers, there are a number of common negative effects about these drugs that is well worth to learn before taking one to cure oneself.

1. Head ache
Headaches are the most frequently encountered side effect related to erectile dysfunction medications. Nitric oxide helps increase the flow of blood to the penis to produce a stronger erection, but a head ache can be caused by this abrupt change. It's important to understand that headaches are not unusual with all types of medications cure erectile dysfunction, changing brands will not always relieve such symptoms. In case your headaches are severe, speak with your physician about strategies you may utilize to prevent ED.

2. Body ache
Taking this type of medication can result in body pain, which might be particularly the case when treat impotent problems. Some patients experience muscle pains and general body pains, while lower back pain is reported by others.

3. Gastrointestinal Ailments
Your ED medications also can cause gastrointestinal ailments that are uncomfortable. The most usual are diarrhoea and indigestion. Over-the-counter medicines might help relieve difficulties that are minor, but it's also possible to contemplate making dietary changes to lessen gastrointestinal and upset stomach dilemmas. Drinking water as an alternative to juice, alcohol, and caffeine can help.

4. Dizziness
Dizziness can be caused by a rise in nitric oxide in some guys. Dizziness can nevertheless cause suffering during regular tasks while usually light. In infrequent instances, dizziness can cause fainting, that might develop into a significant health problem. Keep in mind that while dizziness is a typical complication, fainting isn't.

5. Vision problem
With ED drugs, your eyesight can briefly change, and also cause blue vision. The Mayo Clinic reports that eyesight symptoms that are blue are related to people who take Viagra or Levitra. Changes that do not go away, or a whole lack of eyesight, can signify a more serious problem. ED drugs are not recommended if you've got a retinal disorder.

6. Flushing
Flushing causes redness of skin. Flushing can develop in the facial skin, but might propagate to almost any section of the body. Unlike blushing, flushing seems like itchiness. The outward symptoms cannot be as intense as blotchy skin, as well as serious as rashes. As stated by the Mayo Clinic, flushing is common with Viagra and Levitra. The problem may get from bad to worse if you;
·         Eat spicy or hot foods
·         drink alcohol
·         Are expose to temperatures that are warm

Understand Unusual Side Effects
Minor negative effects are not unusual when taking medications for ED. Still, there are some negative effects which aren't as unusual, and can be completely dangerous such as loss of vision, hearing problems, erection lasting too long, etc.

Address serious negative effects with your physician promptly. Erectile dysfunction medications aren't inappropriate for all guys because of the danger drug interactions. Rather, you might consider other treatment alternatives for ED, including vacuum pumps or operation.