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Sex & you

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Study Indicates That Cholesterol Medicine May Help Treat Impotent

Medicines for cholesterol control, can quickly help reverse erectile dysfunction among men with metabolic syndrome, according to a study from the University of East Carolina, USA.

According to the authors, the treatment of cardiovascular risk factors that characterize metabolic syndrome such as abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, is a known way to reduce risk of impotent. And the new study results indicate that statins, a drug which helps to control cholesterol, in addition, can reduce the levels of a specific element which contribute to erectile dysfunction.

“We follow case reports and anecdotal evidence that statins used to lower cholesterol for a period of six to eight weeks in patients with metabolic syndrome also appeared to quickly get stronger erection, even before reducing cholesterol levels,” explained researcher Christopher J. Wingard.

To evaluate the relationship between the drugs and the improvement in erections, the researchers treated for three to five days, lean and obese rats, giving a three statins daily.

In the tests, the results were confirmed - statins were able to rapidly relieve some of vascular constriction associated with metabolic syndrome that can lead to erectile dysfunction. And the researchers found possible mechanism responsible for the effect: the drug inhibited the expression, and reduced levels of a protein associated with impotence.

Researchers however, point out that the results are preliminary and research is just beginning and the use for these purposes is not recommended. “I probably would not see statins becoming a primary treat for erectile dysfunction; if these findings are true, the use of statins may perhaps be an additional tool,” the authors write.

Medical authorities believe the reason for the success of Statins as a herbal sexual enhancer to help improve erectile disorder is in its ability to dilate blood vessel effectively. The problem of erection in men is usually associated with the disorder of restricted flow of blood to the penis during the act. Statins helps to tame this particular fundamental problem to help the process of erection. This just doesn’t mean that you can start taking Statins to alleviate your problem of erectile dysfunction. The drug is not recommended for already healthy men. In turn, this new finding will help a person with the problem of cholesterol to take this medication more regularly.

The problem of erectile dysfunction and the cardio vascular disorder is strongly co-related with one another. Many studies done in the past on the subject reveal the fact that an erectile dysfunction is the cause of heart problem in men and vice versa. The study has shown encouraging results; however, experts yet believe that more such trials needs to be done before a definitive connection can be asserted with regard to cardio vascular disease and erectile dysfunction.