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Sex & you

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Basic Guide to Red Penis (Balanoposthitis)

You are probably wondering why a red penis should be a signal for any problem. After all, this is the natural color of penis and a sign that everything is well down there. But, when this red color becomes unusual and intense like the redness that accompanies inflammation, this might be a signal that something is wrong. In many cases, this is the first stage of a health condition in men known as balanoposthitis. It is good to point out that prevention and fast reaction are key factors to solving this problem without any permanent effects.

If you have some knowledge in male sexual health, you might have heard about balanitis. This term is used to describe a common inflammation of the glans penis or the head of the penis. But, only a small number of people have heard about posthitis. This is a health condition that can be found only in uncircumcised men because it actually starts as inflammation of the foreskin. There are situations in which the two aforementioned conditions occur at once and this is what we call balanoposthitis. This is not an uncommon health condition and this is why it is very important for every man to learn more about penis health but not only cure of erectile dysfunction

In order to protect yourself in the beginning, you must be able to identify the symptoms of this health condition. Of course, the most obvious symptom of balanoposthitis is inflammation, but there are few other symptoms and signs that can indicate its presence. Here’s a list of symptoms that occur besides the red color of the penis:

- Discharge that occurs in the subpreputial area. It comes in the form of wet, thick and in some cases smelly discharge located right under the foreskin.
- increased sensitivity and soreness in the penis which increases when the penis is touched. It is obvious that these symptoms can make sex life more complicated.
- Visible sores
- Tightness of the foreskin which makes folding difficult and painful.
- Low energy
- Pain in the lower back area
- Rashes on the penis

It is interesting that this health condition is caused by more than one reason. Al these causes can be separated into two groups – those that have infections as their basis and those that don’t. What every man should know is that some of these causes are dangerous and indicate the presence of more serious problems. Red penis is often a side effect of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis to name a few. Experts agree that one of the most frequent causes are certain dermatological problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and poor hygiene.   

The type of treatment that is recommended depends on the cause. If the root is some STD, doctors will start treating the STD and the red penis effect will be gone once the disease is healed. If the cause is some dermatological problem, men usually have to use some creams or antibiotics.

Make sure to act as soon as you notice some of the changes we have mentioned before.