Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Romance and sex

Girls do like sex but not as much as you guys do. So on and off we have to do something that help her to get into the mood for sex. There are a lot of things that you can do to create little romance, and the romance that you make can pay back to you fast, in the way you want it, sex. When you are in a long term relationship, romance can always lube up your life not only in sex but in a lot of aspect. Simple as a dinner with candle, if this is what she likes, or maybe she miss the fish and chips on the harbour. Use your imagination and creativity to make your date fun and romantic.

Holiday, holiday does equal to good sex. No way that guys won't have sex during holiday, when you're in your holiday, the getaway from routine life is already a big relax. When you check in to the hotel in a totally new and clean room, no worry about your kids or house work, she is already in the mood for sex, order wine or champagne can make your night mind blowing.

Argument can lead to good sex? Yes, it is, but post argument. We are not asking you to create a fight here, but take the chance of having great sex after an argument. After the cold and furious fight, the sex will tend to be more explosive than usual as you feel relief that it's over and you will want to make it up to your partner. You guys will need a good make up sex to fix the relationship.

If you like hot and mind blowing sex, don't forget about those little dates that your women cares about. Anniversaries of your marriage, first date, first child or even first sex. Remember it and you will be rewarded. Romance may not be equal to sex, but it can always lead to good sex, waste some time and effort to do it and you will know it's worth to do so.