Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clitoral Stimulating Technique - The Ultimate Orgasm Technique

We have discuss about clitoral in many of our post, it's not a secret that clitoral may help you to give her the orgasm. But there may be some questions like how do we stimulate her clitoral, is licking and fingering enough? How do we stimulate her but not bringing her pain or numb with the clitoral? And learn the technique so that you can Rock Her World.

The oral stimulation, before you start licking her clitoral, give her some foreplay like usual but avoid the clitoral and vagina part. When she starts to moan, then only go down to her clitoris and start your oral stimulation. Lick her clitoris gently and quickly, vary your direction each time and pausing each flick of your tongue. Remember the 10 and 2 o'clock position of her clitoris? Go into it when she is going to orgasm. There is another part of her clitoris can make her go wild, go beneath her clitoris. And what do you do with it? Slide it upward with soft stroke, repeat it slow and steadily. The secret is maintain it at a gentle and deliberately stroke even she wants a harder one. Each stroke should be individual, it should break contact with each stroke. When she is going to orgasm then only your tongue will lick continuously without breaking contact.

Manual stimulation. It's the finger stimulation that we normally do. There is a position that is very convenient for your finger to stimulate her clitoris continuously. First you may start this by giving her a sensual massage on her back, butt. Then slide behind her, stick to her butt with your chest and your finger can run around her sensitive part freely. Start by giving her some sexy circle, gently. Then you may try side to side or diagonal stroke. If you need some lubricants to oil up your hand, you can get it easily at your fingertip. You may penetrate her vagina with your finger to give her another big orgasm, but the main part here is not her vagina, it's her clitoris. Use your thumb to massage her clitoris while giving her some penetration. With this technique, you can give her multiple orgasm without even using your penis. You can do this all night long, right? And we will share more about all night long sex in the next post.