Sex & you

Sex & you

Friday, August 3, 2018

Making That Vacation Sex Work

So you’ve worked round the clock trying to make ends meet to provide for your family and also go on that vacation you deserve. You’ve also noticed how difficult it is to keep a sexual routine with your partner because of how busy you can get. She hardly complains, because you guys have had discussions on vacation, and have made plans. It’s been a while you’ve been on vacation; it’s also been a while you’ve had a romantic getaway with your partner and you are wondering how to rekindle the lust between both of you while on vacation. Here are four ways to ensure you get enough of each other on that trip:

Location matters
What location have you picked for your vacation? Somewhere close to home or another country? How romantic is the setting of the location? Is it where people come for their honeymoon, or where people visit for sightseeing? If you are planning a vacation to spend romantic time with your partner, ensure that you pick the right location that will set things up. Remember this is not a family vacation where you have to consider the needs of your children. It’s something involving just both of you. Choose a location that will set you in the mood for sex, somewhere not too cold or hot, but cool weather that will make you guys want to cling on to each other for the rest of the trip. Ensure they don’t allow children there too.

Make a bucket list
What do you hope to achieve with your partner during this trip? Do you want to explore her body on a deeper level? Get to know her g-spot or erogenous zones? Try out crazy sex positions? 50 shades of gray motivated? Sex on the beach? Want sex full of toys? You can write out different things you wish to try out and get her to write hers too. Writing a bucket list and sharing with each other will build the momentum and excitement that will make you do a countdown to the big day.

What’s in the luggage?
Surely not some old undies and worn out shorts. It’s been a while you’ve had enough time to yourself, so why bring up the past. Please keep out the oldies and go shopping for some new sexy Victoria secret and puma briefs. Your babe can also add some wigs for different character roles depending on the level of sexual communication you both have. Sex toys, lubricants, contraceptives, massage oils, chocolate thongs, undies, etc. should be in that bag unless you plan on getting them when you arrive at your destination.

Build momentum
So you’ve finally gotten to your destination. Your room looks inviting, red rose petals at strategic places. Do you think it’s right to jump into sex right away? While there is nothing wrong with this, you can be sure your first vacation sex will be boring. Do something that will increase sex drive for each other, a warm bath, exercise, massage, skydiving, etc. You do not need to rush things; you are on vacation.