Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DNA test to check whether your girl friend is cheating

There is a service that can check your girl friend's underwear and know that whether she is cheating on you, and the company's name Paternity Lab Center. This service doesn't cost you a fortune, it's only $200. For only this minimum cost then you are able to check whether your girl friend is cheating. They will check whether there is another man's semen in the panties. Guess there isn't any other explanation that how another man's semen is in their underwear other than cheating. This service can also help you to know whether your children are having some extra activity after class. Well, you have to get their panties as well. You can get this at a low cost like what you see in CSI, that is kinda cool.

Affair, is a pain if your partner is doing this to you, but it's an enjoying thing if you can enjoy two or even more girls at the same time. This makes the relationship easier to get complicated. Of course this only happen if you have the luck, the look or a deep pocket. It's not easy for a relationship to build merely on trust right now as there are so many things out there.

There is a news that a husband was lock and torture by his wife and her boy friend, this is such a shock. The husband was save while neighbor call in for police after they heard some noise. Anything can happen, be wise. Well, this DNA test thing may keep it as your last option.