Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One night stand

One night stand, have you ever have a chance to try it at least once? One night stand is much different with other sexual activity, it is so much better than the regular sex that you have at home. It's special one time thing, it's so much exciting. Just by imagine that you are able to go to bed with a pretty girl that you never meet can be a good movie itself. How can you have one yourself?

First you have to locate where all these babies are, it can be club or house party. How to pick the girl who is willing to have sex tonight? Well, you may look for those who wear little clothing. Research shows that those who wear sexier tends to attract male, this give you a bigger chance to get a hit. Approach an experience woman have a larger chance as well. You may try to hit those who are alone in the club, you won't have any problem with their friends. The rest is the personal skill that you have to train it. You need to learn to spot the right one, else no matter how good pick up skill you have you won't be able to attract them.

Be confident while talking to them, it's the main thing you need. Make them feel comfortable while having conversation with them, you may talk dirty but only after a few drinks, don't make them feel like you are just another scumbag. Make them tell more about themselves and get more information about them. You may need to know whether they stay alone so that you can drop by later on. The less you talk the less you will get wrong.  Train yourself first, trial and error may help you to gain more experience.