Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, May 28, 2012

Get laid tonight by looking at their body language

It's not a news that ladies are open minded and they are hungry for sex like guy as well, they have their need for sex like you. They may want to have some guy on their bed instead of masturbate themselves, well I think a real man is better than her own fingers or vibrator. Well so many of those lonely and sex thirsty women out there and you can manage to get one? When you see a woman in the club, how do you know she is interested with you? How do you know she is giving you a 'take me now' sign? Women are attracted to men who are sensitive and attentive.

Eye contact, it's the most important thing in body language, sure you heard 'look into her eyes'. This is what they mean, an eye contact can show your self confidence and attract her. Her response may give you an answer whether you can take a step further. Practice more and you will know whether that is a red light or a green light asking to take her tonight.

Another body language of her that you should take note is her hand, when her hand is unconsciously fix her hair that doesn't need to fix or adjust her outfit that she doesn't need to adjust. Well you have a very good chance of  taking her out tonight, be patient, polite and you may get laid tonight. There are some signals like touching her lips with her finger, her hand on her neck, these are the signals that you shouldn't miss.

Girls don't like the touch of a stranger or even friend. So when she touch you, you know what it means. You have plenty of chances to touch a girl on the back, shoulder or waist in the club, it may not be a nice move if you are going to make her your target. Unless you have make her feel good about you, it's advise not to do so. On the other hand, if she touch you, then you know that is a green light asking you to go ahead.

And there is another no brainer move that you don't need an expert to tell you that she is interest with you, she lean forward to you and touch you. If you are not confident to make a move, you may tell her that her touch makes your heartbeat jump like hell, you won't guarantee what will happen if she do that again. Then you can confirm she is interest to get laid tonight.