Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Testosterone Role in Sexual Health

Testosterone hormone is linked to male sexual drive. When you fail to maintain a hard erection, you should know that there is a problem with your testosterone. The hormone is produced majorly in the testicles. Besides sexual drive, testosterone is linked to:

                    Production of red blood cells
                    Deepening the male voice during puberty
                    Growth of body hair
                    Production of sperm
                    Development of sexual organs

Unlike a soft erection treatment plan, testosterone levels are higher in the mornings and low during night time. In the life of a man, testosterone levels are higher during his teenage days, after this stage they start their slow decline.

As an adult, as much as you have mature sex organs, testosterone now plays the role of maintaining your sexual drive. But once you hit thirty-years, the testosterone levels start declining at a rate of one percent annually.

It explains why libido starts waning as we age. The more testosterone levels decrease, the longer it takes to achieve an erection. It also contributes to the longer period it takes for you to get a hard-on after ejaculating.

As you continue aging, the more you risk suffer from sexual dysfunction. Well over twenty-five percent of males aged 40 and above suffer from Ed. The figure goes up to more than sixty-percent for men aged sixty-five years and above.

Thanks to science and factors of nature; there are numerous ways of treating erectile dysfunction; you can opt for surgery, prescriptions, vacuum devices or herbal sexual enhancer. However, before trying out any, you should have a sit down with your doctor.

Testosterone Boost

Dietary fat for men is far from a physique destroyer when taken in measures. Dietary fat consumption helps produce testosterone naturally. Studies published show that diets with higher monounsaturated and saturated fats help increase testosterone in a big way!

ZINC: a critical element in testosterone production. Average zinc supply in the body modulates testosterone levels in your body and the higher the testosterone, the higher your libido!

VITAMIN D: The most critical vitamin for testosterone booster. High vitamin D levels equate higher free testosterone levels and this means more blood pumping in your penis.

Moderate Training: Instead of spending hours on end at the gym, average training boost testosterone levels. Apart from burning extra fat and creating the perfect body, testosterone are affected by your exercise regime.

Substitute weights with simple but effective body exercises. As a matter of fact, alternate the weights with body exercises. Workout maximum an hour each day and things will improve!