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Sex & you

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Treatment of premature ejaculation in old men

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems in men of all ages. This is a case of inability to control and postpone ejaculation in the first moments of sexual intercourse. Although there is no clear definition which period of time can be considered to be premature, many experts consider ejaculation that occurs in less than 120 seconds to be premature.

The truth is that it can happen at any age and it occurs in acute or chronic form. During their active sexual life, the vast majority of men experience this problem. Although this problem is more frequent in young men, there is a huge number of senior citizens who have to deal with this issue too. Now let’s see how we have a treatment for premature ejaculation.

Redirecting thoughts
This is one of the most interesting and most popular treatments used in cases of premature ejaculation. Many men practice this method unconsciously and it has proven to be very efficient in cases of increased state of excitement and in men who occasionally deal with this problem. It is crucial to recognize the moment before ejaculation happens. Once you identify this moment, try to think about something else, something that is boring and uninteresting or anything that is not related to sexual excitement. You can think about things that can actually turn you off. Of course, you should avoid thinking about this for a long period of time because you might lose erection.

This is a method that you can perform alone or with the help of your partner. The method is based on adding pressure on the top of the penis (glans penis). The pressure needs to be carried out for a period of 20 seconds right before the ejaculation kicks in. You should avoid stimulation for about half a minute. The short-term loss of erection is not unusual. This method can be performed as many times as you want.

This drug used by many senior citizens is primarily used to achieve stronger erection. But, the fact is that it can help people in cases of premature ejaculation too. There are many men who claim that they can postpone their ejaculation and keep their erection once they ejaculate for the first time. Viagra can help you achieve second erection faster.

Learn more about your body
Knowing your own body is the key to success. With the help of masturbation you will learn more about your body and feelings. In this way you will also learn how to control ejaculation and gain the necessary self-confidence. Masturbation before the sexual intercourse begins will decrease the level of excitement and increase the level of self-control.

Extend the foreplay
Instead of focusing on your own body, focus on your partner during foreplay and take her to a level of high sexual arousal before you penetrate. In this way, your time to reach ejaculation will become closer to the time needed for your partner to reach an intense orgasm.