Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Men and Women Sexual Fantasies

Fantasy is a normal and healthy part of sex life for both men and women. According to some scientists, a rich fantasy life brings better sex.

One of the seductiveness of fantasy lovers, even if your fantasy lover is your own partner, as it often happens-is that they are right next to you, and they perfectly know what to do in order to make you feel good. One more benefit is that you may enjoy fantasy sex with someone other than your partner without consequences, as it occurs solely in your mind. Fantasy helps you to do those wild and lascivious things that you have always dreamed of.

Now let's see what women and men are thinking about.

Women fantasies
1.Fantasizing about her current partner
This is the number one sexual fantasy for the majority of women. Women fantasy about things they have done or would like to do with their partners.

2.Sex with a man who is not her partner
For women, this is usually a past lover. Some women feel guilty reliving some hot moments from the past. But it is something normal.

3.Sex with another woman
Women are more likely to have sex fantasies with another woman than men, probably because it is more acceptable. It is not necessary that she knows another woman; the most important thing is that woman knows exactly what to do in order to turn her on.

4.Something she has never tried before
These fantasies may include group sex, blindfolding, threesomes, watching others or other things. While many women are rather imaginative that concerns their fantasies, they often don't accept a sexual desire for anything kinky to a partner for fear of being judged.

5.Receiving oral sex
Oral sex is the most effective and quickest way to reach intense orgasm, that is why it is not surprising that the majority of women fantasies are related to oral sex.

Men fantasies
1.Having sex with a woman other than his partner
Often she is a past lover, a friend or even a celebrity. A lot of people desire to have sex with someone new and fantasy is a great way of enjoying this longing without being unfaithful to your partner.

2.Giving or receiving oral sex
This fantasy occupies almost the top of the list for both sexes. Giving and receiving oral sex turns on every man. Many women are aroused more by oral sex than intercourse and being in the role of the pleasure-giver and driving his woman crazy is extremely excited.

3.Sex with two or more women
Having sex with one woman is for sure good, but having sex with two or more doubles the sensations. Men fantasy how they arouse both women, giving them multiple orgasms. However according to studies many men don't want and actually couldn't cope with such sexual demands in real life.

4.Anal sex
The anus is a very erotic zone, especially for men. A lot of men would like to have anal intercourse with their women; unfortunately the majority of fair sex avoid anal sex, that is why men fantasize about it.

Few people would not avoid watching a couple having sex if they were assured not to be caught. The reason that voyeurism is so popular fantasy among men is that sex is private and hidden. Men can see couples do it on video, but seeing it in real is another thing.