Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, July 2, 2018

Improve Your Sex Life With Exercise

Physical exercise, aside from being a great way to keep the body in its proper shape, it also helps to enhance neurologic function, improve cardiovascular activities, relieve stress, manage BMI, increase concentration and awareness, as well as having a tremendous impact on our sexual health.

Order than cutting the risk of health complications associated with obesity and being overweight, regular exercise makes you feel and look sexy, giving you confidence, and boosting your self-esteem by giving you a right overall image of yourself

Researchers have shown that physical exercise has similar and diverse health benefits on both male and female’s sexual life. Physical activities in both men and women tend to induce improved sexual desirability and sexual performance. Improvement in this sexual desirability and performance may, however, vary between the two sexes. With regular exercise, women’s bodies are essentially primed for sexual activities through increased sensitivity to touch, while men, who exercise regularly, experience better sexual performance and have a better orgasm.

A study in 2008 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine proved that short duration, high-intensity physical exercise, less than 30 minutes and with a targeted heart rate of 70 percent of maximum heart rate, in women, does substantially improve sexual arousal. Another 2007 study in the same journal, discovered a strong connection between enhanced perception of arousal and increased body awareness. We can make a conclusion from these two studies that physical exercise increases body's responsiveness in women through improves bodily sensations such as increased muscle tension and heightened heart rate.

In men, however, regular physical exercise has been shown to improve sex drive significantly. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour in 1990 showed that men who participate in physical activity, one hour a day, 3 – 5 times a week, with targeted heart rate of 75 – 80 percent of maximum heart rate, have a significant improvement in sexual involvements, such as endurance level, adequate sexual functionality, frequency of Sexual activities and an overall improved sexual drive.

If the fact that you’ll have better health is not enough reason to do some exercise, perhaps you might consider the following benefits of regular exercise in your Sexual life.

·       Exercise makes you look sexier – People who exercise regularly will have an improved body image, and this improves sexual desirability.

·       Exercises can cut the risk of erectile dysfunction – Since males genital erection is associated with blood circulation, regular exercise can help reduce the risk of diseases affiliated with the circulatory system, including high blood pressure and blocked arteries.

·       Exercises aids the release of endorphins – The term “runner’s high” is used to describe the feeling of pleasure and contempt during exercise, this feeling is usually triggered by the release of endorphins. People who exercise regularly often have a better sex life because the more the endorphins are released, the more the sexual arousal.

·       Exercise improve sexual performance in older individuals – Older people who exercise regularly tend to experience more or less the same sexual pleasure as with much younger people. Exercise can help optimize sexual performance in ageing people and cut the risk of sexual ageing.